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TG Dagon  (see BD Dagon)

TG Daily  

TG Damascus  (see BD Damascus)

TG Damnation, Damned  (see also Condemnation; Curse; Hell; Punishment; Spirits in Prison; BD Damnation)

TG Damsel  (see also Girl; Handmaid; Maid; Virgin)

TG Dan  (see BD Dan)

TG Dance  (see also Dancing)

TG Dancing  (see also BD Dancing)

TG Danger  (see also Jeopardy; Peril)

TG Daniel  (see BD Daniel; BD Daniel, Book of)

TG Dark  (see also Darkness, Physical; Darkness, Spiritual)

TG Darken  

TG Darkly  

TG Darkness  (see Darkness, Physical; Darkness, Spiritual; BD Darkness)

TG Darkness, Physical  (see also Night)

TG Darkness, Spiritual  (see also Blindness; Evil; Ignorance; Sin; Walking in Darkness)

TG Dart  

TG Dash  

TG Dating  (see Chastity; Love; Marriage; Peer Influence; Virtue)

TG Daughter  (see also Child; Family; Sons and Daughters of God)

TG David  (see BD David)

TG Davidic Descent of Jesus Christ  (see Jesus Christ, Davidic Descent of)

TG Dawn  

TG Day  (see also Day of the Lord; Hour; Time)

TG Day of Atonement  (see BD Day of Atonement)

TG Day of the Lord  (see also Jesus Christ, Second Coming; Judgment; Last Days)

TG Deacon  (see also Priesthood, Aaronic; BD Deacon)

TG Dead  (see also Death; Die; BD Dead Sea; BD Resurrection)

TG Dead Sea Scrolls  (see BD Dead Sea Scrolls)

TG Deadly  

TG Deaf  

TG Deal, Dealt  

TG Dearth  (see also Drought; Famine)

TG Death  (see also Dead; Death, Power over; Death, Spiritual, First; Death, Spiritual, Second; Die; Fall of Man; Grave; Immortality; Mortality)

TG Death of Jesus Christ  (see Jesus Christ, Crucifixion of; Jesus Christ, Death of)

TG Death, Power over  (see also Administrations to the Sick; Jesus Christ, Resurrection; Resurrection)

TG Death, Spiritual First  (see also Death, Spiritual, Second; Fall of Man)

TG Death, Spiritual, Second  (see also Hell; Sin; Sons of Perdition)

TG Debate  

TG Debt  (see also Lend; Usury)

TG Decapolis  (see BD Decapolis)

TG Decay  (see Evil; Filthiness; Pollution; Wickedness)

TG Deceit, Deceive  (see also Falsehood; Hypocrisy; Lie)

TG Decision, Valley of  (see BD Decision, Valley of)

TG Decisions  (see Accountability; Agency)

TG Declare  (see also Preaching; Proclaim; Prophecy; Publish; Tell)

TG Decrease  (see also Abate; Diminish)

TG Decree  (see also Command; Commandments of God; Law; Ordain; Order; Ordinance; Precept; Statute)

TG Dedication, Dedicate  (see also Commitment; Consecrate; Diligence; Obedience; Steadfastness)

TG Deed  (see also Doing)

TG Deep, Deeper  

TG Defence  (see Defense)

TG Defend  

TG Defense  

TG Defer  

TG Defile  (see also Corrupt; Pollute; Profane; Sacrilege; Uncleanness)

TG Defraud  

TG Degree  

TG Degrees of Glory  (see Celestial Glory; Glory; Telestial Glory; Terrestrial Glory; BD Degrees of Glory)

TG Deity  (see Godhead)

TG Delay  

TG Delegation of Responsibility  (see also Leadership)

TG Delight  (see also Joy; Pleasure)

TG Delightsome  

TG Delilah  (see BD Delilah)

TG Deliver, Deliverance  (see also Israel, Deliverance of; Jesus Christ, Redeemer; Jesus Christ, Savior; Protection, Divine; Redeem; Redemption; Salvation; Save)

TG Demand  (see also Require)

TG Demetrius  (see BD Demetrius)

TG Demons  (see Spirits, Evil or Unclean)

TG Den  

TG Deny  (see also Renounce)

TG Depart  (see also Go; Leave)

TG Dependability  (see also Diligence; Industry; Trustworthiness)

TG Depression  (see Despair; Sorrow)

TG Depth  

TG Deride  

TG Derision  (see also Reproach)

TG Descend  (see also Fall; Light)

TG Descent  

TG Deseret  

TG Desert  (see also Wilderness)

TG Desire  (see also Covet, Covetousness; Motivations; Purpose)

TG Desolate  (see also Waste)

TG Desolation  (see also Abomination of Desolation; Destruction; Ruin; Waste)

TG Despair  (see also Mourning; Sorrow)

TG Despise  (see also Abhor; Hate; Loathe)

TG Despiser  

TG Despitefully  

TG Despotism  (see Tyranny)

TG Destiny of Earth  (see Earth, Destiny of; Earth, Purpose of)

TG Destitute  (see also Needy; Poor)

TG Destroy  (see also Destruction; Kill; Perish; Slay; Waste)

TG Destroyer  

TG Destruction  (see also Destroy; Ruin; Slaughter)

TG Determination  (see Determine; Commitment)

TG Determine  (see also Purpose)

TG Deuteronomy  (see BD Deuteronomy)

TG Device  (see also Imagination)

TG Devil  (see also Adversary; Evil; Hell; Lucifer; Satan; BD Devil)

TG Devil, Church of  

TG Devilish  

TG Devise  (see also Device)

TG Devotion  (see Commitment; Dedication)

TG Devour  (see also Consume; Destroy; Eat; Waste)

TG Dew  

TG Diaries  (see Book of Remembrance; Genealogy and Temple Work; Record Keeping)

TG Didymus  (see BD Didymus)

TG Die  (see also Dead; Death)

TG Diet  (see Body, Sanctity of; Food; Word of Wisdom)

TG Differ  

TG Difference  

TG Difficulty  (see Adversity; Affliction; Opposition; Test, Try, Prove)

TG Dig  

TG Dignity  

TG Diligence, Diligent, Diligently  

TG Dim  

TG Diminish  (see also Abate; Decrease)

TG Dip  

TG Direct, Direction  (see also Guidance, Divine; Guide; Lead; Order)

TG Disannul  

TG Discern  (see also Discernment, Spiritual; Judge; Know; Perceive; See)

TG Discerner  

TG Discernment, Spiritual  (see also God, Spirit of; Holy Ghost, Gift of; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Light of Christ)

TG Disciple  (see also Apostles; BD Disciple)

TG Discipline  (see Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Marriage, Fatherhood; Self-mastery)

TG Discord  (see Contention; Disputations; Strife)

TG Discouraged  (see also Afraid)

TG Disease, Diseased  (see also Infirmity; Sickness)

TG Disgrace  (see Shame)

TG Dish  

TG Dishonest, Dishonesty  (see also Deceit; Honesty)

TG Dishonor  (see also Reproach; Shame)

TG Disobedience, Disobey  (see also Rebellion; Sin; Transgression)

TG Dispensation of the Fulness of Times  (see Dispensations; Last Days; Restoration of the Gospel)

TG Dispensations  (see also Restoration of the Gospel)

TG Disperse  (see also Scatter)

TG Dispersion  (see Israel, Scattering of)

TG Disposition  

TG Disputations, Dispute  (see also Contention; Strife)

TG Dissension  (see also Contention; Disputations; False Doctrine; Holy Ghost, Loss of; Variance)

TG Dissolve  

TG Distress  (see also Affliction; Anguish; Grief; Misery; Sorrow; Suffering; Tribulation; Trouble)

TG Distribute, Distribution  

TG Ditch  

TG Divers  (see also Diversity)

TG Diversity  (see also Divers)

TG Divide  (see also Division)

TG Divination  (see also Sorcery; Superstitions; BD Divination)

TG Divine  

TG Division  (see also Contention; Divide; Earth, Dividing of)

TG Divorce, Divorcement  (see also Marriage, Interfaith; BD Divorce)

TG Do, Did, Done  (see also Accomplish; Fulfill; Labor; Perform; Work; Wrought)

TG Doctor  

TG Doctrine  (see also Gospel; Teach; Truth)

TG Doer  

TG Dog  

TG Doing  (see also Act; Deed)

TG Dominion  (see also Authority; Governments; Kingdom; Power; Reign; Rule; Unrighteous Dominion)

TG Doomsday  (see World, End of)

TG Door  (see also Doorpost; Gate; Way)

TG Doorpost  

TG Double  

TG Doubt, Doubtful  (see also Believe; Faith; Unbelief, Unbelievers)

TG Dove  (see also Holy Ghost, Dove, Sign of; Turtledove; BD Dove)

TG Dragon  (see also Devil)

TG Draw, Drew, Drawn  

TG Dread  (see also Fear)

TG Dreadful  

TG Dream  (see also Vision)

TG Dress  (see Apparel; Clothing; Modesty)

TG Drink Offering  

TG Drink, Drank, Drunk  

TG Drive, Driven, Drove  

TG Dross  

TG Drought  (see also Dearth; Famine)

TG Drown  

TG Drunk, Drunken  (see also Drink; Drunkenness)

TG Drunkard  (see also Drink; Drunk; Drunkenness)

TG Drunkenness  (see also Drink; Drunk; Word of Wisdom)

TG Dry  

TG Due  

TG Dull  

TG Dumb  (see also Speechless)

TG Dung  

TG Dungeon  (see also Prison)

TG Dust  (see also Ashes; Earth; Ground)

TG Duty  (see also Dependability; Family, Children, Duties of; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Leadership; Obedience; Priesthood, Magnifying Callings within)

TG Dwell  (see also Abide; Inhabit; Lodge; Sojourn)

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