The Order of the Restoration

There is a logical progression of order in the construction of building of a structure, be it a tangible physical building or an instituational organization. Certainly you cannot put a roof on before the walls are in place to hold it up. And you cannot properly set the walls in place before they have a proper foundation upon which they may securly rest. And there is a degree of skill and related performance which must accompany it in order to have the work done properaly and adequately in order to insure the next logical steps in its constrution are properly supported for their beginning and completion.

And in any such undertaking there is a critical flow schedule of times of completion in which it organizes and schedules what must be done before what else, and what things must wait for to be done before one is able to further successfully carry on to the next step.

The first step is to establish that the proper authority and order is being followed. Of course the line of authority begins at the top. Even Jesus Christ himself established just what that was to be when in everything he did he displayed his obedience and submission to the governing and authority of the 'Father', his Father in Heaven above. Jesus even taught the apostles that they were to ask and obtain their approval from the father by speaking unto the Father in the name of Jesus Christ. And thus Jesus further established that next in the line of authority the order was to be next to Jesus Christ. And the gospel, scriptures and Jesus Christ established that it was the Father who had entrusted all things into the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus to begin the process of the restoration who else should it commence with but first the Father and second the Father setting forth that all was thence to be done by the ministering hand of the Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

And this is exactually who first appears unto the youth to be formed into the prophet of the restoration. It was God the father and His Son Jesus Christ who first appears to the boy, prophet to be, Joseph Smith. And what does the Father but do? He immediately establishes that line authority of authority by the simple and singular statement, "Joseph, this is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!" (PoGP Joseph Smith History 1:17) For the assurance that everything was in order and by th proper authority, it was the Father who was in charge. And He immediately introducted and referred Joseph Smith to hear and be subject unto that singular administration which the Father had establish from the beginning. And from thence all was done in order as the Lord Jesus Christ would oversee to be done. It was place into the hands of that Lord and God of the Old Testament Jehovah, who is the same as Jesus Chirst, of whom even David spoke of in Psalm 110:1, saying, "The LORD of my Lord . . . " distingulishing, his, David's Lord had that higher LORD GOD the FATHER, unto whom even he, Jehovah was subject to. And that is would be that HIGHER LORD GOD the FATHER upon whose right hand the Lord God Jehovah would and was glorified by who minister unto us.

The Old Testament so established. Jesus so taught and instructed his followers in it. And it was the very manner and way that it was and had to be in the course of the restoration of all things as well. If it had not been so, then it would have been a matter by which men could easily discern that it was not a true restoration.

Then as the restoration began to unfold over the years to come, each minister character would be he who had been sent and commissioned by Jesus Christ. And they would minister the process of the restoration as sent by Christ, in the name of the Lord, each standing properly in his correctly established deligated position of authority as Jesus had so established it and set it out in his administrations by his deligation and authority and power given him by the Father.