"YAHWEH Is Gracious"
~ The Naming of John ~

   JOHN, pronounced 'JAHN', is the short English 'transliteration' of the Hebrew name 'Yochanan'. And its meaning is 'YAHWEH [YHWH] is gracious'. Of course YAHWEH is the Hebrew enounciation of the Blessed Hebrew Name for God also given in the English as JEHOVAH. Thus is makes perfect sense that the 'forerunner' that is to prepare the way of Jesus Christ, who is Jehovah, should have such a name proclaiming God, that 'YEHOVAH is Gracious'. In this case the word gracious is being used in conjunction with the 'grace' and 'mercy' of the Lord rather than merely speaking of a person's set of mannerisms or in some such other context.

Like many parents of important Biblical figures, Zacharias and Elisabeth were an elderly couple of an age well behond that of normally child producing parents. Zacharias, while performing in the priest's office in the temple, was visited by an angel of God named Gabriel, who is actualy the name Noah serving in his position as the father of all living since his time and day after the great flood. Gabriel tell Zacharias that he is going to have a son and that he is to name him John. For his unbelief that he and his wife Elisabeth are going to have a son at their age, Zacharias is made 'dumb' until after the fulfillment of the angel's prophecy. After the birth of his son, Zacharias' tongue is loosed to confirm that the child's name was to be John and to prophesy concerning the future work of his son John. The following is a short video depicting John's naming (my grand daughter Maia is the young girl in the video standing to the side and behind Elisabeth).