July 4, 1776

When in the Course of human events . . .

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are dendowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Right, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, depriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. . . .

King George and his ruling weathy elites had subjuected the Colonies of America to many grave injustices, even for being under the rulin of a King. The Colonist were British subjects but without the British right of representation in the British Government under King George. One of the kingpin examples of such was the fact of Taxation without Representation! A Revolutionary War was fought (1775-1783) as a result of this intollerable civil injustice. And the 13 Colonies won their independance from being under the 'Great British Empire' which was covering the world.

Liberty and Freedom had been won and the right to Self Government by the Voice of the People. And the United States of America became its own Sovereign Nation bent on establishing and defending the right to Independence from the Rule of the Royals, Lords and Governing Elites.

Today that Government, Independence and Liberty is being threatened by a new class of Elites again seeking World Rule, some of whom are grown out of the World's such Wealthy Elites who consider themselve 'heirs' of sorts to be in line to establish a New World Empire, governing all the people and nations on earth. One we fought for our Liberty and Freedom from such false non-representative Government. And we estabish our Freedom and Liberty and Right to Govern ourselves by the voice of "We the Peopl!"

This moverment and growing threat hap been known under various labels over the centuries, but today one such label has become dominant. That label is Globalism. And tehy are seeking one World Government ruled by the World's 'Wealthy Elite.' Their latest World Government Summit was held on the Arabian Penninsula, February, 2018. It was attended by such one World Government advocats under today's known groupings of 'Globalists,' 'Communists,' and 'Islamist.' And the event ended in a 'summary plea to the world' to "REALIGN" with the New World Order! And a key message was the "need for governments to develop progressive policies that can accommodate the global transition."

That Globalist Transition is attacking the Liberties and Freedoms of every Free Nation of the World. It is a system where human behavior will be dictated by the massive One World Government of these Worldly Weatlthy Elitest. We the People once fought a Revolutionary War to free ourselves from such a World Order of Elitest who govern and control the peole against the will and rights of the people. The Clintons are Globalist. Obama is a Globalist. Pelosi is a Globalist who participated in the Secret Combination meeting in California this past year with her and George Soros among the featured speakers. The seek to rule the people and to take control of such things as human poplution which they see must be greatly reduced to as they preach, to insure the efficient use of the earth's natural resources which are being depleated so humans much go and not be as many!

They, the 'few elites,' are planning what they deem to be the world's needful furture course, your future. And they seek to altar the Free World's Sovereign Nations to comply with their One New World Order Government. They seek a One World Governement, a One World Econonic System and a One World Religion. The Communist have been teaching forever that Communism cannot fully work without it being practiced world wide. The Islamist have been demanding that Islam is the only one true Religion. And the Globalist has made up of the world Bankers Elite. What results do you think just might be headed America's way? Check it out. It is what the Democrats are envolved in and the have a few Republican converts.

Lucifer and the War in Heaven was once fought over just such a behavioral and mind controlled form of government. Lucifer was cast out of Heaven because his plan would have taken away God's gift to man of their 'free agency' and their right to choose. There will no longer be freedoms of choice, no free agency, no freedom of religion, no freedom of speech and disagreement with the One World Government. What they say will be. And 'We the People,' if you have to make their planned popuation control cut, will no longer have any real vote and say in things. Sounds like Lucifer will be in charge of the One World Government. And Soros may the the planned Cyborg President. They talked about such cyborgs at their meeting as well.

~ September 17, 1787 — June 21, 1788 — March 4, 1789 ~

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, estabish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of Amreica.

~ Wake Up USA Democrats! ~
This IS NOT Your USA Democrat Party Anymore!

Hatred is a tool of Lucifer. Vulgar, selacious, slanderous lies of unfounded and unverified natures from anonymous and biased attacks of outrageous pronouncement that are obviously not true has always been the avenues of the attacks against good men by the forces of evil. In the case of the alt-left, they have added participation in secret combinations not for the good of the people, but in a designed attempt to control and remove the freedom and agency of the people to live and be controlled in their behavior that removes the inalienable rights of man and man's own free agency. 'They' are following the ways of the world, Global Babylon, over and above the foundational values of righteousness as set out by inspired men by God. Those men sought protect the basic truths of the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with the fundamental rights such as Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech and the Right of Peaceful Assembly unencumbered by the evil forces and interuptions of attack and violence against such as the peaceful right to assemble! Across America the alt-left attack against the rights of the Conservative Right have been, 'resist, obstruct, tear down, attack with violence, and destroy the rights of those Conservatives granted by the foundational documents of the Nation of the United States of America in its Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution of the United States of America.

     IT is time for the Old and True; Red, White and Blue Americans to understand that the 'New Obama-Clinton-etc.' Democrat Party is not a Red, White and Blue American Party anymore. No longer does the Democrat Party live by the rules of the United States of America! They commit crimes and skate free! They are moving hand and hand with crime. Pelosi calls her 'illegal voters' her law abiding citizens, and in California where they have become a Sanctuary State for illegal criminals, that state as ran by the Democrat Party has basically bestowed 'citizenship' upon illegal criminals at the expense of USA Citizens and they have more rights than USA Citizens do in California. They are skating through jails and the Federal Laws of the United States of American that are there to protect USA Citizens are not being enforced. California Universities, with Democrat backing have not been allowing Freedom of Speech nor the right of Peaceful Assembly. It is an anti-Constitutional State! And the hole they are digging is dragging the nation down after their drug infested life styles of the infamous and unholy.


   Hidden from the eyes of the world and cloaked in a most misleading title, there is a 'New World Empire' being organized and constructed that follows the same concepts as held by Lucifer in the War in Heaven. It is grounded in a 'standard' enforced behavior controlled world society that is set to make its 'citizens' conform their behaviors to meet their imposed Globalized standards of acceptable norms against the free will, free agency and Liberty of man as established in the Constitution and Declaration of Independents that God tell us was instituted by his divine inspiration and according to his eternal principles basis on the grant of God to give man their free agency freedoms of choice and behavior. As set out in the pages of the Book of Mormon, America is the Lord's promises land, which is choice above all other lands.

Not completely hidden, but still not well known, other connection put many main-stream names to be associated with the 'Soros' Global-World movement! For instance, the mega world of Disney, ESPN, ABC and so forth, are in the associates with Soros: "New President of Disney/ABC Television Sits On Soros-Backed Board. Ben Sherwood, the current president of ABC News who sits on the advisory board of the George Soros-backed Center for Public Integrity, will take over as president of Disney/ABC television in February of 2015. Sherwood will replace Anne Sweeney, who will be leaving next year after ten years. Sherwood will immediately become Co-President of Disney/ABC Television and continue his duties as President of ABC News. George Soros is a left-wing billionaire who has been convicted of insider trading. Soros is a funder behind such extremist organizations as Media Matters and the Center for American Progress. It therefore seems safe to assume that the incoming regime at Disney/ABC will continue to blacklist their own miniseries, “The Path to 9/11.” [A conservative exposure of the truths of 9/11, once programmed and produced on ABC programming.]"

The liberal biased 'fake news media' connections with Soros are known, but not well known as they are down played by Soros and afiliates. "He (Soros) has direct ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets - including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, CNN and ABC. Each one of those operations has employees, often high-level ones, on the boards of Soros-funded media operations. It's a connection hard to deny. But Soros does so, ..." And Soros hates Trump, has been seen associating with the Russians in London, and supports a world wide (Empire) of Globally (worldly) associated subjected nations. The Democrats are heavily vested in the Globalist design and are working with Soros 'associates' to comform the USA and the Citizen's of the USA to conform their attitudes, behaviors, and acceptance of 'world norm controlled mind set and conformity' even against the free will, free speech and freedom of religion guaranteed by the Constitution. Sound familiar?

The Soros World Globalist designers are actively 'creating your future world, aka 1984! It is quite astromonical just how far and how deep the tentacles of Soros influence and control reach both in the world and in the United States. Bill Clinton has often spoken concerning the Globalist design, concept and desirablity of it coming to pass. Think Hillary was not working for it as well. And certainly Obama and his executive dictorial orders have been for over 8 years! So almost no matter which news or media outlet you tune into today, it is the philosophies of Soros' Globalism that you are being trained in! Are you a Sodomite fan yet, and what your children to share 'sexually oriented restrooms and locker rooms with the opposite sex? Obama had mandated that! And don't think that it was the 'will of the people' that turnaround Porp. 8 in California! Do you even remember that far back now?!?

Now the Government and standards set out as this nation's foundational standards of freedom and liberties are being undermined by a Leftist Socialist-Communist-Nazi form of world Government for the entire 'Global World Empire' to conform to which challenges the God given freedoms of religion and even the freedoms and rights of free speech in America Today. This is being done under the name 'Democratic Alliance' and meetings are being held in secret as this movement has become a deeply seeded Secret Combination that is establishing 'It's' Globalist forced standards upon this nation through the means of the Leftist leanings of the godless Democrat Party leadership and member of Congress, the Judiciary and as late as this Presidential Election, under the Dictatorial reign of President Barack Obama as he by Presidential Order has dictated America's compliance to such Global 'Fascist' Empire Behaviors upon the United States of American. And despite the Conservative Right's victory in the election of President Donald Trump, this secret society continues to plan and design in secret what it intended to impose on the USA as their forced amoral behaviors that allows the sins the Bible pronounces against to be enforced by Globalist laws upon the entire earth including the Lord's nation and land of America and the USA.

YES! This Globalist movement has as its objective to turn all 'nations' into members of the Globalist Society the will be able to enforce upon the whole world what 'standard' and forced 'behaviors' it will upon the whole of society against the free agency and liberties of man. This is already being done are by law, those of Biblical faith are having their religious rights removed by force compliance to be accepting and of being of service to wicked sinful groups and behaviors such as the abortion murders of babies even in the birthing processes, the forced acceptance of Sodomites in their societies and such God destroying actions of transvestite gender changing forced upon the whole of society to the extent of the people's tax money going to support these things, (your tax money goes to support abortion and transvestite operations) the people having to fully accept and support these things in their societies (force to facilitate a gay wedding on your property or bake a gay wedding cake recently? and you are being force to buy medical coverage for others (illegals too) even when you can't afford to do so for yourself!), function and government, public and consumer services having to bend to fully facilitate these things even to the points of educational institutions changing of language to remove words of gender, and 'discriminatory' words of discernment (between good and evil - calling evil good and good evil Isaiah 5:20) that speak against these and other 'coming' types of wicked behaviors. There are plans afoot that will make additional mind altering drugs legal and acceptable as 'recreational' despite their society destroying and individual mind altering effects upon the people being exposed to them (marijuana, etc.).

The criminal elements are already in alliance with the Democrat Party left movement in the formation of their 'Sanctuary Cities' which are no more than sanctuaries for crime, human trafficking both over borders and into forced slavery of the sex criminal trades, drug trafficking cartels whose syndicated gangster gangs that enforce inner city behavior and supply the drug distribution organization of transcontinental supplied and controlled drugs to further undermine human society and any type of value systems that support Liberty and Justice in the USA today. Their gangs riot and fight against Law Enforcement and the Constitution of the United States of American and the nation. They seek to destroy the causes of the founding fathers from George Washington on down. Their ingratitude is astonishing for what they have and what America has given them they are not appreciative for. And this is the unrest against the USA that is being supported by the 'Global Alliance' the fraudulently named 'Democratic Alliance' formed by the Nazi youth movement trained George Soros, many evil monetary wealthy, and other powerful leadings of the world and today of the Democrat Party leadership of the United States who have joined themselves to this movement of Globalist Empire takeover of the world and the amoral lack of righteous standards thereof!


That is the new battle cry of the Democrat Party. And what are they Resisting, Obstructing, Attacking, and Destroying? The current duly elected Executive Office and Preident of the United States whose desire and work is to make America Great Again! That is return to its foundational values of the Nation of the United States of America! The alt-left, biased media and the 'Global World seekers of Babylon Democrats DO NOT! They want their Criminally Associated Democrat Party to continue to provide 'Sanctuary' or 'protection' for illegal criminal and for themselves to remain in power where they can continue to hid their own crimes and be protected by the foreign owned and controlled media outlets.

Antifa is one of their spearheads of anarchy and destruction that is working against basic Constitutional Rights and for illegal foreigner criminal ventures such as the cartels that run much of the crime of the inner Sanctuary Cities of the Democrat Party. Yes! The Sanctuary Cities are ran by the Democrats and they are there to protect illegal criminals who form a transcontinental syndicated cartel crime network of human trafficking, prostitution, drug and all such other crimes against the 'TRUE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS' of the USA!

The Traditional Voter Base of the Democrat Party Is No Longer U.S. American. The Democrats have turned their backs on middle USA Americans and the founded in God values upon which the United States of America were built upon. They now rely on the fringe groups who behavior they can force upon the whole of society in seeking the ways of the 'Globalist Babylon' world! Foreigners who are not USA Citizens at all are a foundational base of this 'New Democrat Clinto-Obama-Soros Global society they want to turn the United States into being.

So you think this is about getting 'your vote' counted? NOPE! It is all about protecting the coerced votes, the illegal voters who, and the fraudulent votes which count as votes for Democrats. They are NOT worried about getting U.S. Citizen's votes counted! They are worried about getting their illegal voters' votes counted and not interfered with. They refuse to back checking at the polls for legal voters only! Why? Its not what they tell you. They want and support the illegal voters! That is foreigners to come in and vote for Democrats and those who break voter laws and vote more than one across state lines by busing voters into small states whose state vote can be turn on a few thousand votes like in New Hampshire and Road Island and even California which is now a 'Democrat Sanctuary State' for the protection of their cartel imported voters who are not citizens at all but illegal who have been trained to vote illegally by former President Obama. Look at Illinois. The entire state turns on Chicago, the murder capitol of the U.S. The 'old gang land' just has new foreign owners, the cartels, and they are working with he Democrat Sanctuary City against Federal Laws that are there to protect the real citizens of the United States of America. You mean that some states votes turn on the inner cities of crime, human trafficking, prostitution and drugs? YEP! And the new coming owners of 'America' are the cartel illegals and other imported foreigners who come in and vote illegally for the Democrats in their Sanctuary Cities and now ever Sanctuary States to protect their voting illegals. THAT'S THE REALL BOTTOM LINE WHY THE DEMOCRATS OF TODAY DON'T WHAT 'THEIR' SANCTUARY CITY' VOTING ROLLS VERIFIED!

What began as attacking the history of the nation in the removal of 'Historical Confederate Statues' has turned against every 'Historical USA Statue and Monument' and this by the same people who are the Democrat 'resist,' 'obstruct,' and 'Destroy' America. The Lincoln memorial has been attacked by these same 'Democrat Party' backers. Statues of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of the United States who designed/founded the University of Virginia has been removed for that 'University' campus. Our schools are no longer ran by USA Americas but foreign backing anti-USA against American 'progressive liberals' who what to change the Constitution of the United States of America and our One Nation Under God! They are even plotting against George Washington and many other former United States Presidents and founders of the United States of America. No the politician won't tell you this. They don't want to loose your vote. But the more you vote for them, the more you are voting for Democrat Party Crime Lords and Cartels who run the inner sanctuary city voters at level up to and above 90% rates through their 'fixed' illegal voters. They have move voters than they have voters registered on their Democrat City controlled voter rolls that they won't let be investigated.

The Democrats have hijacked the NFL for political reasons. They dishonor the American Flag of the United States of America. They have taken over the schools where their liberal faculties destory the American Flag in their libraries and on their school grounds in protests against the United States of America. Don't think it is anything else! The United States of America's enemies are working with the Democrat Party. Rather than the United States of America's national soveirnty as our One Nation Under God, they are working to overturn the USA. And they are doing so by attacking and destroying anything and everything America about the United States of America. They want to overturn the Constitutional Election of a President of the United States. They have bought and paid for lies against the President and are spending the government's money in support of their sedition and treason against the Executive Office of the United States of America. And for what? Because failed Clinton didn't win so they could continue to cover up their sins as the now Anti-USA Party!

Your Democrat politicians lie to your faces and are backed by an anti-USA owned media. A media that supports Queen Hillary and King Obama who was a dictator whose use of the 'race-card' did nothing good for our black communities. It only left them right where they still are at, in the inner cities controlled by Democrat Crime Syndicates. The current flavor in the Senate is not 'you can't be a judge in the USA if you are a believing Christian!' If you haven't noticed that where have you been? But Muslims are okay! Even the radical Islamic terrorist types such as ISIS that is disrupting and taking over Europe. The current administration is winning against ISIS in their own 'homelands' but for how long. And the 'Global borderless nations of Europe' are beginning to be over ran by foreigners and ISIS Islamic State Terrorist. Funny, they are not afraid to call themselves to be America's enemies who they have declared war against, but the Democrat Party, especially Clinton and Obama will not call them by their names!

America was founded upon religious freedom. Now they anti-USA groups continue their fight with Democrat support to eat away as America's religious freedoms. You can't pray in school unless you are Muslim and then they'll build you a special room to use for your prayers right on campus. Why? Ask yourselves why Christians are loosing their freedoms? And why the declared arch enemy of Bible based religions are not?