Why Hunter?

'Many' years ago when I first placed my web page(s) upon the internet, it seemed advantageous to keep who I was a little demure like those who use CB radios. So I decided to select a 'handle' and leave the discovery to who I was to those who were really interested. I first thought of using the handle of 'seeker' as that is how I thought of myself—'one who was seeking for truth and light'. But my then internet provider had already given that user name out and I just didn't want to be tabbed 'seecker73' or some such numbered user. So I thought that the term 'hunter' was a near equivalent to 'seeker' and 'hunter' was an available name through my provider's network.

So, no, my surname is not 'Hunter', and 'hunter' is only a 'nick name' I've taken upon myself as a 'handle' describing my intent upon the internet. And now at this later date of reestablishing a presence upon the internet, I again select 'hunter' even 'hunterscastle.com'. And I've concluded that my 'search' is to be a most 'objective one' free from the opinion's and even the learnings of men where and when they contradict that which is true and wise. And as one may deduce from my opening page, I am associated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; the testimony of which I havd found according to my own standards of objectivity and the seeking of truth and light. And believing in the need for organization and structure to such a Church of Jesus Christ, I pride myself as being in tune with and following the authorized church authorities, respecting their positions there in. And yet, being the 'objective' soul I am, there are a number of 'teachings' set forth by various 'Mormon Scholars' which you will find that I have not been able to agree with as to the current 'fashions' of such academic prowess. Just what those are, I leave to your discovery as you discover the various aspects of my web pages.

Abraham also sought and found greater light and blessings from God. He sought for the blessings of the patriarchal fathers, from Adam on down. And he sought for the greater knowledge of God and the priesthood. And Abraham sought and received his own appointment of God given unto the fathers concerning the blessed seed (Abraham 1:2-4). Abraham received the priesthood blessings and power and he was specifically blessed that he would be of that lineage and line whereby the Messiah, even Jesus Christ, would come—'Blessed is he through whose seed Messiah shall come' (see Moses 7:53). And Abaraham found that which few are able to find in this life, membership in God's kingdom, a holder of God's priesthood, and that we all had been 'created for greater things', and Abraham did seek and find out just what many of those things were and are. Abraham had received the gospel of Jesus Christ by baptism, the covenant of salvation, the everlasting covenant of the higher priesthood, celestial marriage, the covenant of exaltation and eternal increase, that all of these blessings would be available to his posterity through acceptacne of Christ as well as available to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. Further Abraham was blessed with the divine promise that Christ would come through his lineage and that through righteousness those of the 'seed of Abraham' by accepting Christ and living righteously, they would inherit lands of promise, event the whole of the earth. This Abrahamic Covenant, the everlasting covenant, was renewed in Isaac, and in Jacob, and again by Jacob's blessing upon the heads of Joseph and his sons, Ephraim and Manasseh (See Bible Dictionary 'Abraham, Covenant of' and Guide to the Scriptures and Topical Guide 'Abrahamic Covenant'; also Bible Dictionary 'Isaac' and 'Jacob', as well as Genesis 48 and JST Genesis 48).

And now, much older in many ways, I find that I am still but a hunter or seeker of wisdom and truth, for as the Talmud does state, 'In seeking wisdom thou art wise; in imagining that thou hast attained it -- thou art a fool'. God's truth and light is great and we mortals are but on an endless venture to obtain it, but that ultimate acquisition extends beyond our years of life in the here and now. - Thus always a hunter.