~ A Very Special Invitation ~

JESUS CHRIST has gathered his servants to gather you. This is the last time the Lord will work in his vineyard. Make the right choice. CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST over the things of the world. Christ is gathering 'HIS SHEEP' ~ YOU who will choose him over the world of sin. HE IS, and HE IS the only way that man may be saved. The fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is here. And you are invited to the Wedding Feast. Do not be left out. Do not come too late. Do not be unprepared.

If you had a gift given to you that is of unspeakable worth, that would benefit all of mankind to the Nth degree, would you not want to share that gift with others? There is such a gift available. The opportunity is now. Its worth is inmeasurable. The benefit to you is infinite. There is no greater gift or reward now or for ever. Nothing can compare to its value. Money cannot buy it, but you can have it if you so desire it and are willing to do what it takes to obtain it. What is it?

It is Immortality. It is Eternal Life. It is Exaltation in God's kingdom.

There is no greater gift and reward that may be obtained by any man. And money cannot buy it.

Membership in the Kingdom of God is Available to all Men and Women.

There is the only one God by whom we may obtain this blessings or Heaven. He is Jesus Christ, the same is the Lord God Jehovah. I bear witness of Him. He lives. He is the God of the Old and New Testament. He is the God of all nations and all people.

He has established his one true Church upon the earth today. His prophets and his aposltes lead his people in doing His work. That Church bears his name for it is his Church, 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.'

I bear my witness unto you that this is the one true Chruch of Jesus Christ, and Jesus is the head of His Chruch. No one but he stands at the head of His Church. All those who do His work are but His servants and the minister His Gospel unto His people.

He makes the decessions, he gives his commandments and no man can change them. He has Called, Empowered and Authorized Ministering Representatives who may be easily reached. They are the Authorized Representatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

They are the welling voluntary servants of the Holy One of Israel, who have the True Gospel of Jesus Christ to share with all those who are seeking the truth and the kingdom of God. Come join with the Lord's people.

This world stands in an awful state and we all need the safety and blessings of God to help us endure in our daily walk of life against the forces of evil that are so readily around us in the world today.

It would be to your everlasting and eternal benefit to come unto Jesus' One True Gospel and Church.

Pray to God today. You have the right to speak unto him directely.

A simple outline of prayer, based upon the scriptures may help you:

    Open: "Our Father in Heaven" [Our Father Who Art in Heaven]

    Gaditude: "Thank God for his blessings that you are thankful for."

    Communicate: Speak to Him of your concerns as you would speak to your most dearest friend, for such He is and He loves you very much.

    Seek: Ask him to bless you in your life according to your righteous needs and desires.

    Close: End your prayer in the name of Jesus Christ - Amen.

God hears the humble honest prayers of the hearts of all people.

All the men and women on earth to day are the Spirit Children of their Loving Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ, who is Jehovah, is God the Father's Ministering God to mankind while in the flesh. May the Spirit of God be with you. May the blessings of heaven be upon you always. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.