Open Letter Concerning NCAA Football

November 20, 2016

Open Protest Letter Concerning the National Championship in FBS Division I-A Football.

Proposed Fairness Action for Division I-A FBS Football.

It is a deemed injustice that any Division I-A FBS football team is eliminated from a ‘National
Championship' merely because they are not a ‘Tier 5’ graded team. Any Division I-A team that has
demonstrated that they have an unbeaten 12-0 season record or greater ought to have a chance to
prove themselves further on the national stage albeit an additional play-in game scenario to take
place from December 22-27, well after the regular season and also well before the National Champion
set of games in January.

Instance at hand: Western Michigan of the Mid-American - West stands to have a 13-0 perfect undefeated
season if they can get by the arguably next strongest team in their league, Toledo, on November 25 and
then the Eastern division winner Ohio or Miami (Ohio) in the league’s championship game. For any Division
I-A team to go undefeated in the regular season and league championship series is always an unprecedented
feat in and of itself. And then for that team to be shunned and left uninvited to participate in a national
NCAA Championship in their sport and to have the opportunity to further prove themselves on the national
stage is unacceptably regrettable.

Any such team ought to be allowed to ‘play themselves into’ the championship games showdown. In the case
that Western Michigan were to win out and remain undefeated then between December 22-27 a ‘play-in game’
would be arranged to be held with the #4 ranked power team for that 4th position in the now set play-off
arrangement. If two such non-defeated Division I-A non-power ranked teams were to exsist then the 3rd and
4th play-off positions would be ‘play-in’ situations governed by each team’s national ranked position etc.

It is rare for a team to go undefeated over any such football season and for any such undefeated team to
leave truly untested as to their full potential grinds against the ‘Fairness’ that ought to be alive and
well in National Colligate Amateur sports and particularly in the NCAA.

~ drh