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TG Laban  (see BD Laban)

TG Labor  (see also Industry; Laborer; Toil; Wages; Work; Work, Value of)

TG Laborer  (see also Labor)

TG Lack  (see also Need; Want)

TG Lad  (see also Child)

TG Ladder  

TG Laden  

TG Lady  

TG Laid  (see Lay)

TG Lake  (see also Sea)

TG Lamanite  (see Book of Mormon; Israel, Joseph, People of; Israel, Restoration of)

TG Lamb  (see also Goat; Jesus Christ, Lamb of God; Sheep)

TG Lame  

TG Lament  (see also Cry; Mourn; Wail; Weep)

TG Lamentation  (see also Lament; Mourning; Wailing; Weep)

TG Lamentations of Jeremiah  (see BD Lamentations, Book of)

TG Lamp  (see also Candle; Light; BD Lamp)

TG Land  (see also Country; Earth; Ground)

TG Landmark  

TG Lands of Inheritance  (see also Israel, Land of; Promised Lands)

TG Lands of Promise  (see Lands of Inheritance)

TG Language  (see also Communication; Holy Ghost, Gifts of; Speech; Tongue; Writing)

TG Lap  

TG Lasciviousness  

TG Last  (see also End; Last Days)

TG Last Days  (see also Abomination of Desolation; Day of the Lord; Jesus Christ, Second Coming; Millennium, Preparing a People for; Restoration of the Gospel; World, End of)

TG Latchet  

TG Laughter, Laugh  (see also Happiness; Levity; Scorn)

TG Laver  (see BD Laver)

TG Law  (see also Accountability; Citizenship; Command; Commandments of God; Decree; God, Law of; God, Will of; Governments; Ignorance; Law of Moses; Order; Ordinances; Precept; Statute)

TG Law of Moses  (see also Commandments of God; God, Law of; Law; Offerings; Sacrifices; Statute; BD Law of Moses)

TG Lawful  (see also Right)

TG Lawgiver  

TG Lawyer  (see also Scribe)

TG Lay, Laid  (see also Hands, Laying on of; Lie)

TG Laying on of Hands  (see Hands, Laying on of; BD Laying on of Hands)

TG Lazarus  (see BD Lazarus)

TG Laziness  (see also Idleness; Sleep; Slothfulness)

TG Lead, Led  (see also Direct; Guide; Leader; Leadership)

TG Leader  (see also Lead; Leadership)

TG Leadership  (see also Bishop; Delegation of Responsibility; Elder; Governments; Jesus Christ, Head of the Church; Priesthood, Keys of; Shepherd; Watchmen)

TG Leaf, Leaves  

TG League  (see also Covenant)

TG Leah  (see BD Leah)

TG Lean  

TG Leap  

TG Learn, Learning  (see also Education; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Knowledge; Mysteries of Godliness; Scriptures, Value of; Study; Teaching; Understanding; Wisdom)

TG Least  (see also Less)

TG Leave, Left [verb]  (see also Depart; Go)

TG Leaven  (see also Example; Jesus Christ, Exemplar; BD Leaven)

TG Left [adjective]  (see also Leave)

TG Leg  

TG Legion  

TG Leisure Time  (see Good Works; Idleness; Laziness; Rest; Work, Value of)

TG Lend, Lent  

TG Length  

TG Lengthen  

TG Leopard  

TG Leprosy, Leper, Leprous  (see also Sickness; BD Leper; BD Leprosy)

TG Less, Lesser  (see also Least)

TG Lesson  

TG Letter  (see also Epistle)

TG Levi  (see BD Levi)

TG Levirate Marriage  (see BD Levirate Marriage)

TG Levite  (see also Priest; BD Levites)

TG Levitical  (see also Priesthood, Aaronic)

TG Leviticus  (see BD Leviticus)

TG Levity  (see also Laughter; Soberness)

TG Liar  (see Lying)

TG Liberal, Liberality  

TG Liberally  

TG Liberty  (see also Agency; Bondage, Physical; Bondage, Spiritual; Citizenship; Deliverance; Freedom; Governments; Opposition)

TG Lick  

TG Lie, Lay, Lain  (see also Lying)

TG Life after Death  (see Eternal Life; Immortality; Paradise; Resurrection)

TG Life, Eternal  (see Eternal Life)

TG Life, Lives  (see also Book of Life; Breath of Life; Earth, Purpose of; Eternal Life; Immortality; Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Life, Sanctity of; Lives; Mortality; Resurrection; Soul; Spirit)

TG Life, Mortal  (see Mortality)

TG Life, Sanctity of  (see also Birth Control; Murder)

TG Lift  (see also Exalt; Magnify)

TG Light of Christ  (see also God, Spirit of; Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ, Light of the World; Jesus Christ, Spirit of; Light; Lord, Spirit of)

TG Light [noun]  (see also Brightness; Candle; Discernment, Spiritual; Enlighten; Example; God, Glory of; Intelligence; Israel, Mission of; Jesus Christ, Light of the World; Lamp; Light of Christ; Mission of Early Saints; Mission of Latter-day Saints; Peculiar People; Scriptures, Study of; Shine; Truth)

TG Light [verb]  (see also Descend; Fall)

TG Light, Lighter [adjective]  (see also Easy; Little; Small)

TG Light-mindedness  (see also Levity)

TG Lighten  (see also Enlighten)

TG Lightly  

TG Lightning  (see also Thundering)

TG Liken  

TG Likeness  (see also Similitude)

TG Likewise  

TG Lilies  

TG Limit  

TG Line  

TG Lineage  

TG Linen  

TG Lintel  

TG Lion  

TG Lip  (see also Mouth; Tongue)

TG Liquor  (see Word of Wisdom)

TG List  

TG Listening  (see Communication; Learning; Understanding)

TG Literal  

TG Literature  (see Education; Learning; Scriptures, Study of; Scriptures, Value of; Scriptures, Writing of; Study)

TG Little  (see also Light [adjective]; Small)

TG Live [verb]  (see also Abide; Dwell; Inhabit)

TG Lively  

TG Lives [noun]  (see Life)

TG Living  (see also Alive; Quick)

TG Living Water  

TG Loaf, Loaves  

TG Loathe  (see also Abhor; Despise; Hate; Loathsome; Scorn)

TG Loathsome  (see also Abominable; Base; Vile; Wicked)

TG Locust  

TG Lodge  (see also Abide; Dwell)

TG Loftiness  

TG Loins  

TG Loneliness  (see Brotherhood and Sisterhood; Fellowshipping; Holy Ghost, Mission of)

TG Long [adjective, adverb]  

TG Long-suffering  (see also Patience)

TG Look  (see also Behold; See)

TG Loose  

TG Lord of Hosts  

TG lord  (see also Lord; Master)

TG Lord  (see also God; Jesus Christ, Jehovah; Jesus Christ, Lord; Jesus Christ, Messiah; Jesus Christ, Savior; lord; Lord of Hosts; Master; Name of the Lord; BD Lord)

TG Lord, Spirit of  (see also God, Spirit of; Holy Ghost; Jesus Christ, Spirit of; Light of Christ)

TG Lord’s Day  (see Sabbath; BD Lord’s Day)

TG Lord’s Prayer  (see BD Lord’s Prayer)

TG Lord’s Supper  (see Sacrament)

TG Lose, Lost  

TG Lost Scriptures  (see Scriptures, Lost; BD Lost Books)

TG Lost Tribes of Israel  (see Israel, Ten Lost Tribes of)

TG Lot  (see also Portion; BD Lot; BD Lots, Casting of)

TG Love  (see also Affection; Benevolence; Brotherhood and Sisterhood; Charity; Family, Love within; Fellowshipping; Friendship; God, Love of; Grace; Kindness; Marriage, Continuing Courtship in; Neighbor)

TG Lovely  

TG Lover  

TG Loving-kindness  (see also Kindness; Mercy)

TG Low, Lower, Lowest  

TG Lowliness  (see also Lowly)

TG Lowly  (see also Humble)

TG Loyalty  (see also Faithfulness; Obedience; Steadfastness; Trustworthiness)

TG Lucifer  (see also Devil; Satan; BD Lucifer)

TG Lucre  

TG Luke  (see BD Luke; BD Luke, Gospel of)

TG Lukewarm  

TG Lump  

TG Lust  (see also Adultery; Carnal Mind; Chastity; Covetousness; Desire; Fornication; Homosexuality; Pleasure; Sensuality; Sexual Immorality)

TG Luxury  (see Treasure; Worldliness)

TG Lying, Liar, Lie  (see also Deceit; False; False Doctrine; Flattery; Fraud; Gossip; Honesty; Hypocrisy; Slander)

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