The Mercy of Death
(Ripening Unto Destruction)

compiled and annotated by Don R. Hender

The Death Mercy 
The Mercy of Death can be
ministered as to the relief
of suffering of a person's soul
either physical, mental and/or spiritual.
- drh

     When a person is suffering or they are in a vegatative state, being mind dead; there is often spoken concerning the 'Mercy of Death' and even such as 'Mercy Killings'. This of course does speak mainly concerning the state of the mortal physical or temporal being. But what about the 'Inner Man', that is the spirit and even the soul of man? When a person has become so 'deathly sick spiritually' from which there is no recovery possible in the carnal mortal state but to progressively become more entrenched in evil still, is there not also such a matter of consideration of ending the temporary state of mortality to release the suffering soul from his gross state of terminal wickedness, which is just as much a 'mercy killing' as any such release of a person from physical suffering?

It is truth, to be able to comprehend such a condition of the benefit to the soul and/or spirit of man to be released from his prison of hopeless subjection to wickedness and sin, one must have an understanding concerning life, not just temporary mortal life, but even 'eternal life' or 'life eternal', and to be able to view the age of mortal time as but a snip-it of the whole eternal round of the immortal perspective of the being of man as a son or daughter of God.

It is often heard of those who condemn and even deny God, because in part, they cannot accept a God who is so 'unmerciful' as to destroy the the temporary motal life of mankind. They just cannot get past the idea of a God who would wipe clean the vast majority of all living in such as the Flood of Noah. Or they just cannot accept an unmerciful God who would rain down fire and brimstone upon the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah no matter how wicked they might be. At the same time these same people will think to justify such acts of 'mercy killing' to stop the pain and suffering of an animal or even a man. And they will even speak out for 'the right to die' if it is a personal choice or even a loved one's choice to release the living unto death when one is terminally ill and vastly suffering or brain dead and without any conseousness of life. They will readily remove a person in the hospital from life support if that is all that is keeping them alive, and often without any self condemnation for doing so.

So what is the difference? I suppose it is the lack of understanding the eternal perspective of the nature of man as being a son or daughter of God. Why is God any less merciful when he releases a suffering soul or spirit from the confines of being hopeless bound by wickedness and sin without any hope of future benefit from this temporary state of temporal mortality? When a spirit, who is bound inside a carnal tabernacle of clay has become so entrenched and bound in the prison of sin and wickedness and the inner spirit child of God is suffering unto terminal spiritual death because of their hopeless condition, why is it not seen as a merciful act of death to destroy the temporal cage of corruption and release the spirit bound within from that terminal state of suffering and further damage because they have ripened unto destruction because of their degree of carnal wickedness? God must consider what is 'best' for his child in the eternal scheme of things and not just the temporal mortal temporary realm. And when those who so suffer that physical death in the interest for their eternal well being, they will actually come to thank their Father in Heaven for his mercy in not allowing them to so continue in their sinful state.

Yes, men have been given their agency and are free to choose the good or the evil. But when the choices have all been made and there is further no hope but only terminal self-anihilation, then according to the everlasting laws of eternity, God may step in and end the suffering of the sin bound soul and actually minimize the eternal damage it would cause the person within for all eternity. And whether that sin bound soul can presently appreciate that which God is doing for their own benefit or not, due to their gross and fall state, the eternal laws which preserved the law does step in and applies the justice against the wickedness, sin and evil that the person has so chosen to addict themself to. Or worse still, the case of the child of sin who has been trained up from their youth to comprehend and to do only the evil, who will have no real chance to choose unless God does step in and release him/her from their state of perpetual wickedness and evil. And this, those who are of a greater extent still of a righteous nature do readily see happening. The children are being raised up in sin and those sins will be upon the heads of the parents, but the child must be released from such as is that state of trained wickedness and evil, so that they may still come to comprehend and understand the good and so choose for themselves rather than to have the evil so forced upon them by their wicked parents.

So now, God in his wisdom has allowed for the escape from man's fallen state of evil, wickedness and sin. Even if it be by that death which Adam and Eve did bring upon mankind by their actions in the garden, then so by that death of mortality may God release the spirits again to so choose the good over the evil. And their is given men a period of up to a 1000 years to next do so, and to come under the saving graces of the atonement of Christ, whereby the sins will fall upon him who has already suffered for them if men will but choose to come unto Christ and follow him into the paths of righteousness. And so for the Millennial Reign of Christ on earth, in that time will men be free to choose without the hinderence of Satan, for Lucifer will be bound for that 1,000 years. And as men do so choose to follow Christ, for in truth every knee will bow and every tough will confess, and the sins of man will be forgiven and man will be raised to that degree of righteousness and glory to which they have earned by their obedience to God and to His Commandments by so choosing the Lord, Jesus Christ the Son, who is that Jehovah of the Old Testament, Jehoshua the Messiah of the New Testament and finally the King of the Millennial era in which to being all back unto Father who do follow him. That is all who so make that choice and do not deny the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost's witness unto them in the spirit that Jesus is the Christ, the only one and true way and path to God that men may choose and travel to obtain Salvation and their earned degree of exhaltation before the final judgment must be given at the end of that 1,000 year of the reign of the Lord in righteousness as the King of all mankind who ever has, do or will live upon the face of the earth.

The people of the days of Noah where just so wicked that to let them live on in their hopeless temporary state of incurable wickedness would have been inhumane. But God in His wisdom has provided the way that they may yet be ressurected unto incoruption and live forever in a state of righteousness if they but will yet come unto Jesus and be saved. For it is better to release them, that is release their spirits, from the hopeless wicked state and let the spirit live free from the corruption of the creature, so bound in wickedness and sin of the control of the Devil and the natural man which was held over the spirit so held within that tabernacle of corruption. The same was so due to the incurable wickedness of those who inhabited Sodom and Gomorrah or the Jaredites whose wickedness was unto a state of total self-annihilation. And the same is truth concerning those who are ripening for destruction in the world today. Many are so sick in sin that they consider evil as good and good as being evil. They fail to any longer see themselves as being caught up in the terminal illness of perpetual endless sin if left to go on living. You think it is a grave injustice for God to burn the wicked unto death at his second coming? Think again, as it would be far less merciful and humane to let them to continue to live and continue to inflict sin and the cage of total sinful morality upon the spirit being trapped inside of that temporal cage of totally and hopelessly adicted to the sins of the flesh which is destroying the soul and personal spirit trapped and subjected to such continuous sin and wickedness.

Flesh and Bones

When we have catered to its every desire and whim, perhaps it's well to see its horrible corruptable end, that we might know it for what it is and has been, nothing to fear in the end, for it is but that which is dust and dirt that has kept us under its control and burden of sin. Only then may we see that we must control it rather than to be controlled by it. Service it yes, but to a righteous end, and not an end in its self, to be for all the rest of eternity. -drh

Before the Foundation of the World - The Preexistence - Pre-mortal Life

In the very beginning of the ages of time cut out of eternity there was God the Father of Spirits and his children. Now God the Father had a plan to employ for the benefit and progression of his children which related to the very 'work and glory' of God, and that purpose of that plan was to 'bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, his children to the end that they might become like unto God the Father and united as one with the Celestial Heaven. In that plan God would promise blessing relatvie to His children's accomplishments based in an Eternal Covenant to that end between God and man.

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