Fact: The Book of Mormon is True Scripture
Fact: The 'BoM' Does 'Mention' Human Sacrifice
presented by Don R. Hender

"Why does the Book of Mormon not speak of human sacrifices?"

      Many, if not practically all, criticisms of the Book of Mormon are poorly founded, poorly researched and are flagrant and obnoxious insidious attacks of nothing more than a deception of lies promogated by the author of all such lies, Lucifer, in his never ending fight against the Kingdom of God. One such example is the frequently stated lying critics' lie based on the half truth fact that human sacrifice is quite well established as having been practiced by the 'native' American cultures. So why, when the Book of Mormon claims in part that it is a 'history' of such ancient American people, is not human sacrifice covered in the Book of Mormon?

Fact is the Book of Mormon 'DOES' mention human sacrifice being practiced but only breifly; and that for a very good reason. The Book of Mormon is a Nephite witness of Christ scriptural record. A central identifying characteristic of the Nephites and their nation is that of the belief in Jesus Christ—That is Nephites were a Christian based society. And as 'Christians' do not practice human sacrifice, there is very little mention of human sacrifice in the Book of Mormon. That is with the Christian noted 'atonement' of Jesus Christ understandable exception.

But contrary to the 'critic's lying premise,' that the Book of Mormon has 'NO' mention of human sacrifice; indeed the Book of Mormon does identify such as being practiced by the Lamanites as a part of their 'cult' beliefs.

    And they [the Lamanites] did also march forward against the city Teancum, and did drive the inhabitants forth out of her, and did take many prisoners both women and children, and did offer them up as sacrifices unto their idol gods."
    ~ Book of Mormon | Mormon 4:14 (See also verses 15, 21)

There it is plainly stated concerning the practice of human sacrifices by the Lamanites, though during the wars of the Nephite (Christian) extinction, even the corruption of the wicked Nephites also fell into such gross behaviors (Mormon 5:8; Moroni 9:7-10).

As 'children of Lehi,' the evolution into 'cult idol god worship' did not immediately degenerate into such 'human sacrifices.' But there are early B.C. hints that such actions of eating of the body (hearts) and blood of one's enemy was known and practiced by the Lamanites or rather those who had become Lamanites by their dessentions or desertions from the Christian based Nephites to their joining forces with the anti-Christ Lamanites. One such Zoramite dessenter, Amalichiah, sworn to drink the blood of Captain Moroni, the Nephite Military leader (Alma 51:9). Those Zoramites of Antionum, who subsequently joined the Lamanites, had been noted to have corrupted forms of worship and of having 'idol' gods (Alma 31:1). If one searchs the name of 'idol or idols' a number of Book of Mormon references identifies such 'cult' corruptions of worshiping idols and thus the logical extention of making sacrifices to them.

Now again the primary scriptural history of the Book of Mormon is that of reporting the events in the Nephite nation who had among them the Christianity of believing in Christ. And thus the topic of 'human sacrifices' to dumb idols or as practiced among the non-Christians factions such as among the more numberous Lamanites and those corruptions of the dessenting 'Nephites' among them. The purpose of the Book of Mormon is to be a scriptural record account of the Christian Nephites.

Of course Book of Mormon disbelieving critics fail to recognize the intent and purpose of the Christian Book of Mormon record of the Nephites, it being 'Another Witness of Jesus Christ.' And as for their 'total' lack of any real thurough reading and objective study of the Book of Mormon, that is obviously NOT present or thier true intent. That intent being but to fling 'dirt' of lies at the 'Mormon' record. In such efforts their obvious lack of honesty does come to be found but frequently not until or after the damage to their intended victims has been done!

It is little wonder, that like the rest of the world, the corruptions of 'cult' human sacrifices were widely practiced in the Americas. The drama of the cutting out of a victim's heart and even eating it as a part of such human sacrifice to corrupt gods, idols, and gross ideologies. And as such, those who thrive in such gore, do focus their own 'thrill' seeking attention on the anti-Christ negative practices. The Book of Mormon does not such and only in very limited passing does the record even make such a reference. And certainly it ought to be understandable that a Christian scriptural record, which the Book of Mormon is, would not and does not dwell upon such non-Christian practices such as human sacrifices.

But then the lying critic does not stop at that, for their purpose is not 'truth' but to attack the LDS Chruch and the Book of Mormon. They may then say, "Then why is their not remains to be studied of this Ameican Christian Nephite nation? And there again they have, often deliberately, missed a certral premise of the Book of Mormon text, that the Lamanite non-believing nation that destoryed the Nephite nation was fully committed to the intent of destroy anything and everything that was 'Nephite' and that 'taught' of this Christ, which the Lamanites hated and wanted to destroy along with everthing that was 'Nephite.' In short the resulting 'cult culture' of the ancient Americans is purposefully only that of the non-believing anti-Christs.

Such is the purpose and cause of a number of 'anti-god' groups in America today. They are bent on destorying the foundational Christian Constitutional United States of America. They want to replace it with globalized godless reconstrutions of America that fight against and destory anything and everything that is a part of Biblical Christian beliefs and the Commandments of God. Such is the political intentions of the Democrat Party today.


ver: 25 March 2018