G O D ' S     E T E R N A L     P L A N

by Don R. Hender

God's Eternal Plan is just that. It is the plan whereby the spirit children of God might obtain maturation, that is maturity, becomeing self actuated beings. Much like the process of children leaving their earthly homes to go out and make their way in the world, becoming adults and responsible for themselves outside and beyond their earthly parent's care and influence, so is this like the Plan of God.

Within the realm of God's presence and influence, the spirit child of God could not fully develop. Exprience is needed. The experience of coming to know of and understand 'good' and 'evil' and that all things have their opposities and that there is opposition in all things. The experience of being subject to the influences of evil in a tabernacle of clay, flesh and bone, was further necessary in order for each to be tested to see if their spirit was strong enough to master and control that natural form and to what extent. And the experience to exercise total 'free agency' in a world not in the immediate presence and in the immediate presence of God the Father. For this and much more is the Plan of God set out. And without the experience of the second estate, the comprehension of opposites would not exist and a fulness of joy not obtained by not have such basis of comparison.

Now the mechanics of setting out God's plan and implimenting it can be categorized into various component parts. These pages will attempt to do just that as it sets out and discusses God's Eternal Plan.

Plan of God

Eternal Intelligence

First Estate

Estate I

Estate II

Estate III

Estate IV

Next Estate(s) of Eternity

The State of Eternal Intelligences  


Councils In Heaven
(Planning and Organizing)

War in Heaven


Garden Home

Adam to Noah

Time of Patriarchs

Time of Moses' Lesser Law

Time of Scattering

Meridian of Time

Time of Apostasy

Time of Awakening

Time of Restoration

Time of God's Coming



Last Battle

Final Judgements

Kingdoms of Glory


Eternal Progression

Eternal Posterity