139. A Perfect Patriarchal Theocracy

     Heaven's ideal is that of a perfect Patriarchal Theocracy. God the Father ruling all of his children by the pure love of the Patriarchal Priesthood Order, which is that order of Heaven. That is God ruling by the power and authority of his Patriarchal Priesthood influnce, teaching his children correct principles and allowing his children their agency to accept and comply to the Father's divine expectantcies. In Heaven it seemed to work quite well except for the one rotten apple Lucifer, whose rebellion dragged with him a 'thrid part' of the spirit children with him.

Many have imagined that the phase 'a third part' to be a mathmatical taking of one third of the hosts of heaven. That is not what it states. It may well mean that the children of heaven were divided into three reactive groups. Those who rebelled with Lucifer, those that excelled in their support of God and God's chosen redeemer Jehovah, and those who where not so active in their support, but neither did they openly rebel. That type of 'three part grouping' does not needfully follow an equal third part per each group. Rather than a full one third of the host of heaven, Lucifer's part of God children that followed him may well have been far much less than a full third of the pie, which sounds much more reasonable given God's righteous influence over his children.

Now what does the 'Perfect Patriarchal Theocracy' have to do with Christ and further with Christ's being the rightful heir of the birthright covenant descended down from Jacob, Joseph and Ephraim? Well first things first. And that is to tie Jesus Christ into establishing a Perfect Patriarchal Theocracy like that of Heaven by and through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But first we further turn to the descent of the Patriarchal Fathers.

The Patriarchal Fathers

There are at least two sets of ancient patriarchal fathers to concern ourselves with. First there are those who descend from the Ancient of days down to Noah and his sons, and then there are the patriarchal fathers from Abraham on down. In basic consideration it was the first offered design that man would be ordered and ruled as was heaven. That is by the Patriarchal Order of the family.

Adam was the first man of 'our' generation of this earth to so receive and practice the Patriarchal Theocracy patterned after that of Heaven. He had received that patriarchal priesthood and order in the Garden of Eden where it was that he and Eve were joined together as husband and wife as alluded to by the scripture that states that 'man was to leaven his father and mother and cleae unto his wife' (Genesis 2:24). That particular scripture may be used to establish to things, that the Heavenly Father and Heavenley Mother of Adam's spirit indicates that the order of Heaven was a family order of Father, Mother and 'angel' spirit children. The second thing is that before both Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden they had already been joined together as husband and wife. And who but held the authority to have married them but God?

From Adam, the patriarchal priesthood of the worthy 'firstborn' was bestowed upon Adam's worthy son Abel. After Cain killed Abel, Adam would later select his son Seth as the next recepient of that priesthood of the 'fathers' of the rights of the covenant firstborn. Now Adam would have bestowed the priesthood upon all his worthy sons, and Cain held that priesthood as did Abel. It was not for that reason that God rejected Cain's offer, for he held the priesthood right to offer sacrifices. But is was that Cains presented offering was not accepted either due to that fact that for the type of sacrifice Cain was offering, it was to be the offering of an animal sacrifice or it could also have been that at the time Cain was ready not any longer worthy and perhaps already under the influence of Lucifer/Satan.

At any rate, beyond that of the 'regular' priesthood of the sons of Adam, there was that which was particular to the rights, powers and authorities of the 'firstborn' worthy son. By traditional right is was the right of the eldest son if he was worthy and capable of bearing the 'burden' and the right of that priesthood responsibility of being the 'priesthood head' of the family. But that may not be the only reason that it was so frequently refered to as the 'firstborn covenant birthright.' Jehovah who is the same as Jesus Christ, was the Firstborn spirit child of God the Father of that 'generation' which did pertain unto him as Jehovah. And it was Jehovah who was heir and rightfully selected by the Father to be our Savior and Redeemer, and also our Ministering God and Father of 'Creation' under the direction of the Father. And it may be just as truth that the 'birthright' being called that of the 'firstborn' is as in referencing that it is the 'Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God'—God's 'Firstborn' son in the spirit.

Now this Patriarchal Priesthood of high responsibility over the family was that priesthood of the 'Firstborn' son or Son. And anciently it was passed on down upon the chosen Patriarchal Heads of the family generation from generation by the father upon the head of the son. From Adam to Seth, from Seth to Enos, from Enos to Cainan, from Cainan to Mahalaleel, from Mahalaleel to Jared, from Jared to Enoch (whose city of righteousness was taken to heaven), from Enoch to Methuselah, from Methuselah to Lamech, from Lamech to Noah, and from Noah to Shem. That was the decent as per the generation from Adam of the anienct Patriarchs. Certainly there were more men of the priesthood and families of righeousness being given in marriage, at least up to the final days of Noah when the whole that remained was in a state of vast wickedness and the Patriarchal Order had been corrupted and lost except for Noah and his family.

For well over 1000 year the Patriarchal Order patterned after the order of Heaven had prevailed with various degrees of success and failure among the sons and children of Adam. It had lasted unto the whole of mankind had all determined to act according to their own minds and ways and no longer according to the righteousness of God. Once men start ignoring the word and laws of God, it is not much longer before that which is established solely upon the minds and wisdom of men that man has ripened unto destruction. And it is actually the mercy of God to end their temporal probation rather than to allow them to continue in their sinful ways which are but heaping further damnations upon their eternal souls.

Now back to the second set of Patriarchal fathers. Unfortunately, almost immediately, among he three sons of Noah, after the flood; one of the three sons committed a sin against his father Noah. Exactly what the details of that sin was is most likely held in that of a metaphorically abreviated shortened reference that has hidden its exact nature. Some have guessed and may be right, but it leaves it in the realm of gossips and speculations. At any rate it was enough to have warrented enough that a lineal linage of Ham became restricted from recieving Noah's blessings of the priesthood upon them. We have but the book of Abraham that gives so added information concerning the matter.

But as to the patriarchal priesthood and the regular priesthood of Shem and Japeth, it is known that Shem and his posterity received the high patriarchal order and Japeth dwelt in the tent of Shem so to speak. And from Shem we do pick up the second set of recoginized scriptural patriarchs beginning with Abraham, his son Isaac, his son Jacob, his son Joseph and his son Ephraim who was actually blessed unto it by Jacob before Jacob died as recorded in the KJV Genesis 48 and the JST Genesis 48.

Judah was not the son of this high patriarchal birthright and 1 Chronicales 5:1-2 states as much. But from Ephraim, the firstborn (Jeremiah 31:9) of the covenant birthright on, there is very little said in the Jewish compiled Biblical record. It is known that Joshua the son of Nun, was the heir of Ephraim as so selected and so was the mantle of the leadership of the family of Israel placed upon him by Moses, but even then from Joshua on, it is not reported, as that would likely be a part of the records of the seen of Joseph and Ephraim, and not that of Judah.

There is a singular bit of evidence that suggest possibility as to how it was bestowed upon Moses, though the right of the worthy sons of Ephraim. And there is much evidence that the sons of Ephraim were not always worthy of it, though the family held right to it was never lost unto their rightful heirs. Moses' right will be left where it was earlier covered and will not be rehersed here. For now, this discussion and review concerning the Patriarchal Fathers and their rights of the Priesthood Covenant of the Firstborn per the generations of the earth will surfice to enable the pursuit to now move back to Jesus Christ.

The Premise of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The premise of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that through the 'adoption' of baptism one becomes the sons and daughters of Jesus Christ; he becoming one's Gospel or Priesthood Covenant bound Father. That seems simple enough, but it begs the question as to how, like Adam or Abraham, did Jesus Christ achieve his right to become a 'covenant father?' And like it is further said, how did he come to be likened unto Moses and bear the covenant leadership over the whole of Israel, not to mention the whole world filled with the sons and daughter of the ancient Patriarchal Fathers of the Covenant.

It would seem by this grand manuveur of taking upon Christ as one's Gospel father, the whole plan of Heaven of Patriarchal Fathers was taken over in Christ. But who would be the 'earthly' Patriachal Father when Jesus was gone who in the righteousness of God would continue to minister properly unto the family when Jesus was dead and gone. Certainly there is no denying that Jesus, who is Jehovah, had the heavenly right. But the matter of God, whether of this earth or of heaven are of the matter of proper order. And where did Jesus receive that 'earthly' right unto the Patriarchal Priesthood of the 'birthright' which was rightly held by Ephraim? That answer seem simple enough. Jesus was the rightful heir of Ephraim as per his earthly linage. And that is what has been so being presented here with numerous evidences pointing directly to that fact.

And here then is just one more such evidence if you will but receive it. Jesus was the rightful earthly heir of the Patriarchal Theocracy of earth held by the fathers, for it came down unto him from the fathers, from Adam to Noah, from Noah to Abraham, and from Abraham to Ephraim, and from Ephraim to Jesus Christ in the manner as set out in this textual presentation. Jesus not only held that right as Son of God. But he held that right by being the lineal rightful heir of the fathers from Adam to Jesus Christ. And the only way that Jesus Christ could have obtained that 'earthly bound right' would be the same as such as was held by Joseph Smith. It came dowm from the fathers, by way of the fathers to their rightful lineal heir. D&C 113 when read, studied and interpreted correctly establishes the avenue. Reason and logical deductions made from numerous amounts of evidences attest to it. In order to fulfill all righteousness of the right of the priesthood and of the fathers it is needful. It was not the right of Judah and could not come by way of that earthly source. The rightful and proper source would have been through Joseph and Joseph's son of the covenant Ephraim.

And there again we are in it. But there are a few further items to consider in respect to this consideration. The Gospel of Jesus Christ seemed to be working quite well when Jesus Christ and then his authorized representatives the apostles were alive. But after Christ's death and then also after the eventual deaths of the apostles the plan of God was again lost from the earth generally and generally taken back again into heaven. It did not remain to prevail and it did not ever fully establish the full order of heaven of there being Patriarchal Empowered Fathers to carry forth a Plan of a Perfect Patriarchal Theocracy that would have made of earth as it is in heaven.

A Twist on New Wine in Old Bottles

Jesus taught while he was yet alive that you just could not put 'new wine' into 'old bottles' because it would burst the bottles and the fruit of the vine would be lost. This has often been used in reference to not being able to place the 'New' Gospel of Jesus Christ into the 'Old' bottles of the performances and held traditions of the Law of Moses. And that is a perfectly good analogy. There is also an additional twist to that analogy which is just as equally true.

Make no mistake about it, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Apostalic Order of the Church is designed to bring man back to the fulness of the priesthood as it is in heaven. And do not mistake, the order of Heaven is a Patriarchal Priesthood Order of Theocracy. Think about that for a moment. Heaven is a Patriarchal Priesthood Order of Theocracy. Our Heavenly Father joined with our Heavenly Mother preside in heaven over their family there by a Perfect Patriarchal Theocracy.

It was the intent, means and way that earth was originally set out under Adam. It was the means, intent and way whereby the everlasting covenant has been preserved in the earth by such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Ephraim. And it has been by through and by whom the promises of the covenant have remaied (D&C 27:10-11), that is 'with Joseph and Jacob, and Isaac, and Abraham' and also even back to Adam, the father of all, the prince of all, the ancient of days.'

And now here is the twist personified, the 'Old Bottle' of the attempt to put that 'New Gospel' wine into was of family orders and the lack thereof or the Patriarchal Priesthood Order that existed in the Gentile world. The New Gospel of Jesus Christ was ultimately the Old Gospel of God the Father pertaining to the Patriarchal Theocracy order. And Christ knew that it would not work. It could not work fast enough to implant the needed full bloomed Patriarchal Orders of functioning Celestial Marriages fast enough upon with and into which that 'New Wine of the Fulness of the Gospel must be implanted in order the be solidly founded and remain.

So what was the ultimate solution? How could there be a long enough operating and function Chruch under the Apostalic Order that would ultimately provide a widespead enough base of a Celestial Marriage base of families for the 'Perfect Patriarchal Theocracy of Heaven' to be implated and remain in the earth for the earth's ultimate eternal salvation?

The Ultimate Millennial Test and Goal
of Achieving the Perfect Celestial Heaven

That just about brings us to the Millennium but not quite yet. First there must be a foundation of Celestial Patriarchal Marriages in place and ready to jump start the ultimate main fulfillment of the Millennium's success. Enter the restoration of the Gospel through Joseph Smith, a descendant of Joseph. And thus enters the matters of D&C 113:6 and 2 Nephi 3:14-16.

    "Behold, thus saith the Lord, it is a descendant of Jesse, as well as of Joseph, unto whom rightly belongs the priesthood, and the keys of the kingdom, for an ensign, and for the gathering of my people in the last days." ~ Doctrine and Covenants | Section 113:6

And this is Joseph Smith, who by the words of Brigham Young stands as a pure Ephraimite. For Joseph is as much of being a full Ephraimite by his descent from Jesse that Ephrathite (1 Samuel 17:12) of whom David was the son; as well also he was such by his descent from Joseph of Egypt and his son Ephraim. Even so was Jesus Christ so heir to that priesthood and birthright as well.

    "And thus prophesied Joseph, saying:
    Behold, that seer will the Lord bless; and they that seek to destroy him shall be confounded; for this promise, which I have obtained of the Lord, of the fruit of my loins, shall be fulfilled. Behold, I am sure of the fulfilling of this promise;
    "And his name shall be called after me; and it shall be after the name of his father. And he shall be like unto me; for the thing, which the Lord shall bring forth by his hand, by the power of the Lord shall bring my people unto salvation.
    "Yea, thus prophesied Joseph: ... "
    ~ Book of Mormon | 2 Nephi 3:14-16

And here lost to us, if unraveled properly, is a scritural chaismus concerning Joseph Smith. Which was properly listed in the original 1830 edition with a closing [.] period after the close quote ending bookend of 'Yea, thus prophesiaed Joseph..' And that bookending qoute, if left untouched by the 'versification' of Orson Pratt and process on down even unto today, would have match that bookend beginning of 'And thus prophesied Joseph, saying:'.

And here in it is set forth that Joseph Smith Jr. would be the son of Joseph Smith Sr., as well as being a descendant of that Joseph of Egypt. Also as Brigham Young said, Joseph was descended from Ephraim. He was by that descent heir to the priesthood even rightful heir of the Patriarchal Priesthood Order and all of its keys. Joseph Smith received his priesthood from such as John the Baptist and Peter, James and John. And beyond the basic priesthood rights, he being heir of the 'birthright' of the 'firstborn' Joseph held the right of the Covenant Keys, which he received by the hands of Moses, Elias [Noah], and Elijah the prophet.

With that priesthood and keys restored, Joseph Smith and the other prophets of the LDS Church have held those key and priesthood that has installed thousands of temple eternal or Celestial marriages after the Patriarchal Order of Heaven. And while the Church still operates under an Apostalic Order today, it has prepared for a foundational group of ready Patriarchal Theocracies upon which may be laid the installation of the full Patriarchal Order of Heaven upon the earth in that 1000 year Millennial Day that will make of earth as it is in Heaven. That is 'A Perfect Patriarchal Theorcracy' to be presented unto God the Father unto whom the Lord does give the glory of such to.

Now Christ held that right by earthly right of descent from the father, from Adam to Ephraim to Jesus and by Heavenly descent and right, being the Firstborn Son in the spirit, and the Only Begotten Son of God in the flesh.

Certainly the desposal of Satan for a thousand years does make the task more readily attainable, and certainly it will be done. The great and grand Millenial goals and ends will be attained and the Kingdom of Heaven will come and His will will be done that earth will be as it is in Heaven.