prepared by Don R. Hender

" . . . that the congregation of the LORD be not as sheep which have no shepherd."~ Numbers 27:17

    So did God command Moses to call forth and ordain Joshua, that the people of the LORD would continue to have a prophet leader of the Lord to lead them in the ways that they should live and follow. When the people reject God's prophets, as did ancient Israel and Judah, they are on a path which leads to corruption and destruction. And when the early Christian church lost it Apostalic prophet leadership, it too fell into chaos and apostasy. Today God has once again placed prophet leaders and apostles upon the earth, but will the children of men accept and follow them as their shepherd?

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    A prophet is one who has been chosen by and called of God to authoritatively speak for God and lead God's people in the path of truth and righteousness. We need not consider false prophets, for by the terms of their own definitions they are NOT prophets but mere pretenters whether by the power of Satan or of themselves. Thus when we speak of a prophet, we speak only concerning a true prophet of God. Such a prophet will testify of God, of God's plan and commandments for the salvation of man and thus a prophet will always testify of the Savior of Man, who is Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Redeemer or Deliver of man from the fall of Adam.

Opposed to a number of particular traditional 'Christian' views, the ancients did not always consider the coming of the Son of God, that is Jesus Christ. This is particularly NOT TRUE. From Adam on down was the doctrine of the Savior and the promised coming of the Son of God taught and spoken of. Only in Israel's own false corruptions is this fact so lost. As it was so seen even in the day of Jesus Christ's mortality, the people did seek for the coming of the Messiah and many understood him to be the Son of God. And this, even though the Jewish leadership did themselves deny such, that the Son of God would come and redeem his people. If fact this is what they accused and crucified Jesus for, that is, claiming to be the Son of God; for they did not believe in such and even taught that is was not to be and but a false belief that there would be a Son of God come to earth to redeem mankind.

Even was this the case in the time of Lehi and was most likely one of the chief arguments of the case against Lehi, for Lehi did declare that the Son of God would come to redeem mankind. And for this cause, among others, did the Jewish leadership of 'the church' so seek to take away Lehi's life. It is a false presumption that the 'formally authorized' position of the 'Jews' who believed in God, did also accept the doctrine of the Messiah to come, even the doctrine of salvation provided by the Son of God. Through the ages, this was always the sticking point and why the formal power structure of the Jews did commonly seek to destroy the prophets of God. For those prophets did continue to declare the Messiah to come, that the Son of God, or in the terms of Jehovah, that God, that is the Son of God, would come in the flesh to redeem man.

But back to 'prophets' in general. The history of the Prophets of God upon the earth may be categorized into various groups and even sub groups. I will set forth four such main authorized groups. First there were/are those we may state as being the 'Fathers', that is the Patriarchal Fathers and thus Prophet leaders of man. In short this is such as Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, though Judah would balk at that inclusion. Then second there are the Old Testament Prophets, some 'church' founded and other not, as the corruption of religion doctrine failed in the halls of the 'church'. These may be grouped as the Old Testament prophets, major and minor. Third there is the immediate and subsequent Apostles of Jesus Christ during the meridian of time, from Peter to Paul and somewhat even beyond. And due to the Great Apostasy, the fourth group would be those of the latter days, the prophets of the restoration. These are four major and distinct groupings of God's prophets on earth, though in all truth there is perhaps a fifth group, that being such as 'inspired men' in all ages, who seek after and are influenced by God and God's truth in all ages. And of course we could include the Book of Mormon prophets, for they were also prophets and apostles of God in their own right to God's people of the Americas. And I would suppose that once the entire world's history is once given, there would be other such people based prophets through out, as there were the prophets of the Jaredites and likely such prophets per every and all groupings of people who did ernestly seek after the truth and the ways of God.

Why Prophets?

Before further exploring the various categories of prohets, let us pause and answer the telling question of 'Why'. 'Why do we have to have prophets?' One particular scriptural verse seems to adequately give the 'short of it'.

    "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." ~ Amos 3:7

It must be reasuring to some degree that God is not out to purposefully catch man out if man is honestly and faithfully seeking after God. God will always 'forewarn' the people as to just what it is that God is going to do. Of course many a prophet has 'warned', 'forewarned' and do continue to 'warn' man that there is to be a 'Second Coming'. And why will man not be prepared for it? Simply answered, man will have come to reject the prophets and their warning words. Many a 'Traditional Christian' of our own day denies even such as the powers of God, that there are any such prophets among us today. But there are and they speak and they warn and they by the majority of mankind go unheeded, as in the days of yore, even as in the day today.

The Patriarchal Fathers and Prophets
    When God first placed man upon the earth it was in an interim state of still being an importal being of flesh and bone, but not one of glory. Yet the Celestial God and his chosen Son Jehovah did visit with, walk with and commune with Adam as he dwelt in the Garden of Eden. Indeed, Adam is well considered to be the first prophet of God for he spoke with and talked with God as one man does speak and talk with another.

As it is implied in the book of Genesis, God had spoken directly with Adam and Eve and had commanded them not to eat of that particular tree, which was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And upon that occasion when God did come to visit after Adam and Eve had partaken of the 'forbidden fruit', Adam having heard the voice of God in the Garden, did hide himself, he and Eve from the 'presence of God'.

"Adam. Where art thou?" To which Adam did reply, "I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was Naked; and I hid myself." This would be the last conversation which Adam held with God the Father of his spirit. After this, God's messengers and even the Anointed One who would act in the stead of the Father in all things, would interceded between God the Father and man. This was and is the role of Jehovah, our Ministering God of this temporal Estate. It was Jesus, whose name is Jehovah, who, under the direction of the Father, did create and form the temporal tabernacle from the elements of the earth, into which was placed the spirit of Adam and Eve.

Now you don't have to be of the Islamic faith to determine that Adam was a prophet of God. Adam received the word of God and he taught it to his children. He was their spiritual leader and revelator, as the direction and word of God did come by and through him to his posterity as a matter of the Heavenly patriarchal order.

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