'Other sheep I have...which I must bring. And there shall be one fold and one Shepherd.'

Jehovah, Who is Jesus, Is the Ministering God of the Whole Earth

     There are many time period aspects to the fact that the God of the heavens and the earth is a universal God, not just of the Jews, but of the whole earth, which just happens to include the lands of America. While it is true that the Book of Mormon scriptural record focuses on the meridian of time of the Lord's 30 some years' Condescension visit to this mortality and when Jesus did also visit the people of the Book of Mormon just after the time of his death and resurrection. That brief encounter of our God with man is not the only relationship through time that our LORD GOD has had with man in his dealings with this world and the men of it.

I. The Initial Staging and the Grand Creation - Cut from Eternity

There are some six or seven frames of reference which I would like to address concerning Jehovah's, the is Jesus', dealings with this earth and those who are a part of it. These have and will occur over the great range of existence which is often referred to as eternity. The first aspect is that of the distant past when Jehovah was selected, anointed and appointed by God the Eternal Father to act as the Divine Creator and eventual Redeemer of this temporal state. In this Jehovah was the acting force of the heavens and the earth, which does directly come to relate to us and this world of which America is certainly a part.

II. The More Personal Refined Organization-Creation

After the grand creation this was a further immediately applicable seven day or seven period of phases of particular refined creation of ordering that which was void and without any ordered form this currently structured earth as a platform for bearing the habbitation of God's Spirit Children. As to whatever age and past this earth had experienced up until that duration and dispensation, it was at the beginning of this more refined creation a dead and extinction region void of any such sustaining life formation which would successfully provide a proper habitaion for man, the sons and daughters of that Man of Holiness, God our Eternal Father. And there are at least six such practical stages of such a preparation which must be structured and organized and performed in order to bring such a 'void existant' realm into a fully developed telestial inhabitabal condition. That is so set forth generally in the early books of scripture such as the book of Genesis of which the more refined reports in the books of Moses and also the Book of Abraham is also so presented.

III. The Introduction of and God's Dealings with Man as the God of the Old Testament

The Introduction of Adam and Eve, that is of man to the world created for them. This includes the fact that the location of that first Garden of Eden was located in the middle of the lands now inhabited as North America. When Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, they came to live in 'the land of Adam'. And there at Adam-ondi-Ahman, did 'mortal man Adam' seek to commune with 'the eternal God Ahman'. And this was in that land now occupied by the state of Missouri that Adam did hold his grand meeting with all his children, that is the families of father Adam before he did die and pass away as God has said that he would, that in the day, according to the time of God, in which Adam disobeyed and partook of the forbidden fruit he surely would die.

The Cleasing by Water: The More Ancient events before the first great cleansing of the earth. While at a time when the earth was compose of one connected land. That is not separated into unconnected land fragments as it now stands.

God's dealings with man since the time of the great flood. This included at least keeping a presence and contact with man to some extent as man would so seek unto the Lord of their own agency. After the time of Noah came the time of the Tower of Babel where men refused to spread forth upon the earth. It was a party of souls associated with Mahonri Moriancumr who would seek God and be led bact to the lands of Adam in the Americas. One can read concerning these 'Jaredites' in the Book of Mormon in the book of Ether. But as by then God had divided the lands in the days of Peleg, these people would sail in 8 brages across the rough seas of that division in order to so first return to this land of America.

After a time, it was next Abram, who would be named Abraham, who sought after God to obtain the blessing of the promised covenant. And thence from Abraham to and through all the dealings of God with the tribes of Isreal according to his great grandsons. Until there came a day that God took another set of families also to American who sought after him and who can be read about in the Book of Mormon. Lehi had sought God so that his family would not be destroyed in the comeing destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon. Lehi's sons and sons-in-law built a ship whereby they would sail to America as guided by the hand of God.

IV. The Performances Necessary to Effect the Conditions for the Redemption of Man

This was the essential matter of our Spirit Ministering God taking upon himself the flesh of mortal man to overcome and redeem man from their fallen state.

After his death and resurrection, Jesus, now the glorified immortal Savior, would visit his 'other sheep' in other lands, which included the descendants of Lehi in America. then came a time of darkness and falling away as fortold by Jesus, his prophets, apostles and disciples. Because of these darkages of lost truths and knowledge of God, God's truth would have to be restored in preparation for the Savior's Second Coming.

V. The Aftermath of time of settlement, reformation and restitution [restoration].

All now 'done' as far as the provision provided whereby man might return unto God. There came a time of darkness and falling away as fortold by Jesus, his prophets, apostles and disciples. Because of these darkages of lost truths and knowledge of God, God's truth would have to be restored in preparation for the Savior's Second Coming.

In this reform and restoration period the Spirit of God again began to rest upon man and even the Father would proclaim the Son who would come for the time for man to begin to prepare to perform their corresponding reactionary responses to God's provisions fully established for them. Still in the manner of man's exercise of agency but with God's leading and guiding hand to that extent wherein man would follow after him. Again this 'restoration' would eventuate and come to be established in the Americas, in and near that very ancient lands where Adam had once dwelt beginning in the state of western New York and cross over the mid-west lands to the tops of the mountains.

The Second Coming and the Cleasing by Fire: All the preparations, reformation, restoration, and gathering and preparing the way before has to be accomplished that Jesus Christ might once again return to the earth, but this time in his glory. It will be a second time of a cleasing of the world for the wicked will not be able to bear his glorified presence. And only the more righteous people will be preserved by the powers of heaven to endure and be a part of his presence and personal reign upon the earth in righteousness. This Jesus will continue and enlarge that work which the restoration only began to the end that by the true power and ordiances of God all man kind might be saved.

VI. The Time of Fulness and Fulfilment of all things where in all things are accomplished and finished.

This is the great Millennial Day when all is done and accomplished that must be done in order to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. In that day there will be two great centers of opperation. One will be the Holy City Jerusalem in the east, which city will be cleased and made clean so that it can be the eastern base of Christ's opperation in that promised land of Abraham and Israel. And there will be that other base of opperations in the west, in that very first promised land to the Ancient of Days, even Adam. And thence from these two great centers, Jerusalem and Zion will the full blessing of redemption come forth to the immortality and eternal life of man and in their glorified resurrections at the times of their passing into the eternal realms of the blessing of God, having receive their glories and rewards of the Lord which have been made possible by him to all those who come unto him and take upon them his name and receive of his glory.

VII. The Time of Rest and Arrival back into the eternity from whence we came.

Yes there will be the great and final day, an eternal day, when the righteous followers of Jesus Christ will be brought into the Celestial glorified presence of our great and Eternal God, even our Father in Heaven. And the Father will glorify the Son and the Son will in turn return all glory unto the Father, and they and we will ever be one with them in the Kingdom and Glory of Heaven.