Our Father Who Art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
(Part I)

    Jesus Christ taught us the true order of prayer in the scriptures, both to those in the lands of the New Testament (Matthew 6:9, Luke 11:2) and to those in America, the lands of the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 13:9). And from that we may learn, that Jesus Christ, who was at the time here on earth, taught us to pray to His and our Father, who was in Heaven. In Matthew 16:17, while speaking to Simon Peter, who just had witnessed that Jesus was, 'the Christ, the Son of the living God', stated that it had been revealed to Peter by 'my Father which(who) is in heaven'. This reveals to us the realm where Our Father in Heaven, Elohim, lives and where He was at the same time that Jesus Christ was upon the Earth.

Jesus often spoke of the Father in such terms. And as Peter testified, Jesus Christ was the Son of the living God, the Son of God, the Son of the Father. Mary was Jesus' mother, and by the power of the over shadowing power of the Holy Ghost, the seed of the Father was planted in her so that in fact, that son who was born of her was the Son of God, God the Father. And despite the confusing rhetoric propagated by traditional Christianity, Jesus Christ WAS NOT his own Father, God the Father, His Father and our Father, was Jesus' Father. That seems so simple as that is exactly what Jesus and the scriptures teach. But due to the confusing dogma of the explanations surrounding the Nicene Creed evolved by men, that pure and simple relationship has been lost even though it was once known and understood as may be learned by reading such then contemporary works as Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea 'Ecclesiastical History' and his letter(s). The Father and the Son were corporally, that is in physical entity, separate and distinct; two separate persons, though one in faith and purpose.

As we find when we set out just who Jesus Christ is, we learn that Jesus Christ and Jehovah, the God of the Old Testament, are one and the same person and being. From one aspect, this is what one perspective of the Nicene Creed's argument was. And so Jesus was the same as Jehovah, the God of the Old Testament, and that perspective is correct. But what is not correct is that God the Father, the Father of Spirits, our spirit and the spirit of Jesus Christ as well, is not the same as Jehovah or Jesus Christ. How could he be and still be the Father of Jesus/Jehovah in the spirit and also the very Father of Jesus Christ in the flesh?

So just what is the relationship between Jesus Christ and God the Father? And what is the further identity of God the Father beyond being our Heavenly Father, Our Father Who Art in Heaven? Keeping in mind that God the Father, Elohim and Jesus Christ who is Jehovah are two separate beings and corporal entities, lets look at the following chart which delineates their various rolls as per a 1916 Doctrinal Exposition by the First Presidency and the Quoraum of the Twelve Apostles. Because Jesus Christ or Jehovah is the same person and because he is our intercessor, mediator, advocate and ministering God of this temporal creation and second estate, who acts in behalf of the Father in all things, most of the names, titles, rolls and positions held by the Father, "Elohim and the Son, Jesus Christ/Jehovah are the same. As the quoted statement says, Elohim, the Father, is the Father in every sense in which Jesus Christ/Jehovah is so designated, and distinctively He is the Father of spirits." That is because Jehovah has been called, anointed, ordained and selected to act in the Father's stead in all things, betwix God the Father in Heaven and man upon this temporal creation, Jehovah carries the same names, titles and rolls as that Father in Heaven, whom he have been elected and so anointed to represent, except that Jehovah cannot be denoted as the Father of spirits. Elohim cannot deligate that, as only He is that Father of spirits and Jehovah is not.

Elohim, God the Father of spirits, is and was from before the beginning, that is the beginning of the temporal creation, an exalted Celestial God far advanced beyond this temporal estate. And only those who pertain to this temporal estate may administer to it (D&C 130:5). That is, only God the Father's spirit children who kept their first estate with him in heaven before this temporal creation, and who have or will come 'down' unto it to be a part of it, may be called upon to minister to it. God the Father of spirits, himself, being not of it, but beyond it in His Celestial Realm. And by the right of heir-ship, it fell to the first born spirit son, Jehovah to be so called upon by the Father to act in the Father's stead in all things pertaining to this second temporal estate.

Perhaps the following New Testament Stories Introduction will help clarify those events in the preexistance, and help establish just how, where, what and who the Father of spirits and the Son Jehovah/Jesus Christ are in relationship to each other and in turn unto each of us.

Beyond the Beginning and even the End of finite temporal existance in time lies eternity without Beginning or End. Understanding from whence we have come before this earthly existance is to begin to comprehend and understand just who we are, Who God the Father of spirits, Our Heavenly Father, Elohim is and also who Jesus Christ who is the same as Jehovah is in respect to each other.

   God, Father of Spirits            ELOHIM  &  JEHOVAH            Jesus, Ministering God

God the Father of Spirits is 'Our Father Who Is in Heaven'. He is the Father of our spirits. Jesus Christ, who is Jehovah, is our ministering God of the temporal estate. It is Jesus/Jehovah, who under the anointed authority and direction of the Father of Spirits, Elohim, did form and create this creation of the temporal estate. Jesus/Jehovah did form the physical bodies which the spirits of Adam and Eve were placed in. Our spirits, as the spirits of Adam and Eve, and even Jehovah and Elohim, are in the same image and form as our physical corporal tabernacles. Our earthly physical bodies are in the image and form of that which they house: Head, shoulders, knees and toes-Eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Intuitively we understand this, as most often we represent in movies, literature and so forth, that the spirit-ghost is in the same shape and form as the mortal body of the person in either and each respect.

As our selected and anointed empowered ministering God, Jehovah did act and represent the Father in all things. Even the established Temple ceremonies of the Old Testatment did shadow that and portray that relationship (Lev. 16:32). And that which Jehovah, who is Jesus Christ, did so create, he in turn is called upon by the Father of Spirits, to so redeem. And so he did as the Only Begotten Son of that Father in the flesh through that atonement, crucifixion and resurrection, that we all, all of the Father's spirit children may live on and return unto the presence of God the Father, resurrected unto immortality and eternal life, being removed from the state of temporal mortality into that eternal eternity where it is that God does dwell.