by Don R. Hender

     At least every four years my interests turn to Politics. Actually more often, but not too extreme that I have to get involved in every little fray. But certainly, every four years I just have to get out and vote for the course of our nation. I hope that I am not just funny that way. I hope that our national interests is of importance to the majority of Americans. And I mean to emphasize 'national interests' and the concept of 'Americans'. For there are a number of key items that I watch for in these nation shaping elections.

Not necessarily in a set order of priority, they things I seem to look for as such as a) Maintaining the American Standard, b) The Role of 'Big Brother', c) National Moral Commitments, d) The Economy, e) Foreign Relations & Policies, f) What Is Best for America—The People. There are others and from time to time they also come into play. Now these items are not necessarily mutually exclusive. There will be matters in which they will and do over lap. But certainly as a matter of a 'laundry list', I think that these six make the check list, at least to start with.

Maintaining the American Standard Beyond such goals as maintaining the general commitments to our Constitution and all those things which have made America Great, we ought to look at those very basic premises upon which America was founded. Among these are our commitment to God and to our Country. We are a 'God Fearing Country' and we ought not to ever forget that the first Americas came here seeking 'Religious Freedom' to worship God according to the reasonable dictates of their own minds upon the matter. Traditionally Christianity is that particular leading religion, but in the course of America, all reasonable religious tolerances ought to be maintained.

We need to also maintain our commitment to the dual standards of 'Liberty' and 'Justice'. 'Freedom' is not merely a right to do whatever an individual thinks to do, there is a responsibility to the Laws of Justice which must equally be considered.

The Role of 'Big Brother' There are a few items wherein the Federal Government ought to be involved. But the key matter here is the need to keept the Federal Government out of what ought to be that which is governed and decided locally upon a state by state basis. The 'One Law Fits All' syndrome is a dangerous matter which breeds big government and little people. Maintaining a national government wherein the states retain the rights to govern themselves as much as possible and where individual communities are able to do the same is immportant. Big central government is costly and avoids not only the 'one size fits all' but the very dangerous possibility of all must comply to such a national law which is not fair to each state and community and actually takes away such 'individaul freedoms' that ought to be left to city and state and not regulated on a national level.

So as a general rule, the Federal Government's role is to 'keep out' and 'stay small', leaving community and state matters to the state and local governements. What has become one of the political tactics of the day is to 'threaten' 'needed' Federal Government programs to be cut when seeking to expand the budget, rather than cutting those special interests and 'sacred cow' programs which would really reduce big Federal Government and really and truely reduce the budget without cutting the real vital national business items.

National Moral Commitments In our world of today where such such guiding moral laws such as the Ten Commandments are being challenged and taken out of our governing institutions, where does government go to set and maintain its moral commitments? Without such moral commitments upon which a society safely is established, the crumbling of society into ruin begins. Where is justice without law and where is law without moral values upon which to build it? The three major religion arenas of the world have a basis in the Old Testament and the Law of Moses. Even those who might be divided out usually have some basic code of moral conduct upon which they were structured. Just because that code connects to religion is no reason to abandon it. Such has been the true basis of societies for ages. To remove and ignore the 'moral code' of a culture is the beginnings of its downfall. And when laws are no longer made by such guiding principles of 'right' and 'wrong' what is left? I suppose that one real question is, 'Is there enough moral fiber left in America, the United States, to elect a moral president, Mitt Romney, or not?' Or does American just want a morally flippant flip-flopping president who says and does what he thinks will get him elected or additional political campaign funds? Does America want a man that sways with the breeze or one that is willing to stand for something that is right and best for America, having the moral fiber to stick with what is right when lobbying special interests groups are abounding and pushing for their individual personal interests first and not necessarily that which is in the best interest for America? Maybe murder is wrong this election, maybe not so wrong 'depending' next election? An extreme example? Maybe, maybe not seeing how things are so gradually progessing to the more liberal views. Maybe is is going to be more immoral to drink a 7-up in the future than it is to murder a baby? Or is that the way that it already is today? Perhaps we are not so morally willing to call a duck a duck because of polictical lobbying that has already taken place and our country down one of those immoral paths under the pretence of human rights and freedom of choice? And made is so that it is not 'policially correct' to speak of it in such direct truths of the matter anymore. What is an abortion without justified cause, particularly of a full term baby anymore? Abortion on demand upon the whim of a woman or demand of a man? Dare we not call it what it is, the murder of an innocent child? A Jesus or a John the Baptist, whose life becomes unfilfilled because of a selfish murderous act. Has the child not rights of its own? How do you know what the life potential of that person is or is not, and by what over riding right does not take it upon themselves to end another's life?

The Economy The Federal Government does have a role and responsibility to maintaining a favorable field in which the Economy may grow to the benefit of the people. However a falsely propt up Economy will one day fail if it is not founded upon sound finacial footings. Mere wholesale bail outs of one's buddies of business who have taken advantage of the law by their shady and unsound finacial dealings is NOT the basis of a strong economy who's growth is 'real national productivity growth'. That practice but increases the nation's tax burden, enlarges the national debt and forms a false foundation for true future economic growth potentials.

Foreign Relations

What Is Best for America—The People