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TG Caesar  (see BD Caesar)

TG Caesarea  (see BD Caesarea)

TG Caesarea Philippi  (see BD Caesarea Philippi)

TG Caiaphas  (see BD Caiaphas)

TG Cain  (see BD Cain)

TG Calamities  (see Jesus Christ, Second Coming; Last Days; Signs; World, End of)

TG Caleb  (see BD Caleb)

TG Calf  

TG Call  (see also Called of God; Calling)

TG Called of God  (see also Authority; Call; Calling; Election; Foreordination; Priesthood, Authority; Priesthood, Qualifying for)

TG Calling  (see also Authority; Call; Called of God; Election; Foreordination; Mission of Latter-day Saints)

TG Calling and Election Sure  (see Calling; Election; Exaltation; Man, Potential to Become like Heavenly Father)

TG Calm  

TG Calvary  (see BD Calvary)

TG Camel  

TG Camp  

TG Cana  (see BD Cana of Galilee)

TG Canaan  (see Israel, Land of; BD Canaan)

TG Candle  (see also Lamp; Light)

TG Candlestick  

TG Canker  

TG Canticles  (see BD Canticles)

TG Capernaum  (see BD Capernaum)

TG Capital Punishment  (see also Blood, Shedding of; Murder)

TG Captain  

TG Captive  (see also Captivity; Prisoner)

TG Captivity  (see also Bondage; Bondage, Physical; Bondage, Spiritual; Captive; Israel, Bondage of, in Egypt; Israel, Bondage of, in Other Lands; Israel, Scattering of; Slavery)

TG Carcass  

TG Care  

TG Carmel  (see BD Carmel)

TG Carnal  (see also Carnal Mind; Lust; Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn)

TG Carnal Mind  (see also Carnal; Fall of Man; Hell; Lust; Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn; Sensuality; Worldliness)

TG Carpenter  

TG Carry, Carried  (see also Bear [verb])

TG Cast  

TG Catch, Caught  

TG Cattle  

TG Cause  (see also Reason)

TG Cave  

TG Cease  

TG Cedar  

TG Celestial Glory  (see also Heaven)

TG Celestial Kingdom  (see Celestial Glory; Earth, Destiny of; Earth, Purpose of; Eternal Life; Exaltation; Glory; Heaven)

TG Celestial Marriage  (see Family, Eternal; Marriage, Celestial)

TG Celibacy  (see Marriage)

TG Censer  

TG Centurion  (see also BD Centurion)

TG Cephas  (see BD Cephas)

TG Chaff  

TG Chain  

TG Chaldea  (see BD Chaldea)

TG Challenge  (see Adversity; Opposition; Temptation; Test, Try, Prove)

TG Champion  

TG Chance  (see Order)

TG Change  (see also Alter; Conversion; God, Eternal Nature of; Man, New, Spiritually Reborn; Sanctification)

TG Changer  

TG Chapel  

TG Character  (see Honesty; Honor; Integrity)

TG Charge  (see also Accusation; Command)

TG Chariot  (see also BD Chariot)

TG Charity  (see also Almsgiving; Benevolence; Compassion; Generosity; God, Love of; Love; Mercy; Poor; Welfare)

TG Chastening  (see also Affliction; Correct; Correction; Exhort; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Punish, Punishment; Rebuke; Reproof)

TG Chastity, Chaste  (see also Adultery; Clean; Fornication; Holy; Lust; Modesty; Pure; Purity; Sanctification; Virtue; Whoredom)

TG Cheating  (see Deceit; Fraud; Stealing)

TG Cheek  

TG Cheer  (see also Cheerful, Cheerfulness; Mirth; Rejoice)

TG Cheerful, Cheerfulness  (see also Cheer; Gladness; Happiness; Joy; Merry)

TG Chemosh  (see BD Chemosh)

TG Cherubim  (see also BD Cherubim)

TG Chicken  

TG Chief  (see also Chief Priest; Prince)

TG Chief Priest  (see also High Priest - Aaronic Priesthood)

TG Child  (see also Children; Daughter; Son)

TG Childbearing  

TG Children  (see also Barrenness; Birth Control; Child; Children of Light; Conceived in Sin; Education; Family; Family, Children, Duties of; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Family, Love within; Family, Patriarchal; Honoring Father and Mother; Marriage, Fatherhood; Marriage, Motherhood; Salvation of Little Children)

TG Children of God  (see Man, A Spirit Child of Heavenly Father; Sons and Daughters of God)

TG Children of Israel  (see Israel, Blessings of; Israel, Bondage of, in Egypt; Israel, Bondage of, in Other Lands; Israel, Deliverance of; Israel, Gathering of; Israel, Joseph, People of; Israel, Judah, People of; Israel, Mission of; Israel, Origins of; Israel, Remnant of; Israel, Restoration of; Israel, Scattering of; Israel, Ten Lost Tribes of; Israel, Twelve Tribes of)

TG Children of Light  (see also Children; Light)

TG Choice  (see Agency; Fall of Man)

TG Choke  

TG Choose, Chose, Chosen [verb]  (see also Agency; Chosen [noun]; Elect)

TG Chosen [noun]  (see also Called of God; Choose, Chose, Chosen; Elect; Election; Foreordination; Jesus Christ, Foreordained; Mission of Early Saints; Mission of Latter-day Saints; Priesthood, Authority)

TG Chosen Land  (see Israel, Land of; Promised Lands)

TG Chosen People  (see Abrahamic Covenant; Called of God; Israel, Blessings of; Israel, Mission of; Peculiar People)

TG Christ  (see Jesus Christ, Jehovah; Jesus Christ, Messiah; Jesus Christ, Savior; BD Christ; BD Christ, Names of)

TG Christian  (see also BD Christians)

TG Christmas  (see Jesus Christ, Birth of)

TG Chronicles  (see BD Chronicles)

TG Chronology  (see BD Chronology)

TG Church  (see also Assembly for Worship; Congregation; Jesus Christ, Head of the Church; Kingdom of God, on Earth; Meetings; Sanctuary; Tabernacle; Temple)

TG Church before Christ  

TG Church of the Devil  (see Devil, Church of)

TG Church Organization  (see also Jesus Christ, Head of the Church; Stake)

TG Church, Name of  

TG Church, Signs of True  (see Apostles; Baptism, Essential; Baptism for the Dead; Holy Ghost, Gifts of; Kingdom of God, on Earth; Marriage, Celestial; Miracles; Missionary Work; Persecution; Priesthood, Authority; Prophets, Mission of; Restoration of the Gospel; Sacrament; Temple)

TG Churches, False  (see Devil, Church of; False Doctrine; False Priesthoods; False Prophets; Superstitions; Traditions of Men)

TG Cilicia  (see BD Cilicia)

TG Circle  

TG Circumcision  (see also BD Circumcision)

TG Cities of Refuge  (see BD Cities of Refuge)

TG Citizenship  (see also Governments)

TG City  

TG Clay  

TG Clean  (see also Chastity; Cleanliness; Cleanse; Holy; Pure)

TG Cleanliness  (see also Body, Sanctity of; Chastity; Clean; Cleanse; Forgiveness; Godliness; Priesthood, Qualifying for; Purification; Purity; Repentance; Sanctification; Uncleanness; Virtue; Washing; Worthiness)

TG Cleanse  (see also Baptism; Clean; Cleanliness; Earth, Cleansing of; Flood; Purification; Sanctification; Washing; World, End of)

TG Cleave  (see also Join)

TG Climb  

TG Cloak  

TG Close [verb]  (see also Shut)

TG Closet  

TG Cloth  

TG Clothe  (see also Array; Gird)

TG Clothes  (see also Clothing; Garment; Raiment; Robe; Vesture)

TG Clothing  (see also Apparel; Modesty)

TG Cloud  

TG Coat  

TG Cock  

TG Cold  

TG Collection  

TG Colossians  (see BD Colosse; BD Pauline Epistles)

TG Colt  

TG Combination  (see Secret Combinations)

TG Come  (see also Coming)

TG Comeliness  

TG Comfort  (see also Holy Ghost, Comforter)

TG Comforter  (see Holy Ghost, Comforter; Holy Ghost, Mission of; BD Comforter)

TG Comfortless  

TG Coming  (see also Come; Day of the Lord; Jesus Christ, Second Coming; Last Days; BD Coming of Jesus Christ)

TG Command  (see also Charge; Instruct; Order)

TG Commandments of God  (see also Duty; God, Law of; God, Will of; Law of Moses; Ordinances; Vows; BD Commandments)

TG Commend  (see also Commit)

TG Commit  (see also Commend; Commitment)

TG Commitment  (see also Dedication; Diligence)

TG Common  (see also Common Consent)

TG Common Consent  (see also Sustaining Church Leaders)

TG Commune  

TG Communicate  (see also Communication)

TG Communication  (see also God, Access to; Gossip; Language; Prayer; Speech)

TG Communion  (see also Sacrament; BD Communion)

TG Companion  (see also Brotherhood and Sisterhood; Fellowshipping; Friend; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Marriage)

TG Company  

TG Compass  

TG Compassion  (see also Benevolence; Charity; Comfort; God, Love of; Kindness; Love; Loving-kindness; Mercy; Pity; Welfare)

TG Compel  (see also Compulsion)

TG Compensation  (see Reward; Wages)

TG Comprehend  (see also Discernment, Spiritual; God, Omniscience of; God, Wisdom of; Know; Perceive; Understanding)

TG Compulsion  (see Agency; Bondage, Physical; Bondage, Spiritual; Compel; Liberty)

TG Conceit  (see also Haughtiness; Pride)

TG Conceive  (see also Barrenness; Children; Family; Marriage, Fatherhood; Marriage, Motherhood)

TG Conceived in Sin  (see also Carnal Mind; Children; Fall of Man; Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn; Salvation of Little Children)

TG Conception  (see Conceive)

TG Conclusion  

TG Concubine  (see also Marriage, Wives)

TG Condemn  (see also Accuse; Condemnation; Judge)

TG Condemnation  (see also Condemn; Damnation; Hell; Punishment)

TG Condescend, Condescension  (see also Jesus Christ, Condescension of)

TG Confer  

TG Conferences  (see Assembly for Worship; Meetings)

TG Confess  (see also Acknowledge; Confession)

TG Confession  (see also Baptism, Qualifications for; Confess; Forgiveness; Repentance; BD Confession)

TG Confidence  (see also Assurance; Believe; Faith; Trust; Trust in God)

TG Confirm  (see also Holy Ghost, Baptism of; Holy Ghost, Gift of; BD Confirmation)

TG Conflict  (see Opposition; Problem-Solving)

TG Confound  

TG Confusion  

TG Confusion of Tongues  (see Language)

TG Congregation  (see also Assembly for Worship; Church; Meetings)

TG Conjuring  (see Sorcery)

TG Conquer  (see also Subdue)

TG Conscience  (see also God, Gifts of; God, Spirit of; Heart; Inspiration; Mind; BD Conscience)

TG Consecrate  (see also Consecration; Dedication; Hallow; Present; Purify; Sanctify)

TG Consecration  (see also Anointing; Consecrate; Dedication; Priesthood, Authority; Setting Apart; Zion)

TG Consent  (see also Common Consent)

TG Consider  

TG Consist  

TG Consolation  (see also Comfort; Compassion)

TG Conspiracy  (see also Secret Combinations)

TG Constitution  (see Citizenship; Governments)

TG Constrain  

TG Consult  (see also Counsel)

TG Consume  (see also Devour)

TG Consummation  

TG Consumption  

TG Contend  (see also Contention)

TG Content  (see also Contentment; Satisfy)

TG Contention  (see also Contend; Darkness, Spiritual; Disputations; False Doctrine; False Prophets; Hardheartedness; Holy Ghost, Loss of; Strife)

TG Contentment  (see also Content; Peace; Satisfy)

TG Continence  (see Chastity; Self-mastery)

TG Continents  (see Earth, Dividing of)

TG Continue  

TG Contrary  

TG Contribution  (see also Almsgiving; Gift; Present; Welfare)

TG Contrite Heart  (see also Humble; Humility; Meekness; Poor in Spirit; Repentance; Teachable)

TG Controversy  (see also Disputations)

TG Conversation  (see also BD Conversation)

TG Conversion, Convert  (see also Holy Ghost, Baptism of; Man, New, Spiritually Reborn; Missionary Work; Soul)

TG Conviction  (see Holy Ghost, Source of Testimony; Testimony)

TG Convince  

TG Convocation  

TG Cool  

TG Cooperation  (see Brotherhood and Sisterhood; Self-sacrifice; Service; Unity)

TG Corban  (see BD Corban)

TG Cord  

TG Corinth  (see BD Corinth)

TG Corinthians  (see BD Pauline Epistles)

TG Corn  (see also BD Corn)

TG Cornelius  (see BD Cornelius)

TG Corner  

TG Cornerstone  (see also Jesus Christ, Rock)

TG Corpse  

TG Correct  (see also Chastening; Correction)

TG Correction  (see also Chastening; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Family, Love within; Punishment)

TG Correlation  (see Order; Unity)

TG Corrupt  (see also Corruption; Defile; Pervert)

TG Corruptible  

TG Corruption  (see also Bribery; Evil; False Doctrine; Filthiness; Fraud; Idolatry; Man, Natural, Not Spiritually Reborn; Pollution; Sin; Wickedness)

TG Cost  

TG Council  

TG Council in Heaven  (see also Foreordination; Man, Antemortal Existence of)

TG Council of the Twelve  (see Apostles)

TG Counsel  (see also Edification; Problem-Solving)

TG Counselor  (see also Counsel)

TG Count  (see also Account)

TG Countenance  (see also Face)

TG Country  (see also Nations)

TG Courage, Courageous  (see also Fearfulness)

TG Course  

TG Court  (see Judgment)

TG Courtesy  (see also Kindness; Reverence)

TG Courtship  (see Marriage, Continuing Courtship in)

TG Covenant People  (see Election; Peculiar People; Seed of Abraham)

TG Covenant, Everlasting  (see Gospel; New and Everlasting Covenant)

TG Covenants  (see also Abrahamic Covenant; Priesthood, Oath and Covenant; Promise)

TG Cover  

TG Covet, Covetousness  (see also Desire; Envy; Greed; Jealousy; Lust)

TG Cowardice  (see Courage; Fearfulness)

TG Craftiness  (see also Deceit; Guile; Subtilty)

TG Creation of Man  (see Man, Physical Creation of)

TG Creation, Create  (see also Adam; Earth, Purpose of; God, Creator; God, Works of; Jesus Christ, Creator; Man, Physical Creation of; Spirit Creation)

TG Creativity  (see Art; Skills)

TG Creator  (see Creation; God, Creator; Jesus Christ, Creator)

TG Creature  

TG Credit  (see Debt)

TG Creep, Creeping  

TG Cremation  (see Body, Sanctity of)

TG Crete  (see BD Crete)

TG Crime  (see Bribery; Evil; Fraud; Murder; Sin; Transgression; Wickedness)

TG Crimson  

TG Criticism  (see Chastening; Murmuring; Reproof)

TG Crooked  

TG Cross  

TG Crow  

TG Crown  (see also Exaltation; Glory; Reward)

TG Crucifixion  (see Jesus Christ, Crucifixion of; Jesus Christ, Death of; Jesus Christ, Trials of; BD Crucifixion)

TG Crucify  

TG Cruelty, Cruel  (see also Oppression; Persecution; Scourge)

TG Crumb  

TG Cry  (see also Mourn; Weep)

TG Crystal  

TG Cubit  (see BD Cubit)

TG Cults  (see False Priesthoods)

TG Cunningly  

TG Cup  

TG Cure  (see also Heal; Restore; Save)

TG Curse  

TG Curse of Earth  (see Earth, Curse of)

TG Curtain  

TG Custom  (see also Traditions of Men)

TG Cut  (see also Hew)

TG Cymbal  

TG Cyrus  (see BD Cyrus)

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