J A M E S   of   S T   C O L U M B   M I N O R

JAMES Perhaps obvious is the Biblical origin of the name James. What may not be as obvious is that the name has evolved through language transliteration and is that Old Testament name of Jacob. As the Bible has transended many languages, so there are almost as many spellings and renditions of the names of Jacob and James from the familiar James and Jamie to such as Cominetto and even Motto. A 1279 year from the Hundred Rolls includes one Christiana Jemes and of course the American Colonies have it 'right?' as James in Jamestown. Certainly the King James Bible has it the most 'correct' as the King James version it is.

William James and English Nuton Family

8th Great Grandparents

                      William James     =     English Nuton
                                        |      cb 19 Mar 1605
                                        |       St Columb Mnr
                      m 16 Jun 1634     |
                        St Columb Mnr   |
                      d Mar 1657        |     d Feb 1678
                      bur 7 Mar 1657    |     bur 18 Feb 1678
                        St Columb Mnr   |       St Columb Mnr
                                        |     (Wid: B/Woolen)
          |                     |                |                |                    |
     Alice James         Jone/Joane James  Robert James     Robert James*       William James
     cb 22 Mar 1634      cb 18 Apr 1636    b a1638          cb 29 Mar 1639      cb 12 Mar 1641
       St Columb Mnr       St Columb Mnr                      St Columb Mnr       St Columb Mnr
     d Mar 1634          m 5 Dec 1665      d Mar 1638                           m 17 Nov 1666
     bur 24 Mar 1634       St Columb Mnr   bur 30 Mar 1638                        St Columb Mnr
       St Columb Mnr                         St Columb Mnr                      = Dorathy Jenkine
      (dau of William)                     (sonne of 

* There seems to be a bit of a consistant inconsistancy in the St Columb Minor parish records. 
That is many marriages are being transcribed the same year and often after the births of the first 
child. That may be the case in some cases, but the consistant occurance of this being the case 
suggests that the year numbers are some how one year off as taken from the parish register. If this 
is the case with burials as well, it just may be that there was just one Robert who died in 
conjunction with his baptism event. There are no records of a Robert James death or marriage after 
this time which would account for him later on.