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See also Book of Life; Genealogy and Temple Work; Record Keeping

Ezra 2: 62(Neh. 7: 5) sought their register among those that were reckoned by genealogy.
Mal. 3: 16(3 Ne. 24: 13-16) book of remembrance was written.
1 Ne. 5: 14plates of brass a genealogy of his fathers.
D&C 85: 9who are not found written in the book of remembrance.
D&C 128: 24book containing the records of our dead.
Moses 6: 5book of remembrance was kept.
Moses 6: 46book of remembrance we have written.
Abr. 1: 31I shall endeavor to write . . . this record, for . . . my posterity.

See also Ps. 56: 8; Ezek. 13: 9; Matt. 1: 17.

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