A Face of Mormonism

One Mormon's Perspective by Don R. Hender

     Now I must first apologize for the 'flavor' of this page, but 'a truth' is not always pretty. To some it will be offensive I'm sure, but how else can one truthly portray such a political character as Harry Reid? He certainly is not pretty in what he does. He is quite an ugly little man though he 'touts' himself 'Mormon' and for all intensive purposes the 'face of a Mormon Democrat' to the repulsion of many a faithful LDS Church member.

Harry Reid touts, "Mitt Romney is not the face of Mormonism." In reality and before the eyes of the world, for better or worse every member past or present of the Mormon Church just happens to be one of the many faces of Mormonism. Mitt Romney is not perfect, but he just happens to be one of the more stellar faces of Mormonism. Sadly Harry Reid in his out spoken attacks and polictical actions IS NOT. How does one justify proclaiming that a fellow member of the Mormon faith has not paid taxes for the last ten years when absolutely knows that to be a fabrication and lie regardless of any real or pretended 'source' of information? For a 'Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is one of the worse examples of Mormon Christianity. For political gain he unabasedly attacks a fellow member of the LDS faith and with lies to boot. If anyone has publically 'sullied', that is dishonored, desecrated, despoiled, viotated or debased, the LDS faith, it has been Harry Reid with his out spoken political motivated fallacious attacks. Reid ought to realize that whenever one so fraudulantly points an accusing finger at another it but points each of the other fingers of his hand right back at himself with that same attack. Does Harry Reid hold a temple recomend? And if so how can he answer the temple interview question, 'Do you deal honestly with your fellow man?' Certainly lying to soil the face of another, even politically, IS NOT dealing honestly with your fellow man. If any one has 'sullied' the Mormon faith is it not Harry Reid? Perhaps Harry Reid ought to lay claim to one of Clint Eastwood's theatrical nick names—'Dirty little Harry'. (Follow the link attached to Harry's picture for more about Harry.)

RNC's Reince Priebus: 'Harry Reid Is A 'Dirty Liar'.' Isn't calling Reid a 'dirty liar' slanderous? When it is the truth how can it be slanderous? And when pressed on the matter by ABC's 'this week's' Stephanopoulous, Priebus did not back down from the statement and further stated, "I'm not going to respond to a dirty liar who hasn't fired a single page of tax returns himself, complains about people with money but lives in the Ritz Calton here down the street . . . this is just a made-up issue [that of Romney not paying taxes]." In today's political arena the old political misdirection of smoke and mirrors, along with the political side-step of skirting the real issues by drawing attention to that which IS NOT a real election issue has been used by the Obama Democrat Compaign and his Democrat associates such as Harry Reid. Don't be fooled by such non relevant matters such as Romney being a 'Mormon', that Romney believes in God when the 'flavor' is to not believe in God, or that Romney does not believe in the correct 'Trinitarian' God and Lord Jesus Christ, or even that Romney hasn't released every tax return for the past '10 YEARS'?

Who Is The Better Mormon?

How about an Israelite perspective upon the matter of Harry Reid and Mitt Romney? The Jewish Journal at JewishJournal.com asks the question, "Who's the better Mormon, Mitt or Harry?" And without any real coverage, the article also ponders who is the better Catholic, Biden or Ryan? If you are a 'person of faith', that is you beleive in God, you may just want to read this article.

What Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may well have done is to have used his authority and government office by the bequest of the White House to slander a private citizen. He presented no proof, no evidence and no name behind the obvious slanderous lying accusations. And despite these unfounded allegations of Reid, Pelosi, many such unconscionable Democrats, as well as the biased liberal 'old' news media, there is no 'controversy' over Romney's tax returns. This is just 'old' Democrat dirty tricks and gutter politics meant to divert attention away from the real meaningful issues of the current presidential election. See the rest of the related article:








Will The Real Harry Reid Please Stand Down?

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Harry Reid, Are you honest in your dealings with your fellowmen?

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