Old Testament Commentary ~ Malachi
 1  God dishonored by the unfaithfulness; sacrifices
 2  Priests and Judah are unfaithful
 3  Judgment coming; some fear the Lord
 4  Day of the Lord

In a presentation a good order of development is to first preview what is to be said, then to say it and then to 'review' what has been set forth in summary form. Malachi is the Lord's summary form of what is required to obtain the kingdom of God. After having turned from the Lord one must return unto the Lord with full intent which test of one's intent is set forth as shown in the payment of tithes and offerings unto the Lord, the remembering and keeping of his commandments and then the receiving and magnifying the blessings, gifts, priesthoods and performances of the Lord which work unto man's successful attainment of the kingdom of God. This is what Malachi does set forth in summary, after turning from the Lord one returns with real intent, pays tithes and offerings, remembers and keeps the commandments and receives and participates in the blessings of heaven including the sealing ordinances of the temple unto the fulfillment of the Covenant of Abraham, the covenant of the fathers, the Everlasting Covenant of God unto the sealing of mankind unto that Lord which has given them life unto the obtaining of the celestial kingdom of God.
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