140. The Patriarchal Order of Heaven and Earth
The Last Standing Patriarchal Father

Patriarchal Order: There is but one Priesthood of God offered unto man by which man may perform for and in the stead of God. It is the Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God, the Son of God being that joining avenue betwen man and God. Jesus Christ, who is the same as Jehovah, is our Ministering God who stands in the stead of the Father by Divine Investiture from the Father as the Advocate, Mediator and Intercessor between man of earth and God the Celestial Father of Heaven. As John speak of the Word, that Word is Jehovah who is Jesus Christ. Under the direction of the Father, as set out by Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, the Father of Heaven commanded with a kingly nod and the Son, Jehovah performed the creation of heaven and earth.

Now of that one priesthood authority bestowed by the Father upon the Son, Jehovah-Jesus Christ, that priesthood has been sub structured according to a lesser order of the outward performances and the higher inward or spiritual performances. While all priesthood is the same priesthood and has been given the name of Melchizedek Priesthood in order to avoid to too frequent use of the name of the Son of God, at the time of Moses a lesser order of that priesthood was established among the Children of Israel as the Levitical Priesthood or the Priesthood of Aaron or Aaronic Priesthood.

Now that order of priesthood by which the Celestial Heaven is ran is the Patriarchal Order of the Priesthood. As to the 'higher orders' of the priesthood there are two such orders. One is the Patriarcha Order after the Order of Heaven and the Apostalic Order by which the Church of God is established. The Patriarchal Order is the family order of the priesthood and it is that order by which God's Celestial Kingdom is ordered and ran, according to the order of the family.

It is the design of God to have the order of earth to be after the design that is in heaven. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven; is an actual goal and design by which God intends to have the affairs on earth ran, that is according to how they are ran in heaven after the Patriarchal Order.

God did so order earth under the Patriarchal Order beginning with Adam and on down through the patriarchs to Enoch and then to Noah. After the flood of Noah, the Patriarchal Order of ordering and blessing the earth remained in Noah and his son Shem and on down to he who stood worthy, even Abraham. From Abraham to Isaac, from Isaac to Jacob and from Jacob to Joseph. And Joseph was the last standing Patriarch of the Patriarchal Order of Heaven by which the blessing of Heaven were to proceed on down from Heaven unto man according to the Patriarchal Order of Heaven.

There is more to be said and established concerning 'THE' Patriacrhal Order and its connection with Heaven, but surfice it to be said that it is the Order by which the Blessing of Heaven have some down and do remain upon the earth from Heaven to Earth. And in Joseph of Egypt, he stood as that last funneling avenue to install those critical blessing to man by way of Joseph and Joseph's descendants.

There is a Higher Order by which Heaven is ordered and God in his mercy has made the earth to be so patterned after that order in Heaven so far as man will obey his commandments. And this is to that end that man may come to live in the Heaven of God. Men are to learn of and become a part of that order, which is that order by which Heaven is organized and ran. It is the Order of Heaven that is complied to in order to be a part of Heaven. It is that order and the power thereof which man must develop within himself. In short God is a God of Order and not of chaos. Those who are solidly founded in the Patriarchal Order of Heaven are they who will prevail with God in Heaven. But to skip down a bit concerning this order through which men must be blessed, this Patriarchal overview is given and does cite the promises and covenants of the Patriarchal Order given unto men and which where upon the shoulders of the last Great Patriarch of the Patriarchal Order on earth, Joseph of Egypt, by whom Joseph and his descendants they do and did remain.

A Patriarchal Order Overview

Simply said the order of Heaven is the Family Order, the Patriarchal Order. God first established that order to be followed on earth with Father Adam. In the Garden of Eden, God brought to the man Adam a properly matched companion in Eve to be Adam's wife. Modern revealed scripture sets out that Adam and Eve were given in marriage as husband and wife. This seems to give a deeper and broader meaning to man being created in the image of God. Often we seem to limit that to the visual spectrum of head, shoulders, knees and toes; eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Yet that 'image' which God did put into and instill in Adam and Eve was more than in appearance. It was also purposed that man ought to act and fell in those same godly virtues and fashions in which God, man's father, did. And beyond that of godly behavior and attributes, the very image of the order set out for man to follow was that same order and image of what was in heaven itself. Namely the image and family or Patriarchal Order of Heaven.

Certainly that is not very surpising, as it is the means and nature of life and eternal increase of the species so to speak. Without that most basic of that being the basis of Heaven, Heaven would not proliferate and would cease to be, and we would as not be. Some today like to argue that this is not the very nature of man. Yet without this being the very nature of man, there would be no man. And that would suit the intent of that evil one well, as he would like to destroy all things and put an end there to and make of God's heaven as naught or at least as misserable as he himself has become.

Now in short, that Patriarchal Order of which God had ordered earth did variously persist in various stages of righteousness, with the mainstreamline of patriarchal heirs carrying it forth until the time of Noah. At that time the earth had become so wicked and ignorant of the righteous order of Heaven on Earth, that the righteous Patriarcal Order of earth was under threat to being totally brought to an end. Thus God in his wisdom had no alternative but to destroy his wicked children for their own best good in order to save them out of their own hopelessly wicked state.

And with Noan and his family, God would again begin to set out the proper Patriarchal Order on earth with Noah and his sons and their wives. Each unit being a family unit of husband, wife and children of their own ordered and ran under the principles of godly righteousness. And God promised Noah that he would not destroy man from off of the face of the earth again and that other ways and means would be taken to accomplish the design of God's great Plan.

This time the plan seems to have skipped and jumped a bit, as from but Noah and his son Shem being righteous, there were again all sorts of other developments. It was not until righteous Abraham did seek after the blessing of the Fathers that God developed a pattern for success into the future of man. The Patriarchal Order and Messiah ben Joseph

The Menorah, The Great Disposition Heads

Now there is various interpreations of the representations of the lamps of the Menorah. And indeed they may have been used to set forth a number of itemized listings of 7 to be recalled to memory. According to John's revelation, wherein Christ is set as the one center tallest main frame lamp of the Manorah, one such listing comes to mind for which is was and has been used for. And that is as to the accounting of the Seven Disposation Heads, as least the most significant ones relative to the perspective to one's listing of them.

In this respect, the names come to mind of Adam and Noah, that is Michael and Gabriel. Certainly on such a respective list of those Major Great Dispensation Heads of time, they would likely be included. Note that Enoch is left out and that from the concept that Enoch's city did not remain in the earth, but was taken to heaven. From another perspective Enoch might very well be included.

Certainly it would be most difficult indeed to leave out Jesus Christ, the primary and certral figure of it all. Thus he is inclued. And then there is the know dispensation head of the fulness of times, who is Joseph Smith Jr. And certainly in consideration of commanding figures through religious history the commanding leader of all the children of Isreal out of Egypt, Moses would be most often included as well.

At this point we have five. Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus Christ, and Joseph Smith Jr. And certainly they are an impressive list and each seems the proper ones that ought to be. But who are the last two? And from the listing who should be included and who might not be despite their grand and great position. Certainly the thousand year concept per dispensation range of time might be used as criteria, and then one might influenced to bring back Enoch to the group. But who would be the despensaion head between Christ and Joseph Smith, or would Christ be moved to the Millennium and Peter be moved into the place before Joseph Smith as some have done. And then certainly what about the four fathers of the House of Israel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the often forgotten but highly significant Joseph of Egypt? Add one more, and this list of candidates could be their own Magnificent Seven themselves.

For sure do not expect one of the Popes to rise to the occation, alright, or even one of the outstanding reformers and fathers of various aspects of truths being restored in and of themselves. Of a certainty, most would expect and support father Abraham to be brought into the 'quorum of the seven.' But then their would be only six. Who is left?

King David would certainly be a candidate if it were not for his later life's failing, wherein his continued personal life style did not remain righteous. But their is always such as Melchizedek or what about Joshua one of the great prophets of the Old Testament. There is Elijah, whos was one who did restore the actual Key of sealing and the fundamental Love of the Patriarhs needed to turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers. Now there is a long shot who could easily be turned into a prime canidate, particularly if you put him on the Mount of Transfiguration under the Greek equivilant name of Elias and riding his chariot off into heaven.

So just who fits he bill? Melchizedek or Enoch would be of the translated canidates. Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel would be among the major prophet. And hey, what about the Book of Mormon crew? Wouldn't Lehi, Nehpi, Alma or even Mormon of Moroni qualify? And what about Joseph of Egypt, the Last Great Patriarchal Father of the Patriarchal Order by whom the promises have remained as has been the topic here has been ancestor to three other dispensation heads or could not Ephraim have arised to that distinction himself.

Will the real last dispensation head please stand up? Whoops, an unknown stands up? Certainly we do not know all things. Do you really expect that it will be stated here? If it is not Enoch, some will shout foul! Yet this text will attempt to set out Joseph of Egypt in his Greatness as to the Covenants that the Lord did make unto him.

What are the Covenant Promises of the Covenant of Abraham? According to the LDS Bible Dictionary under 'Covenant of Abraham' it states the following covenant promises and rights of responsibility:

    "Abraham first [1] received the gospel by baptism (which is the covenant of salvation). Then [2] he had conferred upon him the higher priesthood, and [3] he entered into celestial marriage (which is the covenant of exaltation), gaining assurance thereby that he would have eternal increase. Finally [4] he received a promise that all of these blessings would be offered to all of his mortal posterity (D&C 132:29–50; Abr. 2:6–11). [In Addition] Included in the divine promises to Abraham were the assurances that (1)[5] Christ would come through his lineage, and that (2)[6] Abraham’s posterity would receive certain lands as an eternal inheritance (Gen. 17; 22:15–18; Gal. 3; Abr. 2). These promises taken together are called the “Abrahamic covenant.” It was renewed with Isaac (Gen. 26:1–4, 24) and again with Jacob (Gen. 28; 35:9–13; 48:3–4)."

In an itemized listing these are the promises and covantents of the Abraham Covenant:

  • Promise and Covenant of Salvation—Gospel of Baptism.
  • Promise and Covenant of the Priesthood after the order of the Son of God.
  • Promise and Covenant of Celestial Marriage—Covenant of Exaltation/Eternal Increase.
  • Promise and Covenant that this blessing would be offer to their posterity.
  • Promise and Blessing that the Messiah would come through his lineage.
  • Promise and Covenant that certain lands of promise would be given as eternal inheritance.

Taken together this was the 'Abrahamic Covenant' or the 'Everlasting Covenant.' It was renewed with Isaac, with Jacob, and according to the Dictionaries listing under Jacob, it was inherited next by the last Great Patriarch of the Patriarchal Order, Joseph of Egypt. It states, "It was through Jacob that the covenant of Abraham continued (Gen. 28:1–4, 12–22); it was then passed on to Joseph and Ephraim." (LDS Bible Dictionary | Jacob)

Since we do not have an accounting of the covenant blessing of the Lord unto Ephraim, we presume that while he did receive of the blessings of the covenant, that actual position of being a fully empowered Patriarch under the Patriarchal Order did not extend to Ehpraim. As a side evidence to this line of thought is that when Jacob did bless Ephraim and Manasseh, he blessed them together, with the greater blessing going to or through Ephraim, but that Menasseh was also blessed with Ephraim unto the receipt of the blessings. The conclusion being that the Patriarchal Order from Adam on down ended as being that responsibilty of Joseph of Egypt, and of course his descendents, to fulfill the promises, covenant and blessing of the Covenant of Abraham, the promises of the father, or the Everlasting Covenant.

Certainly, it was not in Judah that the covenant did rest, but in Joseph, whose birthright it was and is in the seed of Ephraim. So Who are the Menorah Dispensation Heads or Even the Father Patriarchs of God's People?

The Millennial Patriarchal Mission

Preparing earth for Heaven. Beyond the preaching of the gospel, preparing to meet God, and getting all those temple ordinances done for all who have ever lived that they might be judged according to then in the flesh; what else is there to be down in the Millenniuam to prepare the earth to receive its paradisical glory and be turned back over to God the Father to become a part of the Celestial Realm?

Could it not be the placing of the earth to be after the Order of Heaven, even that Great Patriarchal Order of Heaven? Certainly the highest realm of the Celestial is only qualified to by those who have become Kings and Queens, Priest and Priesticess in the everlasting covenant of Celestial Marriage. And with all of this sealing and binding, certainly to qualify for any position in the 'family' oriented Kingdom of God, one would logically have to be sealed to that Family Order of Heaven in some manner and unto so family link or connection.

Fathers and Mothers joined together for etenity and blessed with eternal increase forever. What a supreme blessing?

The Burden and the Blessing
of the Last Great Patriach

But now, a review and a discussion upon both the burden and the blessing born by Joseph of Egypt, the Law Great Patriarch of the Patriarchal Order. Joseph had fulfilled his obligation to his family, his brothers and to Israel by providing for their temporal welfare and well being. He saved them from the famine and bestowed upon them a land of inheritance in Egypt in the land of Goshen. And as may further be determined, he also provided of his lineage by adoption, a deliverer in the Levite by birth Moses, but by adoption an heir to the priesthood of the birthright of Joseph. That has been covered elsewhere a few time already.

And though Moses obtained the right to the priesthood by his adoption into the family of the Patriarch Joseph, it was Moses' father-in-law that ordained Moses unto the priesthood, as he was obviously a righteous high priest of another family line. But beyond the ordination of Jethro, Moses was also to come into the presence of the Lord and be further increased in power and authority to act in the name of God and to bear the keys of the gathering of Israel.

Now as unto Joseph. The Lord did personal visit with Joseph before Joseph's death, and he did bestow upon Joseph a blessing of promise. It was not a single item blessing but an encompasing blessing. And it was likely in response to Joseph's own love and concern for that family whose responsibilty was his. Like Enoch of old, Joseph would have plead with the Lord to not only bless his immedaite family but the entire family of Israel, who was under his responsibility to care for, both Physically and also Spiritually.

In that Joseph was the Great Last Patriarch of the Patriachal Order that we know of, like Israel, we to must look to that blessing of Joseph to find the extent of Joseph's burden and how it was to be fulfilled in the Lord. We have covered that elsewhere as well, but as this all is cumulative in it knowledge of understanding, line upon line, foundations and referencing all such relative point becomes necessary.

Joseph's Blessing unto the fulfilling of his Patriarchal Duty as the Last Great Patriarch of the Patriarchal Order it found his the Joseph Smith Translation (JST) Genesis 50:24-38 and in 2 Nephi 3:4-16 as referenced and spoke of by the prophet Lehi from the plates of brass. As stated by Lehi in verse four it says, "Great were the covenants of the Lord which he made unto Joseph."

Now we have above provided what were the great covenant promises that pertained unto the Covenant of Abraham from the promise of the fathers, and we have also established reference and information that passes those covenant promises, blessings, burderns and responsibilites on down upon Isaac, Jacob and upon Joseph. And Joseph did carry the full responsiblity and burden of the fulfilling of those covenant promises and blessings.

But Lehi states that the Lord did make great covenants unto Joseph. And then we are left to reference what Lehi further revealed about those covenants the Lord did make unto Joseph there in 2 Nephi 3. And we have in parallel resource also the similiar blessings or promise of covanants which the Lord made unto Joseph in the JST Genesis 50. And we have reviewed through much of that already. And here again unto the concern with the Covanant Reponsibility of the Great Last Patriarch of the Patriarchal Order.

Perhaps if that is said often enough the enormity of that Patriarchal responsiblity to fulfill all those such blessings and covenants to those who that last Patriarchal leader had under his burden to fulfill 'in him' and 'his posterity' will sink in. As said already, in truth thoses burderns and responsibilities of the Patriarchal covenants, those of the birthright of the firstborn, DID NOT fall upon Judah. They feel firmly and squarely upon Joseph of Egypt. He was the LAST Great Patriarchal Leader of the Patriarchal Order that tied heaven and earth. It all rested in him. True the right to the priest would be perpetuated in his son Ephraim, but we never do hear of Ephraim carrying the mantle of the Patriarchal leadership.

Thus we review those great promises or covenants that the Lord made unto Joseph. First Joseph speaks of a righteous branch to be raised up unto Joseph AND as prophet, who is not the Messiah who is called Shilo. This 'prophet' who is not the Messiah, was to deliver 'my people' out of Egypt in the days of their bondage. Joseph states 'my people' as he was named to carry the name of Israel upon himself by Jacob whose name it was to give him (JST Genesis 48). Joseph considered 'his people' to be Israel, his responsibility.

Thus Joseph for the shorter duration of time of some 400 years of who, had just stated that one of the covenants the Lord had made with Joseph is that a prophet, who he later names as Moses, would further deliver them as a part of his Patriarchal responsibility to Israel. Don't forget Joseph also referenced a righteous branch as well. As we will discuss further, that righteous Branch was to be Jesus.

Then Lehi, in his accounting as a prophet and from the similar account in the plates of brass, speaks of another promise or covenant of the Lord to Joseph, that from the loins of Joseph, God would raise up a righteous branch of the house of Israel; not the Messiah (2 Nephi 3:5). But it would be a branch broken off. When one parallels the JST Genesis 50:25, some further facts concering this branch identifies them. There it states that they are to be from scattered Israel and broken off and carried away to a far land. And they would be brought out of darkness into light, and out of [spiritual] captivity unto freedom. Thus this particular branch spoken of it the LDS Church unto whom the gospel was restored.

Then the JST returns back to the first righteous branch that was covenanted and promised, and for three verses (26-28), as the Lord must have delived unto Joseph in speaking in the stead of the Father by his divine investiture to does, and spoke to Joseph in the third person in reference to himself, as a 'choice seer' to be raised up who would bring them to the knowledge of the covenants made with the fathers.

Lehi's account parallels these verses in 2 Nephi 3:6-8. There is states according to what the Lord said in speaking as the Father and referencing himself in the third person that, 'I will give unto him a commandment that he shall do none other work save the work which I shall command him." The JST merely states, "He shall do whatsoever work I shall command him." Whatever interpretive diference is here, it seems to appear to answer a question of why did not Jesus spent more than time than just a three year ministry and only seems to have come to accomplish one major feat? That is that of fulfilling the promised atonement.

In rough review, the covenant unto Joseph were Moses of his adopted seed, which JST Genesis 50:29 establishes if read for understanding, could be listed as the first chronological covenant promised. Second chronologically was the scattering of Israel, which also spanned in time the third, when that branch received the light of the gospel. And the third chronological promised covenant was of the promise of the blessed Messiah whose singular and major work was to fulfill the work of the atonement.

Also to be noted is that Joseph's promised 'branches' that would go over the wall of the ocean barrier, included Lehi's, Mulek's, various LDS membership journeys including those who established by the inspiration of God the nation and Constitution of the United States of America. And all such since who have been brought by the hand of the Lord to the Americas. So at this point we have numerous branches of Joseph accounted for amoung the covenant promises of the Lord unto Joseph.

Even though the objective has been met here in establishing Jesus as one of the covenant promise of the Patriarchal obligation to the world as held in Joseph, as the Last Great Patriarch of the Patriachal Order; we will briefly mention one more who 'IS NOT THE MESSIAH,' not even Messiah ben Joseph, as that is Jesus Christ the promised seed of the covenant and necessarily the central figure of the entire everlasting covenant of the patriarchs: And that is Joseph Smith Jr., the prophet of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.

Included in the covenant promises unto Joseph of Egypt is one more descendant of his, who would be under Joseph of Egypt's Patriarchal covenant responsibilty. That person is Joseph Smith. He is introduced in JST Genesis 50:30 and in 2 Nephi 3:11 with the separating exclusion connectors of 'And again, a seer ...' and 'But a seer ...'. And to that end another covenant and promised seer was introduced by Joseph of Egypt with that which was promised him by the Lord. The interesting and remarkable thing here is that this additional seer has his information interupted by a discussion of the stick of Judah and the Stick of Joseph, and that is to the end that this next seer would be he through whom the Book of Mormon, the representative record of the Stick of Joseph was to come.

And then it continues most appropriately to speak of his 'weakness'—that is Joseph Smith was an uneducated plowboy, a common day laborer for hire. But out of that weakness he would be made strong. And then remarkably, in the Book of Mormon, Lehi gives a classical bookended chiasmus concerning Joseph Smith, which has remained from the plates of brass authors through Lehi. But, though the same information is basically covered in parallel in the JST Genesis record written according to the English abilities of Joseph Smith, who knew nothing about ancient chiasmus writing, the chiasmus is not retained in the JST. That is covered in this text elsewhere.

Now then, thus in summary: Joseph was the Last Great Patriarch of the Patriarchal Order which linked the Order of Heaven with the Order upon the earth, that of Patriarchal Priesthood and of the Patriarchal Celestial Family of Heaven. That is, the Patriarchal Order by which the blessing of Heaven are ordered to man was coming to 'an' end. And they all rested in and upon Joseph. Both the temporal provision for 'the family' Israel and its eternal and spiritual welfare and future needed to be set out as it was to be fulfilled in and through Joseph of Egypt and his posterity.

It provided a temporal deliverer in Moses, not the Messiah call Shilo. It also provided that Israel would be scattered and sifted into the nations of the earth, whereby the seed of Israel would be mixed with the nations of the earth and by right be accessable by the covenants of God. Again that branch of scattered Israel would not provide the promised Messiah.

Why in particular these branches were being delimited as not being the Messiah was that the Messiah was going to come of Joseph of Egypt and those other two branches needed to be noted as 'not being that promised Messiah of Joseph.'

There is also, in Lehi's account, an allusion to the fact that those of the Book of Mormon, were also a branch of Joseph. And by the way, this would have included Mulek, the son of Zedekiah, as covered in this text that David and his seed was legally and rightfully descended from Joseph of Egypt.

And then when the verses which spoke of the Messiah of the promises and covenants of Joseph were given, no longer was the delimiting fact of 'this is not the Messiah' was no longer needed. As in truth this was He the promised 'Choice Seer' who was the Messiah to come to fulfill the primary mission of the atonement for all of mankind who would accept him as their Lord and King.

Finally were have those verses and promised covenant of Joseph given him by the Lord which speak of the Prophet of the Fullness of Times, Joseph Smith. Though all the detail of Joseph Smiths position of significants are not given by Joseph to his brothers, the importance of the work of Joseph Smith as one of the branches of Joseph of Egypt can not be ignored.

The work over seen by Joseph of Egypt's descendant Joseph Smith was to establish the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That fulness was in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, that there would be a plan and program installed and ready to meet him with a running and working righteous people upon which foundation the Lord would then begin to complete and finish the work of fully again establishing the fulness of the order of heaven in the Patriarchal Order. And further to insure that the blessing of His Gospel would be made available to every nation, kindred, tongue and people who ever did or would live upon the earth that he had created under the direction of the Father.

And thus again, for one last time, the Order of Heaven is the Patriarchal Order. That Patriarchal Order had been used to bless the earth with the blessing of God ever since Adam. The Last Great Patriacrh of the Patriarchal Order was Joseph of Egypt prior to the Millennial Reign. In Joseph of Egypt, all the covenant blessing that would bless and save the earth needed to be ordered and arranged by the authority of the priesthood as held by that Patriachal Order connected to the Patriarchal Order of Heaven. That was done in and through the legal and rightful descendants of Joseph of Egypt, even if it was to be by those who would be adopted into the family of Joseph of Egypt as were Moses and Jesus Christ and perhaps even Joseph Smith if indeed his lineage was also from Jesse as also from Ephraim.

Joseph of Egypt was the Patriarchal father of three Diposition heads, Moses, Jesus and Joseph Smith Jr. Joseph of Egypt was the very fruitful father of numerous branches that have crossed over the wall to the Americas of scattered Israel from Europe and Lehi and Mulek from the Holy Land. All in all, 'Great Were/Are the covenants of the Lord which he [the Lord] made unto Joseph [of Egypt]. They being in and of the covenant of the birthright of the firstborn patriarchal fahter of the Patriarchal Order, they were necessary to save the earth.

Jesus Christ was the heir of Heaven, the Firstborn son of God the Father in the spirit, and the Only Begotten Son of God in the flesh. That was his Heavenly desent of right directly from God. As to the rights of the order of the earth, in order to fulfill all righteousness under the Patriarchal Order that connects Heaven and earth through the lineage of the Patriarchs from Adam. Thus through Mary was Jesus also made the rightful heir to fulfill all righteousness, that he should and would minister according to the lineage of King David by the right of the birthright firstborn of the Patriarcahal Order last held by Joseph and through his son Ephraim.

One last nice little fact. The greater land of Joseph of Egypt's inheritance in that very land where once Adam dwelt. That being in the center of the United States of American, even the land of Adam-ondi Ahman. Long live Israel. Long live Joseph / Ephraim and his companions. The earth will be saved by Jesus Christ, every nation, kindred, tongue and people, be they black or white, Jew or Gentile, all are the same unto the Lord who is no respecter of persons. And the invitation it to all to come and join yourself unto HIM, and through the Patriarchal Order unto God's Heaven.

How Was the World to be Blessed
and Saved through Jesus Christ
as the Birthright Heir of Joseph of Egypt
under God's Patriarchal Order of
Heaven on Earth?

Thy Kingdom Come,
Thy Will Be Done,
on Earth as It is in Heaven.

~ The Connecting Link ~

The Celestial Heaven of God operates by and consists of the Patriarchal Order of Heaven. It is a Perpetual Family Order of God which and whose goals, work and glory is to bring to pass the imortality of man. This in a nut shell is Heaven and it proceeds as one Eternal Round of Eternal Increase. Expressed as a couplet, "As man is, God once was, and as God is, man may become." That is not to say that God was like a particular man, but that God once existed in a state such as that which man lives in today. And just as God was able to maturate in goodness and righteousness that he might progress unto becoming a God, so it is possible for man to also so progress and advanced to become as God is.

Those who inhabit the earth are God's spirit children. They have the potential by and through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to advance and become heirs of God and Christ and become as they are. Not all will do so. No unclean thing, no wicked man of filthyness may enter there in. But no man is without sin. And thus, though by Adam we have come into this world, even so if we come unto Christ, repent of our sins, and obey God's commandments, keep his ordinances and covenants, then we may become even as He is.

As set out in this text, among those who were legally and rightfully of Joseph of Egypts promised and covenant posterity of the birthright in order to fulfill all righteousness, was such as Moses, Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith. Other prophets and descendants of Joseph have also been positioned and performed great works to the end of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. Lehi's posterity proviced the scriptural text, the Book of Mormon, that when combined with the Bible establishes God's truth by the witness of two impreachable records and their testimonies that when compared one to the other reveal God's plan and gospel doctrine covenants. Also the members of the two tribes of Joseph's sons, their descendants, have been raised up as a force to take the Gospel to the world and to prepare for the Saviors Second Coming the the Great Millennial Day of the Lord.