The Egocentric Super Ego

prepared by Don R. Hender

     The vanity of man is foolishness. When they are learned they think they are wise and know of themselves. The 'false scientist' of today are those 'smart people' who consider themselves but the elite of society, who speak with no humility about themselves that they are better and higher than others, knowing not only the answers but are able to define the questions as well. Having just found a particle which has existed for eternity, they are ready to pronounce themselves egocentrically as even as the masters of the universe.

Certainly after a 40+ year long reasoned search and such a 'discovery' of what is and has been forever, such as what has been humanily named as the 'Higgs boson' or 'God particle', is a great true scienctific break through. A 'photon' which seems to permiate the universe and give defining definition to mass, a fleeting as its single short observation has been, is quite of interest. But has the whole world changed because of it. Its like by 60th birthday. I was the same before and after it, as it came and went. I was less than 60 and not I am not. All else is the same. But some like to define the whole of human existence upon such.

The 'false scientists', such as Rick Wingrove are all too ready to throw human society development to the wind as he uses such as the discovery of the photon boson to rag on ancient middle east shepherds and ancient religions which include the Bible, Christianity and such 'worthless' plague to mankind such as the moral code of the Ten Commandments. Like true and false science, there is true and false religion. What Wingrove likes to rag on was once 'science' to some now understood more fully. And yet what is science today will one day also be gone beyond and many of its 'theories' cast aside are they are development more fully and understood more throughly. Yet they too always have been there. It is but man who is on his course of finding them out.

Like many, Wingrove has built himself his own little egocentric world which he has chosen to live in without the slightest regard for any who stand outside of it. It is sad that such as the Washington Post publishes such a skewed and bias one sided perspective of the world and society when such a great discovery as the new 'photon boson' labeled as the 'God particle' has occurred.

Egocentrism is when one is over preoccupied with their own internal world. Egocentrics regard oneself and one's own opinions or interests as most important or valid. Self-relevant information is seen to be more important in shaping one's judgments than do thoughts about others and other-relevant information (Windschitl, Rose, Stalkfleet & Smith, 2008). Is also generates the inability to fully understand or to cope with other people's opinions and the fact that reality can be different from what they are ready to accept despite any change in their personal belief.