The State of Eternal Intelligence

by Don R. Hender

God has always existed, that is there is an eternal basic structure to his being that always has been and will always continue to be. It may be stated as being the 'essence of intelligence'. And it is what many attempt to reduce God back to and not let him progress and advance beyond it. In so doing the docrines and imaginations of men deny God his advanced status of a Celestial Corporal being of body, parts and passions.

Man, whose 'ages of time' are but cut out from eternity, does fail to comprehend eternity, which has no beginning nor end nor any such bounds by which to be limited. We have even had our Lord and Savior defined in his roll by a beginning and ending bound of eternity it self as he stand and functions are our 'portals' coming from and returning to that eternity from which we are segmented, as he stands 'from' all eternity 'to' all eternity and is not further defined beyond and on into and from eternity. In fact, eternity in and of itself is that thing which we know very little about. We but grasp as expanses of time but beyond those limited expanses we do not know to tread. We are forever so delimiting and structuring our understanding by that diminsion we call time, having a beginning and an end. Even God's very creation we cannot speak of without the limit of statement as 'in the beginning'.

But now, if we are going to speak of a beginning, then we need to construct just what it happens to be the beginning of. In terms of God's purpose, work an glory He has given that construct as being the purpose of bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. All that is of current relivant understanding for us to have resides within that construct and purpose of God. What we were before and will be after is for the most part to be yet understood. We are told, that like God himself, we to come from the eternal realm as having that basic structure of intelligence about ourselves and in that we too have forever been. Intelligence itself being an eternal life form and having a living spirit itself. And in terms of eternal existence that makes perfect sense, that we must be based in that same eternal basis in and upon which even our own Heavenly Father is so come from.

Yet Intelligence has the capacity to grow and develop and expand to become more and greater. And to what ever added bit of intelligence we attain to here is what we are able to maintain and take with us, and more to our advantage. This can well be understood by merely considering the development of the human child. As a baby the child is quite undeveloped in its intelligence, and it is only through the advancement and progression to learing and growing that the intelligence of the child does maturate into a more and advanced intellectual being. If not hamppered by the mortallity of aging and death, one should readily appreciated the limitless progression the human mind and/or intelligence may eventaully attain to. And that is a significant part of the very work of God our Heavenly Father. To remove from us the pains and limits of death so that our eternal being based in that eternal intelligence may become, even to that extent that we may become like unto him and his advanced Celestial Godhood being.

As our Lord taught Abraham, 'if there be two spirits, and one shall be more intelligent than the other, yet these two spirits, notwithstanding one is more intelligent than the other, have no beginning, they existed before, they shall have no end, they shall exist after, for they are gnolaum, or eternal.' And he further stated to Abraham, speaking to him of those of us who are of his generation, or the spirit children of God the father, that: 'These two facts do exist, that there are two spirits, one being more intelligent than the other; there shall be another more intelligent than they; I am the Lord thy God, I am more intelligent than they all.' That is of all of God the Father's spirit children, he Jehovah is the greatest and most intelligent of us all and so he should have been and is, he being the 'Firstborn' of the Father in the spirit before us. Lucifer did not accept this principle and did fight against the right of position of Jehovah, the Firstborn in the spirit. Lucifer even threatened God the Father, seek the Father's glory but not to so return the benefit of such back to the Father, but unto him own self, that the glory would be Lucifer's and not as Jehovah did so state, that the glory would be returned and to the increase of the Father.

And thus the Father so select Jehovah from among all of us, His spirit children, he Jehovah being the greatest and most intelligent of us all. And he selected him to serve us and God to the end of bring to pass not only immortality, but also 'eternal life', that we might become even as God is in our own eternal progression does so advance, that we might become one in him even as he and the son is one. That is one in that eternal light and truth and not divided from it by any such selfish deterent.

Now we have talked somewhat 'around' what that 'eternal state of intelligence' is. It is that eternity from which we all have come, our own intelligences having developed along the path of our spirit birth as the spirit children of God the Father, that the spirit of intelligence might take upon itself and be further housed in a spirit 'body' as body which Jehovah told the brother of Jared that we in our temporal body had been desined after. That spirit body which came to house our spirit intelligence having added there unto those things such as the form and image of which even our temporal body is in in order to so house that spirit body and that intelligence there in and so associated with it. Head, shoulders, knees and toes—eyes, ears, mouth and nose—we are so formed that if one's eyes were allowed to see them, the spirit body and the temporal body would be the some, one not being able to tell the one from the other except perhaps in the vision of glory about which does surround the one over the other.

And so our intelligence does develop, grow and advance until by the eternal plan of God, it does return from the ages of time back into eternity the greater and fully developed Celestial being like unto our Heavenly Fahter and God is. And there so returned to eternity we may then so provide and develop that path of Eternal Progression even for our own spirit children then also brought forth from that eternal intelligence unto the immortallity and eternal of man that they also may so maturate and become even as God, the Gods are.