by Don R. Hender

The name|title of 'ISRAEL' is but one of the names of the Lord God Jehovah, who is the same as Jesus Christ. The House of Israel is the House, Generation and People of the Lord God Jehovah. That name of His Who Did Prevail was given to and attributed to Jehovah as he and his followers did prevail in the War in Heaven over and above those who were deceived and followed after Lucifer, who is the same as Satan, the Devil. Israel, as one who prevailed is the equivalent of the declaration and implication of the statement, I AM or I AM that I AM. I AM he who has prevailed in and of God, that is he is the chosen and select, the anointed and consecrated (ordained) of the Father having recieved HIS Fulness of HIS power and glory, of HIS DIVINE INVESTITURE. HIS FULNESS RESTS IN ME (AND I IN HE ARE ONE)—Jehovah-Jesus Christ. I ACT IN THE STEAD OF THE FATHER IN ALL THINGS (Lev. 16:32; all). ISRAEL / YISAEL - Triumphant in, Who Prevails with/in God; even as YE IN ME AND I IN HE ARE ONE (John 17). As we take HIS NAME upon us, we may become one in Him even as He is one in GOD THE FATHER (Moroni 4:3; 5:3 - D&C 20:77 & 79). It is the binding power of becoming one in and with God through keeping his commandments and ordinances, that man may become one with God, sealed to God, in His Kingdom forever.

[Have you ever felt the presence of the Spirit, that feeling that God is within you and you in God?]

Now there are various aspects of being 'one' and these we will cover. On the one hand one of the mysteries of God is how it is that the Godhead is one. The obvious incorrect conclusion is that which is dubbed the Doctrine of the Trinity as taught by Catholicism and such branches of religion that have grown out of that doctrine established as the Nicene Creed. And that though it was not established at Nicea, but actually hammered out later. For purposes here it will be briefly stated that 'oneness' of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is NOT that they are corporally one and the same being. They are three separate and distinct beings. God the Father is Elohim. God the Son is Jehovah, who is the same as Jesus Christ. And the Holy Ghost is an entirely separate and distinct functioning member of the Godhead, though presently he remains as a spirit being. (D&C 130:22-23)

    "The Father has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man's; the Son also; but the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of Spirit. Were it not so, the Holy Ghost could not dwell in us.
    "A man may receive the Holy Ghost, and it may descend upon him and not tarry with him."
    ~ Doctrine and Covenants | Section 130:22-23

Being One in the Faith, Purpose and Power of God

In the literature of man there is a fairly familiar instance of three persons acting together for the one purpose or cause. In fact there is a very familiar saying these three persons would state as they would venture on their adventures. If you haven't got it yet, the saying is, "One for all, and all for one." That is the Three Musketeers, of course. And everyone understands that type of oneness. In a very similar instance, that is the same type of 'oneness' in the joint venture that God the Father, God the Son and the God the Holy Ghost stands together.

Now while the Father, Son and Holy Ghost do weld the sword of truth, which is sharper than a serpant's tooth, they are not exactly like the Three Musketeers. Their unity in purpose, faith and cause is stated in the Book of Moses. And though Jehovah states it to Moses in respect to himself, it is also true of the Father and the Holy Ghost as well.

~ P U R P O S E ~

    "For behold, this is my [our] work and my [our] glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." ~ Pearl of Great Price | Moses 1:39

Though this here simply stated cause, work, glory, faith and purpose is compacted into one sentence, it is truth envolves a multitude of designs and plans of God for the redemption of man in which the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are joined together in performing for the benefit of man. And it comes under a number of titles, each perhaps emphasizing various assepts, perspectives and/or elements of this great joint purpose. The Plan of Eternal Progression, the Plan of Redemption, the Plan of Salvation, the Plan of Hapiness are just a few of the name titles that is goes under. Others are the Doctrine of Christ and/or the Gospel of Christ, or just simply the Gospel Plan.

And though like a fine tuned industrial organization, each has their separate role and set of responsibilities, they are all in tune with each other working toward the same named purpose. This is one of the senses of the Oneness of the Godhead, which the Doctrine of the Trinity has completely corrupted it into being something that it is not. The various flavors, and don't be simple minded and suppose they are all the same, for they are not all the same as they are variously explained and even argued by different factions to mean different things. And then just about the time of total dispute between them, they often wisk the matter of into it being a mystery beyond the understanding of man and masked it in a room filled with smoke and mirrors to the extend that no one can truely come to understand it. And this in spite of the scriptures that state that it is one of the great purposes of man to come to an understanding of just who God is.

~ F A I T H ~

    "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." ~ New Testament | John 17:3

And then also this scripture:

    "Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me." New Testament | John 5:39

And then again:

    "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is." ~ New Testament | 1 John 3:2

And though we come to know and understand God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost gradually, the scriptures do teach of them, and teach of them plainly. And this that we do know and understand them to be three separate and distinct beings. That is in one respect and in the other respect, like the Three Musketeers, they are joined to gether in the one great faith, cause and purpose of the Plan of God. That is in the one respect. But their is another respect upon which the Doctrine of the Trinity may have actually had is basis in of it confused corruption. That is in the sense of divine investiture.

~ P O W E R ~

Oneness in Divine Investiture

Perhaps this 'Oneness in Divine Investiture' is best taught by a discussion of each of the three distinct beings and their roles, natures and even locations and purposes of operation. First is God the Father, that Man of Holiness known to us as Elohim. He is the Father of the spirits of man, Jehovah being the Firstborn in his Generation. Yes Jehovah is one of us, in that he is our elder brother and one with us as being a spirit son, the firstborn spirit Son of God. Jehovah is the Firstborn in the spirit and the Only Begotten son in the flesh as the literal Son of God Jesus Christ.

Now Elohim stood as a Celestial Glorified being in the Celestial Heavens above, a being of glorified immortal and eternal flesh and bone imbodied spirit. As such Elohim was beyond the coming down to a temporal mortal world as progression is eternally forward and not backwards. Thus Elohim being in the state that He was, in order to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of his spirit sons and daughters, there was a need for a redeemer to be selected from among his spirit children. And this because only those who do pertain unto such as this temporal mortality may minister unto it (D&C 130:5).

And that the roles and positions of the Father, Elohim, and the Son, Jehovah, became defined when in the Grand Pre-mortal Council in Heaven the Father chose and selected his Firstborn heir to fill that roll and responsibility to govern the temporal creation that what he created he would be empowered to redeem. And thus Elohim consecrated and ordined, appointed and anointed Jehovah to be our Ministering God. Elohim would in effect remain as part of his Celestial Kingdom and Glory, and the priesthood empowered son, Jehovah would work under the direction of the Father to perform as though he were the Father in all things pertaining to this temporal mortality (Lev. 16:32). The ordinances and performances of the Law of Moses does give a shadow and a type of that relationship.

And thus as the 'Ministering' God of the Old Testament, Jehovah under the direction of the Father did create the temporal heaven and earth. He formed man after the image of his spirit, which was also the image of the Father glorified body, they being in the same image, head, shoulders, knees and toes; eyes ears, mouth and nose. And in all things in the Old Testament, Jehovah, the son, did minister as God, even in the stead of the Father as though he were the Father. And in this Jehovah was the Father, the Father of Creation, the Father of the Gospel Plan, whereby the children of God could become the sons and daughter of Jesus Christ through and by the administration of the atonement Gospel Plan of the Doctrine of Christ. And thus God's Children could become redeemed from the fall in and through and by Jesus Christ the Son.

And in that joint Condescension participated in by the Father and the Son, as was so represented by Abraham and his son Issac; did the Father become the earthly Father of His Only Begotten Son in the Flesh by Mary, and that great spirit God Jehovah of the Old Testament did condescend to come down, after being fully invested as a God, to be born of woman to the end of the redemption of mankind. This is the Glad News of Great Joy. Mad would be redeemed and be enabled to return to the presence of God.

Now this was the only way and mean that was established that man might so return and be redeemed. This is no other way. Being that in is solely in and through Jehovah who is the same as Jesus Christ, that this could be performed, then also Jehovah-Jesus Christ had to be empowered with all the powers of God. "For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily." (New Testament | Colossians 2:9) This is and was not that Jesus Christ/Jehovah was all three members of the Godhead in one as prescribed by the false Doctrine of the Trinity. But it was that the fullness of the powers of all three had to be divinely invested in him by divine investiture, so that all things would be subject to that fullness of power held in the one person who stood along as the only way and means for man to return unto Heaven. And of course the Son in turn returns that fullness of Glory to the Father.

After Jesus'/Jehovah's resurection he had become even as the Father in having obtained that Glorified Celestial body of Celestial Glorified flesh and bone in which he now embodies spirit did dwell. And here here lies the purpose and need for the Holy Ghost's ministration. That is to remain a spirit that he may descend upon and dwell within, communication spirit to spirit with the spirit of man.

Each of the three having their own given individual roles to play in their concerted effort of purpose. One for all and all for one. All being God in those purposes and roles in which they did/do play. And the son being truely bodily being as the Father and the Son in one by divine investiture. In that divine investiture Jesus, the Spirit thereof, having the fulness of the power of God, could also operate when and if needed in those functions as does the Holy Ghost.

We as One with Christ in God

And now we come to where we may begin to understand what Jesus spoke in his intercessory prayer of we beoming one in him even as he and the Father are one.

~ P R I E S T H O O D ~

Now as it was between the Father and Son, by that Divine Investiture of Power, wherein they act as one,


ver. January 17, 2017