The Holy Priesthood Order

While men are ordained to various Priesthood offices, such as Decon, Teacher, Priest, Elder, High Priest, Bishop, State President or even Apostle and Prophet; there is always a consistant Order of the Priesthood. Holding the office does not in itself always give the power of the keys to actually act or perform in that office. A simple example will do. I am a High Priest and in theory hold all the priesthood authority of a Decon, Teacher and Priest. That is all the priesthood necessary to prepare, bless and pass the sacrament. But without the 'rights of keys' I do not have the right to prepare my own home sacrament. That is the keys of authority given to a Bishiop (President of the Aaronic Priesthood). I am still dependent upon the priesthood under the authority of the Bishop to have the sacrament brought to me and administered to me. I am disabled and physically for the most part homebound. You see there is a proper order and higher authority about these things in the use and Order of the Kingdom to be followed.

While reviewing the confernece talks, I have comtemplated a concept stated by M. Russell Ballard. He stated:

    "After Jesus’s Resurrection, . . . He appeared to His disciples and said, “Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”John 20:21 Notice a twofold action—God sends His Son. The Son sends His servants—mortal men and women—to accomplish Their work." (Precious Gifts from God, April 2018 Conference)

This Priesthood Order of the Father, Elohim, sending or commanding His Son (Jesus/Jehovah), and then Jesus/Jehovah sending or commanding his servants, is that same Priesthood Order that has ever been from the very beginning. This same Priesthood Order is reflected in our Temple Endowment and also according to the word of Bishop Eusibius of Ceasarea in his Ecclesiactical Hitory of the Chrurch. That of course would be a hisory of the early Christian Church establised by Jesus Christ. In recording such events of the Creation, Bishop Eusibius according to his, and reflective of the Church at tha time, stated:

    ""For," says he [Moses]," God said, Let us [Elohim and Jehovah] make man in our image and in our likeness." (~ Genesis 1:26; see also Moses 2:26-27; Abraham 4:26-27) And another of the prophets confirms this, speaking of God in his hymns as follows: "He spake and they were made; he commanded and they were created." (Psalms 33:9 & Psalms 148:5) He here introduces the Father [Elohim] and Maker as Ruler of all, commanding with a kingly nod (~ Psalms 33:9), and second (Psalms 148:5) to him the divine Word [Jesus who is Jehovah], none other than the one who is proclaimed by us [Jesus/Jehovah], as carrying out the Father's [Elohim's] commands. All that are said to have excelled in righteousness and piety since the creation of man, the great servant Moses and before him in the first place Abraham and his children, and as many righteous men and prophets as afterward appeared, have contemplated him [Christ] with the pure eyes of the mind, and have recognized him and offered to him the worship which is due him as Son of God." (Ecclesiatical History of the Church, by Bishop Eusebius Pamphili of Ceasarea Palistine/Maritima, Book 1 Chapter 2 Paragraph 4)

Here in brackets [ ], for ease in understanding, has been included that which is being referenced. Bishop Eusebius still understood clearly the relationship that the Father and the Son had from before the Creation of the World. He knew, as had been taught by the early Christians of Christ's age, that as John first taught in his Gospel, that the Word, who was [Jesus Christ, the same as Jehovah, was with the Father [Elohim] from the Beginning. He understood that the all powerful God Elohim anointed and ordianed his Firstborn son in the spirit, Jehovah, to the position and calling to be our Ministering God in the stead of the FAther as set out in the type and shadow of the ordinances of the temple/tabernacle as given to Moses (Leviticus 16:32). And Jesus as Jehovah, the Word, was with Elohim, God the Father of Spirits. And Elohim made him, Jehovah, as well to be a God of Spirit to stand in the stead of the Father in all things. And it was Elohim, who with a "kindly nod" did commnad the Word, Jehovah/Jesus to beform the temporal creation of heaven and earth and also of earthly man, Adam and then Eve. And 'THEY' Elohim and Jehovah did form the bodies of Adman and them Eve, to be in the image of the Gods [Elohim and Jehovah]. Head, shoulders, knees and toes; eyes, ears, mouth and nose, did they create them in their image. And as Christ, ministering as Jehovah, the Spirit God of the Old Testament, explained to Mahonri Moriancumr, the brother of Jared, in the Book of Mormon (Ether 3). He, Jesus Christ as Jehovah, created, that is formed the physical tabernacle for Adam in the same shape and form and images of his then Spirit Body, which Spirit Body is in the same shape and form of man — Or as perhaps better said, 'The physical body in made and formed in the image of the Spirit Body that it might most properly house our spirits, they both being in that same fundamental image of man, who we are.

And now, the Priesthood Order was that of Jehovah performing the commandments and will of God, in the name of God, by the priesthood power of God, as the Father had given him by that which is referred to as 'Devine Investiture' for Jehovah to act in and for and through that Priesthood Power bestowed upon him by him Father Elohim in the Beginning. And that, as often reference by Jesus in his ministry on Earth, had been as concerning that which the Father had sent and commanded him to do. While Jesus hold the Divine Investiture to do, and he does hold the keys of the keydom to do, it is still under the will, direction and commandment of God the Father, Elohim, that he does do all things and nothing that is not of the Father. This is not dis-similar to how it is that men are so ordained and empowered by the priesthood given them to by that power in the name of God exercise the Power of God, the Priesthood of God for the benefit of man on earth today.

ver. 7 July 2018