H O N E S T Y    &    T R U T H

"Oh! What a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!"

~ Sir Walter Scott ~

   The truth is plain and simple and takes no more memory or brain power than but to recall what really was and is. And even I of modest intelligence can comprehend that regardless of IQ and intelligence, no one has the mental power to recall all that is said and done in deceit. Each untruth requires another to be spun to cover the first and so on until the 'tangled web of deceit' is so burdensome upon the mind of a man that it does but collapse in upon the wearied mind and at last he is found out and miserable the whole time of it.

    "Thou shalt not bear false witness."

And therein lies the wisdom of the ages and of God. The mind is lightened by the truth and is free to persue other things and value. Surely the truth does set one free, free from that never ending burden of covering up one lie built up upon another. Life is so difficult and complicated and so much unenjoyable when we practice to deceive. One is forever imprisoned by that web one weaves. And that is not to mention the fruitless cost of maintenance that it takes to perpetuate the falsehood. Certainly 'Honesty is the best Policy'.

It is Lucifer, Satan, the Devil who is the father of lies and disception. It is one of his great tools he uses to bind fast the souls of men, corrupting them by the wagging of their own tongue. He burdens their minds and souls so heavily by deceit that often they begin not to recognize the truth from the lie and thence become totally lost in their webbed and weighted down life they have built. And it becomes a prison from which only the truth is the key of escape.

One lie begats another, or two or three or even more. And each of those in turn propagate still more and then even they too continue on to do the same until the whole of the structure becomes an unwieldy prison that ensnares and binds the liar fast. And he is caught in it unto his own demise, misery and woe.