NBC’s “Mormon in America” ~ Prejudicial?

one Mormon's perspective by Don R. Hender

     Concerning the NBC presentation of "Mormon in America", August 23, 2012, the various segments of which Harry Smith of NBC was a functioning part of were extremely informative, well done and insightful. However the ‘fringe’ segments (concerning the '2% of the 2%') narrated by Brian Williams were an example of the type of non credible reporting which the liberal media is famous for in respect to the all too often brunt attacks toward and against the Mormon church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is actually the fourth largest Christian denomination in the United States. During these other segments lead by Mr. Williams, they tended to be no more than tabloid journalism from the photographic depictions of Mormons in their underwear to the national exposure to various forms of misinformation concerning the LDS church, its faith and church doctrine; as well as being no more than a bottom end of the line promo for the tasteless Broadway South Park depiction of the LDS Church. This type of tabloid journalism from what otherwise purports to be a reputable source, are the type of things which lawsuits and deserved national apologies are made of. Not to mention Williams’ intentional depiction of a Presidential candidate’s religion being merely only about 2% and of an unrecognized non-Christian cult, while the mainstream United States solidified opposition being the other 98%, was a work worthy of the national media’s liberalized favoritism when in fact according to the National Council of Churches, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the fourth largest Christian denomination in the United States of America. Apparently, if you are not a member of a Christian demonimation in one of the top three Christian denominations of the United States, according to the logic of Mr. Williams of NBC, you are some lowly minority not worthy of consideration.

Further the painting of the Mormon church as being ‘secretive’ and not forth coming about their religion is mocked by logic, reality and fact, in that there are thousands of LDS Missionaries who would be more than willing to sit down and inform anyone who truly has an interest in obtaining information about the LDS faith. And concerning LDS temples, how non-members are never allowed into them and are not welcomed to visit them is totally false, misleading and incorrect. It completely avoids the real objective truth upon the matter. Upon a temple’s completion or remodeling, member and non-member visitors are welcomed to tour the temple before the temple is dedicated to the temple’s primary purpose of the ordinance work of the LORD. Only after being put into operation is entrance limited, which operations are the performance of sacred ordinance work and holy convocations of covenants and endowments which are restricted to worthy church membership and which would only be interrupted, disrupted and violated by Brian Williams’ subjectively suggested tourist curiosity of the Mormon faith. Despite the sacred (not secret) nature of these proceedings, such violators of the sacred have posted such temple matters online for those who just have to know of such things and pry into that which is none of their business. It seems that Mr. Williams would have demanded entry into the Hebrew temple’s 'Holy of Holies' just for his personal inspection of what happens there whether he was personally worthy to enter into the presence of the LORD or not. You better make sure he’s not outside your bedroom window tonight! After all 'inquiring minds' want to know.

rev. August 24, 2012