What 'I' Think

Oxymoron: A big OX of a MORON

    In this world of agency, we all think. Some more or less that others-Some more of themselves rather than as to the reality of the matter-Some in spite or to spite themselves and others-and some with no rhymn or reason to it at all. "Do you know what I think?" That has become a big thing to all of us-What I Think. Can we actually transform our own little worlds about us to make them conform to just what it is that 'we think'? Will the sun not come up if we think that it will not? There is a certain amount of dilusion in all of us according to just what it is that 'we think'. And what 'I Think' is my opinion upon a matter.

A Valued Opinion

In truth, if one want to have a 'valued opinion', one cannot just think whatever one just want to think. One's thought have to be in line with reason and truth to be valued by someone else. If not then we all just think nothing at all in respect to one another.

The Followers Like Sheep

Yet what is worse it to not think at all. That is to take no thought upon a matter and just follow blindly along with 'the crowd'.

To 'Flip-Flop' or not to 'Flip-Flop'?

Now that is the question. When in the course of human events does one or does one not have the right and/or responsibility to 'Flip-Flop' or 'Flop-Flip'? Certainly the most dangerous situation of all is to be of a set mind not willing to change, regardless of the reality of the matter. Too many of us are stuck or fixed in our 'position', unwelling to be moved upon it reguardless of the situation. In one set of circumstances to be of a certain mind might be well and good. Change the circumstance and that once held 'good' position, one may well need to change one's position upon the matter.