The Simple Truth of Noah's Flood

compiled by Don R. Hender

    "For this, the waters of Noah unto me, for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth, so have I sworn that I would not be wroth with thee." ~ 3 Nephi 22:9(8-9) & Isaiah 54:8-9

    "And the land of Jerusalem and the land of Zion shall be turned back into their own place, and the earth shall be like as it was in the days before it was divided." ~ D&C 133:24

    "For behold, they rejected all the words of Ether; for he truly told them of all things, from the beginning of man; and that after the waters had receded from off the face of this land it became a choice land above all other lands, a chosen land of the Lord; wherefore the Lord would have that all men should serve him who dwell upon the face thereof; ~ Ether 13:2

The Basic Primises: The Bible is the true Word of God as far as it is translated correctly. The Book of Mormon is the true Word of God. The further revealed scriptures of the restoration are the true Word of God.

The Basic Truths: The Biblical and other scriptural accounts of the the flood of Noah, the division of the land in the days of Peleg, and the Biblical and other scriptural history is true. According to the Book of Mormon, the waters of Noah's flood covered this land, America where Adam dwelt, and according to the Doctrine and Covenants, the hand of the Lord will intervene in the latter days to turn the land of Jerusalem and Zion back into their place and the whole of the land will once again become as in the days before it was divided.

  Science is still learning about the earth and the earth's cyclic nature. Presently the earth is headed into what would be the 'Greenhouse Effects' of one of the earth's great cyclic patterns. Perhaps man is contributing to this, but more likely with or without man, the earth itself is moving in one of it grander cyclic directions. The fact is that the earth has progressed through any number of land earth water world cycles in its past. When God gave Noah the promise of the rainbow covenant, it was not some light mere thing of controlling local flooding. What God has promised is that the 'Water World' part of the earth's natural cycle will not fully occur again. That is the earth will not again experience the event of a universal water world event where only water covers the face of the earth.

Now of modern times some 'Mormon' scholars and authorities, while not out right denouncing the universal flood of Noah, 'milli-mouth' about and state you don't have to believe in the universal flood of Noah to be a good Mormon. Will I suppose that is true, but where do you draw the line. You don't have to believe that Adam and Eve were the universal parents of mankind? You don't necessarily have to believe in the Word of Wisdom, just live it? Will if Noah's flood water were upon this land of promise as stated by Ether in the Book of Mormon, and were upon that other land where the Ark is stated to have landed in the tops of the mountains of Ararat, now that is two hemi- sheres apart today, then what is not universal about it especially when the Bible states: that not only the hills but the mountains were covered by the flood waters; and that every thing that creepeth and cattle upon the earth, and every man died, that sounds pretty universal to me.(Genesis 7:19-23) Yet some, based upon the limited learnings of men, who by the way are still just learning, merely believe in some local flooding event, covering just one land of the many lands of the earth. But I will tell you that all were destroyed 'and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark.' For 'the waters prevailed upon the earth an hundred and fifty days (Genesis 7:24). And I don't know of any dry land man or beast that could hold their breath that long, do you?

This is not some fanciful Hollywood movie plot. The earth in its cyclic past has gone from periods of land and water coexisting together upon the earth's surface to times when the water swells up and the land totally 'sinks' below the surface of the water. As we are seeing the mere beginnings of this dynamic cycle which the learning scientists of the world are labeling 'global warming', these learning scientists are beginning to predict that the sea levels will grow as the earth heats up and the ice of the polar regions continue to melt. Case in fact, that will occur. But to what extent? The actual simple fact is that the 'warming tendancies' is but one contributing factor to this 'land - water' cycle. At times not much occurs before the cycle reverses itself for a time. In the extreme situations, the land will actually fold and fall beneath the water upon which much of the world's land actually 'floats' as is the case with such large water basins such as the Amazon Basin. And once that land which 'floats upon the water' sinks then like anything which sinks into a troph of water, it causes the water level to rise and the flooding cycle is extremely enhanced and embilished.

The Bible speaks of the fountains of the water being let loose upon the earth, that is it just was not the effects of the 'rain water cycle' which flooded the earth. The water actually rose and came up from beneath and engulfed the land as the 'self feeding cycle' of the 'floating lands sinking' fed into the happening cummulative events. Some groups seem to understand this and such fact that if the sea levels actual do continue to rise then once the waters begin to 'backup or enter in' upon such low level 'floating water basin lands' the mere event of those encrouching waters will in turn activate the deep waters or 'fountains' below those lands to rise up and effectively swallow the basin lands from below. And as those lands of sedimentry lands sink into the waters, the waters themself will rise further pulling the other ajoining lands beneath with that great suctioning effect with which a sinking ship is finally swollowed up by the sea about it.

Now there, laugh if you will, as did the people of Noah's time when Noah began to build his ark and they mocking Noah pronounced in their judgment of him that such could not happen that the water would rise up and pull the land beneath its surface. For that is exactly what happened. As the initial low lands began to sink in the basins, the forces of land 'creation' of land lifting or pushing up another plate of land folds below it; when there is no longer the forces of 'uplift' upon the land and the 'mountains', if you will, then there is nothing left but for those hills at first and mountains evetually to crumble and fall beneath the suctioning siphining of the water and only the downward force is felt upon all of the lands and there is no land friction against land to cause the uplifts to continue.

On a mini-scale, this is exactly what happens when a volcanic island is suddenly drawn back down and collapes into the ocean. Just because what men have considered as gigantic continents of solid land, does not mean that, that was or is the actual state of those raised up land areas which have been 'thrown together' which has caused them to rise up out of the sea, nor will they actually stay 'together' but will sink and divide up into the actual 'micro plate-techonics' which they truely are.

For example, the whole of the western coast of the Americas is but a great mountainous uplifting from Alaska to the tip of South America. But lets focus on but South Amereica and leave Centeral and North America to their own similar fates. South America, which was 'once upon a time but a part of the land when all was one land millions of years ago' according to the theorists, who break a whole piece of continental sized and shaped bits like South America off from a whole shaped Africa and float the whole of the South America off into the ocean with the Atlantic ridge forcing the two great continental land masses apart; JUST DID NOT HAPPEN THAT WAY!

What did occur is that parts of the land connected to parts of Africa did split caused by the great Atlantic volcanic earth shaping ridge. But that which was/is the whole of the 'rocky Andes' west coast of South America was NOT. IT NOT EVEN WAS above the sedimentry sea floors to begin with. Only the tilting of 'broken off' - better said 'divided off' land shields of land moved by and divided from the other lands by the volcanic ridge which titlted and pushed those land shields 'from Africa' up in the east and down in their western regions creating a giant 'snow plow' or giant 'snow plows' of those broken off shields and in effect dipping their noses of their 'plows' down into the sedimentary sea floors of the west which in turn caused them to being eventually rised up to great heights, which we marval at as being the Andes from northern Colombia to southern Chili; the plow having had its effect against the western oceanic 'plates' which we'll not here go into. The land masses which left 'Africa' 'pushing', that is 'plowing' under the sedimentary sea floors of the west to cause its own new land 'west coast' with the great water basins temporarily afloat in the interim being in part caused by the further new sedimenary redepositing of the new raised up lands of the Andes being washed back down those rised slopes by the rains in the now forming 'rivers' which is a whole complex eco-system of floating spunge like lind of sedimentary deposits and of its own volcanic dust settling atop, over the inner basin 'lands-a-float' as the grinding plow of sizmicly causing events spreads about the new west coast of the new South America forming the 'eastern portion' of the marvel we all view and call the 'ring-of-fire' round about the whole of the Pacific Ocean.

You see, there is not just one isolated item which effects the dynamics of this earth's events. Contribute, maybe, but man's meager input pales amid the greater over all dynamics of the grand magnificent cyclic phenominen. Thundrous volcanic pulsifications from deep within the earth's surface, the caused dynamics of masses of land and even greater seas pushing and tearing at each other. Land being pushed up only to eventually be dragged back down into the depths of the sea as the earth and its natural cycles continue to vascilate. And much more dynamically than learning man now seems to understand especially when aided by the directing hand and force of God.

Now there are some who will but find themselves arguing with themselves. They will state that the evolutionary process takes millions of years to evolve into higher life forms and that it is impossible that just suddenly upon the earth there were highly intelligent life some 6,000 years ago with an Adam and Eve, the parents of all living mankind today. But then they will speak of the universal extinctions which so often occur and diminish the earth back to its rudimentry life forms, which entails the 'beginning again' of the 'evolving process' into higher life forms. Now just when was the last 'earth extinction' event? And is it long enough ago to have those millions of reguired years for a higher life form to have developed now since then without the hand of God's intervention? I can tell you now that whatever the earth was before Adam and Eve, at some point prior to their being placed upon the earth as fully developed man and woman in the image of God, there was just such an 'earth extinction' event, for at the time of God's creation the earth was 'void of life and higher life forming elements'. Remember what was revealed to Moses and Abraham, that as one earth passes away, logically into extinction, another is then formed. And by what directing force? And but for Noah's ark another such life extinction event was overted sending the whole of it back to early evolutionary status merely some 2,000 years after Adam and Eve's planting by the higher intelligent beings of the universe.