There Is Art and then there IS . . .

    'One man's art is another man's trash' or stated another way, 'One man's trash is another man's art.' Just like music and literature, art can be used to build man up or tear man down. There is 'art' which degrades and destroys and there is art which elevates and builds up the realm of mankind. What 'art' ought not to be, is to be of its own self whatever it may be. To think that all music, that all 'liturature and that all art ought to be in and of itself without restraint is but to place man below and the servant of his own creation rather than the master over it. Such were the fashioners of dumb idols. Man would worship that which was made my his own hands as though it, which man created, had power over that man. But what is lost is this very thing in considering what is or is acceptable or what is not or is not acceptable 'art'. Does what man create of his own hands made to serve man or is man the servant of what he himself creates? Talk about things 'unside-down' 'back to front' and in-side-out, but so it is, art often is forced upon ourselves becuse it is 'Art?'

Yes, There Is Art

And then there is art. As stated, one man's art can be another man's trash. To indiscriminately accept as 'art' all that which the world puts forth before the public eye is but a mindless fool's position of being led about by a ring in one's nose. One ought to determine one's own set of standards, preferably based upon a high set of values, so that they can discriminately judge what is in truth 'real art' and what is not.