Greater Happiness

    The longer I live the more I come to realize that the things of this world do not of themsleves bring us happiness and joy. We have all been 'created for greater things' than to be rich and fameous. As grandma Rosie says, 'friends come and go, it is family that is forever'. And while we have been placed here upon this earth and in this mortal temporal estate to gain experience, it is hoped that we will learn that our true joy and happiness is not connected and dependant upon the 'things of this world'. As father Abraham had discovered, there was and is greater happiness and peace and rest to be found in those blessing of the fathers as given them by God.

There is more to life than many of us realize. There are such questions which sadly for many of this world just go unanswered. 'Where did I come from?', 'Why am I here?' and the ever fateful 'Where am I going?'

The LDS Church had a pavilion at the World's Fair in New York 1964-65. As part of that pavilion experience, a movie was shown entitled 'Man's Search for Happiness'. Copies of that short movie were sent into the mission fields and I remember seeing the film in an LDS chapel on the North Shore while on my mission in New Zealand. You may watch that film now as embeded below. I recommend it to you.

We didn't just come into existence by some evolutionary freak accident of nature. We are children of God, his spirit sons and daughters. He has designed a plan for us and this earth life is a part of that plan for us. This plan is called variously, 'The Plan of Redemption', 'The Plan of Salvation', 'God's Plan', 'The Plan of Eternal Progression' and fittingly enough 'The Plan of Happiness'. The following link further explains this and is taken from the text of the introduction to the New Testiment Stories. It simplifies various ideas of that plan including Jesus Christ's roll in it. Link here: Father's Plan or play below.