~ A Foundational Tenent of Faith ~

prepared by Don R. Hender

     The true religion of God must believe in the ministration of angels and that it is the ever active power by which God deals directly with man of earth. So just what is the ministering of angels, who does the ministering, and just who is ministered to? They who do the ministering are the angels of God who are sent by the direction of God to men on earth to the end of ministering to man that which is needed to bring to past the very immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39). That is the brief of it. But to gain a much fuller appreciation of what it is and its unqualified need and importance, more needs to be given to the understanding of man. For without the ministration of angels their is no communication between God and man and man is forever lost and doomed to be without the kingdom of God.

To begin one's further understanding a brief explanation needs to be given as to just who are the angels of God. In short angels are any and all of the spirit children of God. And ministering angels are those who are called by God to minister in God's name and by God's power unto the children of man on earth in order to bring to pass God's Great Plan of Happiness to the benefit of man in bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. They assist God in blessing God's children who are here on earth. They act as God's messengers. And they act by the Power of God and in God's name.

Beyond angels being all of God's children, there ought to be specifically named a number of the known ministering angels who have ministered unto the earth. Gabriel ministered to man in the name of God when he came to Zacharias to deliver the tidings that Elizabeth, Zacharias' wife would bear Zacharias a son (Luke 1:5-25). This Gabriel has been identified by Joseph Smith as being the same as Noah (DHC 3:386). And it was this same Gabriel who also visited Mary of Nazareth and delivered unto her the message that she would bear a son not ever having known a man. And that child was the Only Begotten Son of God in the flesh, and that she was to name him JESUS (Luke 1:26-38). And it was within that same visitation of Gabriel that he explained to Mary of the coming ministration of another son of God who would minister unto her also by the Power of God that which God would have him so minister unto her, and that was the very being of the Holy Ghost (Luke 1:35). And he explained further unto Mary that what was done was done by the 'power of the Highest' and that it would 'overshadow her' and she would have a son called the Son of God.

Now some attempt to explain what happened to Mary further than what the scriptures state. None know that. If man today can by artificial insemination bring about a birth to a women without that woman ever knowing the man, certainly the powers of God can do such and much more. And it ought to be left at that.

A big step is taken here when it is identified that the Holy Ghost, the third member of the Godhead is, was and ever will be a son of God and thus an 'angel of God' even to the extend that he comes within the classification of a 'ministering angel' of God. Further, the Holy Ghost was called and empowered by God just as the firstborn spirit son of God was in that great grand council in the premortal existence in heaven. And yes, if one would take it that next natural step, even Jehovah who is the same as Jesus Christ was so called, selected, anointed and empowered by God the Father of Spirts to so be our 'Ministering God' acting in the stead of the Father in all things pertaining to this temporal mortality. And in the broad sense of being a 'Ministering Angel' unto the children of God, our Lord and God Jesus Christ who is the same as Jehovah, does so qualifiy as being a ministering angel.

There is some scriptural teeth to this 'aligation' that two members of the Godhead are essentially 'ministering angels' though of specific higher callings and positions of the level of God, who are Ministering unto the children of God to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, that is the salvation of man. We start by identifying Jesus Christ as being counted among the angels of God.

    "But to which of the angels said He at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool?
    "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?"
    ~ New Testament | Hebrews 1:13-14

Now there are two items to deal with here. The first concern the identity of the angel being spoken of and other than the fact that the context surrounding these verses is speaking of Jesus Christ, what is there further? The further identification is 'to whom was spoken', "Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool." To that is give the following scirpture:

    "THE LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool."
    ~ Old Testament | Psalm 110:1

This is a Psalm of David as spoken by David by the power of the Spirit of God. And here David identifies both God the Father of Spirits as 'THE LORD' and David further identifies Jehovah as 'my Lord'. And as the Psalm so stated, THE LORD, who is God the Father of Spirits, did say unto 'David's Lord', who is Jehovah who is the same as Jesus Christ, "Sit thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool." Thus the 'angel' spoken of in Heberewd by the Apostle Paul, is Jesus Christ who is Jehovah. And a Psalm of David confirms it further. Jesus Christ himself did reference this very scripture of Psalm 110:1 during his ministry and in his conversations concerning the fact that he was the Son of God (Mark 12:36; Luke 20:42) and so does other New Testament scriptures (Acts 2:34; Hebrews 1:13).

Now to the second item that the Hebrews reference gives rise to. It states, 'Are they not all ministering spirits?' That is, "Are they not all ministering angels." Now there is another revealed scripture that speaks of this administration of angels. It is found in the Doctrine and Covenants:

    "I answer, Yes. But there are no angels who minister to this earth but those who do belong or have belonged to it." ~ Doctrine and Covenants | Section 130:5

Here in the Doctrine and Covenants it speaks of the angels who 'minister to this earth' who are these ministering angels, these ministering angels who not only include such as Noah, the Holy Ghost, and even Jesus Christ our God. And it states clearly that 'no angels minister to this earth but those who pertain to it.' Here if one will accept it, it is an explanation as to why Elohim, Our Father Who Art Our Celestial God in Heaven, does not minister directly to the temporal earth and why it was that He selected as it were one from among us, His spirit children, to be the Savior and Redeemer and Ministering God of this temporatl mortality to act in His, the Father's, stead, the Father's stead in all things (Lev. 16:32).

Now there are many other details concerning this matter that will not be gone into specifically. Yes, there are both 'spirit only beings' who minister unto this earth, the Great Jehovah is one of them, the Holy Ghost is another, and there are countless such messengers of God who have and do so minister. And there are those who have lived upon this earth, both who have not been resurrected, those who have been resurrected, and those who have been translated, who minister unto this earth. They are such as Noah/Gabriel as Elias, Moses, Elijah, Jesus Christ, Moroni, John the Baptist, Peter, James and John, and so forth. And there are even lesser angel being who have also so ministered, not only of our own past loved ones, but further even those who live with us now. For every such priesthood holder from the Aaronic priest up, which Aaronic Priesthood holds the very keys of the Ministering of Angels' do and have ministered unto us. Perhaps it is a little much to for some to considere that Deacon who passes you the sacrament is a ministering angel who is ministering unto you the Lord's Supper of Salvation as he is so empowered by that priesthood he holds to do so in the name of and in the behalf of God.


Elder McConkie Taught Concerning the Priesthood:

    "We can stand in the place and stead of the Lord Jesus Christ in administering salvation to the children of men.
    . . .
    "We are his agents; we represent him; we are expected to do and say what he would do and say if he personally were ministering among men at this time."

    ~ The Ten Blessing of the Priesthood, Bruce R. McConkie, General Conference October 1977

Now Jesus Christ stands in the stead of the Father as though he is the Father, and the priesthood authority is given to men, that in his absence, they may stand in his stead in ministering/administering salvation and the Lord ordinances and sacraments of salvation unto God's children. The priesthood is the power to 'stand in the place and in the stead of the Lord.' From the greatest to the smallest undertaking. Even when that 12 year old Deacon stands to pass you the sacrament, if you can properly humble yourself to see it, you will see in him Jesus Christ ministering in the name of God, as though that young man is standing in the stead of the Lord. And if we can accept it that way, that it is Jesus Christ, his personal representative to us of him, that is passing us that bread and that water in remembrance of his body and blood, then we have gained to the heightened level of spirituality that Jesus is giving his sacrament, and it is representing his body and his blood to us unto the salvation of Christ taking upon him our sins and extending to us his forgiveness as though he himself is passing it to us.

This Is the Living Ministering of Angels

It is not a matter of whether girls can balance a tray. It is a matter that God the Father of Spirits himself has only authorized, through Jesus Christ our Lord and God, that male 'ministering angels' do minister in His stead. This is not just a 12 year old boy passing bread and water to be eaten and swallowed. This is a man authorized and empowered standing in the stead of our Father in Heaven, just as His son Jesus Christ does. When that young man passes the sacrament, he is not just balancing a tray, he is ministering a sacred priesthood ordinance of salvation in the name of God the Father, in behalf of God the Father, in the stead of God the Father, as though he is God the Father. God the Father has commanded that His reprentative of Him in the priesthood who holds His power and authority be worthy male church members.

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