Evil Doctrines and Lies of the Devil

prepared by Don R. Hender

    "When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck." ~ James Whitcomb Riley

The scriptures and church leaders teach us to 'Avoid the very appearance of evil' (1 Thes. 5:22). But today's liberalism seems to embrace evil and it is not only made fashionable but evil itself is readily accepted by today's society. Yet: Evil is Evil, Wickedness is Wickedness. If it walks, swims and quacks evil, it is evil!

     In today's world it has become 'politically incorrect' to call sin and evil what they are, and that is wickedness, evil and such as the doctrines of Satan. You can not call a Sodomite a Sodomite without violating their 'human rights'. In fact because of the many laws today which legalize immoraity and protect people who are breaking the commandments of God, you cannot even call evil, evil. But rather you are practically forced to refer to evil as being good and what is good and right when practiced to call wickedness what it is, is actually by today's society consider to be wrong.

In such a world as today, it is important to take inventory and clearly deliniate in one's own mind and solidly set out what is and are the doctrines and teaching and practices of the Devil and what are not. The laws of our governments today certainly do not. By today's governmental standards, many things which are evil and wrong are stood up to be correct and 'good'. Our government has misapplied the concept of personal liberty and it does not properly comprehend the rights of personal agency. All men are free to chose, that is for sure, but chose according to the standards of law and of God. One cannot legislate morality, but that is exactly what is being done in the world today. What is good and righteous is good and righteous, and what is bad and evil is bad and evil regardless of any man ordained laws and statutes.

It is absurd to think that just making it legal to smoke and drink elimiates the effects of such to where they are not harmful to one's health and even one's moral character. In a drunken state the human consciencness of what is right and wrong is blurred and all too often wrong and even evil decissions and actions are made and done 'under the influence'. Actions are taken which would never be committed by one of a sober mind, and not just in terms of automotive moving violations, but also in moral actions as well. Just making the consumption of alcohol legal does not make it right. But by society's rules and the concept of 'political correctness' no longer is it 'appropriate' to denounce drinking of alcohol as being wrong, a sin and a sign of moral corruptness. And the same is true of elicite sexual behaviors of sex not only outside of marriage, but even the abominations of sexual conduct between to persons of the same sex as were the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. In fact if you publically denounce and call out such human behaviors as being corruptions, evil and wickedness, then you are the one who is labeled as being wrong and legally as well as 'polictically inncorrect'. Whatever has happened today relative to calling evil, evil; wickedness, wickedness and immorality, immorality? Just try to call a person of same sex activity 'evil, wicked and immoral'. They will have you up for 'civil rights violation' and you will be deemed as being 'evil, wicked, corrupt and immoral' yourself. What has ever happened to calling a duck a duck?

All this has come about by society's practice of accepting the 'Doctrines of the Devil' above and before accepting the Doctrines, Laws and Commandments of God. In the scriptural records we have an account of Lucifer (Satan the Devil) appearing to a man as an angel and teaching that man what to preach as doctrine, that is Satan's doctrine (Alma 30:53). That man was Korihor the anti-Christ. And Korihor accepted the Devil's teaching and he went forth and taught them to his fellow man in the days of Alma the chief judge of the people. And Korihor's teachings from Satan were well received of the people, not much different to how these same doctrines of the Devil are accepted in our lands, nations and governments of today. Now the following is those doctrines as taught by Lucifer, the Devil, and received and taught by Korihor the anti-Christ in the days of Alma the chief Judge and prophet of God. Remember these are doctrines and teaching directly from the mouth of Satan as taught by him personally. They are not just some person's thoughts upon the matter, they are the stated postulites of the Devil and any who have boughten into them are his disciples, wittingly or not.

  • "There is no God" (Alma 30:53)
  • Do not believe, 'be bound down under", the teachings of God (Alma 30:13)
  • There will be "no Christ". (Alma 30:12-15)
  • "No man can know of anything which is to come" That is do not believe in the prophets of God and their prophecies. (Alma 30:13-14)
  • "cannot know of things which ye do not see" (Alma 30:15)
  • Believing in the Atonement "is the effect of a frenzied mind" (Alma 30:16)
  • "Every man prosper(s) according to his genius, ... every man conquer(s) according to his strength" (Alma 30:17)
  • "Whatsoever a man [does is] no crime [evil or wickedness]" (Alma 30:17)
  • "When a man [is] dead, that [is] the end thereof" (Alma 30:18)

"Wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20/2 Nephi 15:14)

Now, not being Korihor, it is a bit difficult to understand Korihor's take on there being 'angels' but no 'God'. But he did say that deep down he always did believe that there was a God and Christ. Korihor's teachings he was taught by the Devil is just Satan's 'frontal attack'. If Satan cannot convince people that there is no God, then he will next attempt to corrupt what God is and what the very nature of God is like. In the prayer(s) of the Zoramites is found those lies of Satan wherein he attempts to alter the nature of God to even being like what he, Lucifer is and always will be. Note the lies contained in the prayer of the Zoramites:

  • God was, is, and always will be a spirit (Alma 31:15). [This is the nature of Lucifer as he will never obtain a body of flesh and bone nor advance]
  • "We do not believe in the tradition of our brethren" (Alma 31:16). [That is the gosepl as taught in the scriptures, particularly in the Book of Mormon]
  • "There shall be no Christ" (Alma 31:16). [This was even the position of the rulers of the Jews, that there would be no Son of God come from heaven to earth to take upon himself flesh and bone and to perform the atoning sacrifice.]
  • "We shall be saved," but everyone else will be "cast ... to hell" (Alma 31:17).
  • Others [who believe in Christ] are bound by "foolish traditions" (Alma 31:17).
  • "We [only] are a chosen and holy people" (Alma 31:18).

This was the false lies into which many Jews of the days of Jesus were also caught up in and they still are. They believe(d) that there would come a deliver to deliver Israel, but they did not believe that he would be the Son of God come down from heaven, nor did they believe that he was the same being as Jehovah the God of the Old Testament. For so claiming, Jesus was judged and then crucified by the Jewish leaders of his day for so claiming to be the Son of God. This was also why Stephen of the seventy was stoned to death, for he also pronounced that Jesus was the Son of God, having seen a vision wherein he saw Jesus Christ standing on the right hand of God the Father of Spirits.

rev. 6-25-2012