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TG Pacify  

TG Pain  (see also Affliction; Anguish; Distress; Grief; Sorrow; Suffering; Torment)

TG Palace  

TG Palestine  (see Israel, Land of; Lands of Inheritance; Promised Lands; BD Palestine)

TG Palm  (see also Tree)

TG Palsy  

TG Parable  (see also Byword; Jesus Christ, Teaching Mode of; Proverb; BD Parables)

TG Paraclete  (see BD Paraclete)

TG Paradise, Paradisiacal  (see also Earth, Renewal of; Heaven; Spirits, Disembodied; BD Abraham’s Bosom; BD Eden; BD Paradise)

TG Paran  (see BD Paran)

TG Pardon  (see also Forgiveness; Remission of Sins)

TG Parent  (see also Children; Family, Children, Duties of; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Family, Love within; Family, Patriarchal; Father; Honoring Father and Mother; Marriage, Fatherhood; Marriage, Motherhood; Mother)

TG Part  (see also Divide; Portion; Separate)

TG Partake  (see also Partaker)

TG Partaker  

TG Partition  

TG Pass  

TG Passion  (see also Lust; Passion of Jesus Christ)

TG Passion of Jesus Christ  (see also Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Jesus Christ, Crucifixion of; Jesus Christ, Trials of)

TG Passover  (see also Bread, Unleavened; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Anticipation; BD Passover)

TG Past  (see also Pass)

TG Pastor  (see also Bishop; Overseer; Shepherd)

TG Pastoral Epistles  (see BD Pastoral Epistles)

TG Pasture  

TG Path  (see also Highway; Way)

TG Patience, Patient, Patiently  (see also Affliction; Forebearance)

TG Patmos  (see BD Patmos)

TG Patriarch  (see also Family, Patriarchal; Father; Patriarchal Blessings; Priesthood, Melchizedek)

TG Patriarchal Blessings  (see also Blessings; Patriarch)

TG Patriotism  (see Citizenship; Governments)

TG Pattern  (see also Example; Form; Image)

TG Paul  (see BD Paul)

TG Pauline Epistles  (see BD Pauline Epistles)

TG Pavilion  

TG Pay, Paid  (see also Bestow; Give; Recompense; Reward)

TG Peace  (see also Comfort; Contentment; Order; Peace of God; Peacemakers; Silence)

TG Peace of God  (see also Peace; Rest)

TG Peace Offering  (see Sacrifice; BD Peace Offering)

TG Peacemakers  (see also Peace; Peace of God; Sons and Daughters of God)

TG Pearl  

TG Peculiar People  (see also Called of God; Mission of Latter-day Saints; Separation)

TG Pedigree  

TG Peer Influence  (see also Motivations; Objectives)

TG Pen  

TG Penalty  

TG Penny, Pence  

TG Pentateuch  (see BD Pentateuch)

TG Pentecost  (see also BD Pentecost)

TG People  (see also Peculiar People; Multitude; Nations)

TG Perceive  

TG Perdition  (see Damnation; Death, Spiritual Second; Hell; Holy Ghost, Unpardonable Sin against; Sons of Perdition)

TG Perfection, Perfect, Perfectly  (see also God, Perfection of; God, the Standard of Righteousness; Godliness; Integrity; Jesus Christ, Exemplar; Just; Man, New, Spiritually Reborn; Man, Potential to Become like Heavenly Father; Whole)

TG Perform  (see also Accomplished; Do; Execute; Fulfill; Keep; Performance)

TG Performance  (see also Perform)

TG Peril, Perilous  (see also Danger; Jeopardy)

TG Perish  (see also Destroy; Die)

TG Permission  (see also Permit)

TG Permit  

TG Pernicious  

TG Perpetual  

TG Perplexed, Perplexities  

TG Persecution, Persecute  (see also Adversity; Affliction; Apostasy of Israel; Chastening; Cruelty; Despise; Enemies; Hate; Malice; Oppression; Prophets, Rejection of; Reviling; Suffering; Tribulation)

TG Perseverance  (see also Dedication; Diligence; Endure; Steadfastness)

TG Persistence  (see Courage; Strength)

TG Person  (see also Man; Personage; Soul)

TG Personage  (see also Person)

TG Persuade  (see also Plead)

TG Perverse  (see also Pervert)

TG Pervert  (see also Corrupt; Perverse; Wrest)

TG Pessimism  (see Despair; Doubt; Fearful)

TG Pestilence  

TG Peter  (see BD Peter; BD Peter, Epistles of)

TG Petition  (see also Ask; Beg; Beseech; Intreat; Plead; Pray; Request)

TG Petting  (see Carnal Mind; Chastity; Lust; Sensuality; Sexual Immorality)

TG Pharaoh  (see BD Pharaoh)

TG Pharisee  (see BD Pharisees)

TG Philemon  (see BD Philemon)

TG Philip  (see BD Philip)

TG Philippians  (see BD Pauline Epistles)

TG Philistine  (see BD Philistines)

TG Philosopher, Philosophy  

TG Phylactery  (see also BD Phylacteries)

TG Physician  

TG Piece  (see also Portion)

TG Pierce, Piercing  

TG Piety  

TG Pilate  (see BD Pilate)

TG Pilgrim  (see also Pilgrimage)

TG Pilgrimage  

TG Pillar  (see also Post)

TG Pillow  

TG Pinnacle  (see also BD Pinnacle)

TG Pipe  (see also Musical Instruments)

TG Pit  (see also Death; Grave; Hell; Spirits in Prison)

TG Pitch  (see also Set)

TG Pitiful  (see also Pity)

TG Pity  (see also Compassion; God, Mercy of; Kindness; Mercy)

TG Place  

TG Plague  (see also Drought; Pestilence)

TG Plain  (see also Plainly; Plainness)

TG Plainly  

TG Plainness  

TG Plan  (see also Gospel; Salvation, Plan of)

TG Planet  (see Astronomy; Heaven)

TG Plant  (see also Herb)

TG Plat, Plait  

TG Plate  

TG Play  

TG Plead  (see also Ask; Beg; Beseech; Intreat; Petition)

TG Pleasant  

TG Please  (see also Glad; Pleasant; Pleasing; Pleasure)

TG Pleasing  (see also Please)

TG Pleasure  (see also Delight; Gladness; Happiness; Joy; Please)

TG Pledge  

TG Plenteous  (see also Abundant; Plenty)

TG Plenty  (see also Abundance; Fulness)

TG Plot  

TG Plow, Plough  

TG Plowshare  

TG Pluck  

TG Plural Marriage  (see Marriage, Plural)

TG Poet  

TG Point  

TG Poison, Poisonous  

TG Pole  

TG Politics  (see Governments; Kings, Earthly; Nations)

TG Pollution, Pollute  (see also Corruption; Defile; Filthiness; Profane; Sacrilege)

TG Polygamy  (see Marriage, Plural)

TG Ponder  (see also Meditate; Think)

TG Pool  

TG Poor  (see also Afflicted; Almsgiving; Charity; Consecration; Destitute; Generosity; Needy; Poor in Spirit; Welfare; Widows)

TG Poor in Spirit  (see also Meekness)

TG Popular  (see also Peer Influence; Worldliness)

TG Population Control  (see Birth Control; Marriage, Motherhood)

TG Porch  

TG Pore  

TG Pornography  (see Carnal Mind; Evil; Sexual Immorality; Sin; Temptation)

TG Portion  (see also Divide; Lot; Part; Piece)

TG Possess  (see also Inherit; Possession; Possessor)

TG Possession  (see also Goods; Inheritance; Riches; Stewardship; Treasure; Wealth; Worldliness)

TG Possessor  

TG Possibility  (see also Possible)

TG Possible  

TG Post  (see also Pillar)

TG Posterity  (see also Children; Family; Family, Eternal; Family, Patriarchal; Offspring; Seed)

TG Pot  

TG Pottage  

TG Potter  

TG Pour  

TG Poverty  (see also Poor)

TG Power, Powerful  (see also Authority; Force; Glory; God, Power of; Governments; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Jesus Christ, Authority of; Jesus Christ, Power of; Might; Priesthood; Priesthood, Authority; Priesthood, Keys of; Priesthood, Power of; Strength; Teaching with the Spirit)

TG Praise  (see also Exalt; Glorify; Honor; Magnify)

TG Prayer, Pray  (see also Communication; Faith; God, Access to; Meditation; Supplication; BD Prayer)

TG Preacher  (see also Preaching)

TG Preaching, Preach  (see also Declare; Jesus Christ, Mission of; Jesus Christ, Teaching Mode of; Mission of Early Saints; Mission of Latter-day Saints; Preacher; Proclaim; Prophecy; Publish; Teaching; Testify)

TG Precept  (see also Command; Law; Statute)

TG Precious  

TG Predestinate  (see also Foreordination)

TG Predicated  

TG Predicted  

TG Preeminence  

TG Preexistence  (see Council in Heaven; Man, Antemortal Existence of; Spirit Body; Spirit Creation)

TG Prefer  

TG Prejudice  (see Ignorance; Injustice; Judgment)

TG Premortal Appearances of Christ  (see Jesus Christ, Appearances, Antemortal)

TG Premortal Life  (see Council in Heaven; Man, Antemortal Existence of; Spirit Body; Spirit Creation)

TG Preparation  (see also Education; Millennium, Preparing a People for; Preparatory; Prepare; Priesthood, Qualifying for)

TG Preparatory  

TG Prepare  (see also Preparation; Preparatory)

TG Presbytery  

TG Presence  (see also God, Presence of; God, Privilege of Seeing; Present)

TG Present [adjective, adverb]  

TG Present [noun]  (see also Gift)

TG Present [verb]  (see also Give; Offer)

TG Preserve  (see also Keep; Scriptures, Preservation of)

TG Press  

TG Pretence  

TG Prevail  

TG Prey  (see also Spoil)

TG Price  

TG Prick  

TG Pride  (see also Boasting; Conceit; Envy; Hardheartedness; Haughtiness)

TG Priest, Aaronic Priesthood  (see also High Priest - Aaronic Priesthood; Priest, Melchizedek Priesthood; Priesthood, Aaronic; BD Priests)

TG Priest, False  (see also False Priesthoods; False Prophets; Priestcraft)

TG Priest, Melchizedek Priesthood  (see also High Priest - Melchizedek Priesthood; Priest, Aaronic Priesthood; Priesthood, Melchizedek)

TG Priestcraft  (see also False Priesthoods; Ministry, Unpaid; Priest, False)

TG Priesthood  (see also Authority; Bishop; Covenants; Deacon; Elder; Evangelist; False Priesthoods; Hands, Laying on of; High Priest - Aaronic Priesthood; High Priest - Melchizedek Priesthood; Jesus Christ, Authority of; Ordinances; Patriarch; Priest, Aaronic Priesthood; Priest, Melchizedek Priesthood; Priesthood, Aaronic; Priesthood, Authority; Priesthood, History of; Priesthood, Keys of; Priesthood, Magnifying Callings within; Priesthood, Melchizedek; Priesthood, Oath and Covenant; Priesthood, Ordination; Priesthood, Power of; Priesthood, Qualifying for; Seventy; Teacher; BD Aaronic Priesthood; BD Melchizedek Priesthood)

TG Priesthood, Aaronic  (see also Bishop; Deacon; High Priest - Aaronic Priesthood; Priest, Aaronic Priesthood; Teacher; BD Aaronic Priesthood; BD Levites)

TG Priesthood, Authority  (see also Called of God; Priesthood, Power of)

TG Priesthood, History of  

TG Priesthood, Keys of  (see also Key; Priesthood, Authority; Priesthood, Power of; Sealing)

TG Priesthood, Magnifying Callings within  (see also Priesthood, Oath and Covenant)

TG Priesthood, Melchizedek  (see also Elder - Melchizedek Priesthood; High Priest - Melchizedek Priesthood; Priesthood, Keys of; Seventy; BD Melchizedek Priesthood)

TG Priesthood, Oath and Covenant  (see also Priesthood, Magnifying Callings within; Priesthood, Melchizedek)

TG Priesthood, Ordination  (see also Laying on of Hands; Ordain; Ordinances)

TG Priesthood, Power of  (see also God, Power of; Priesthood, Keys of; Sealing)

TG Priesthood, Qualifying for  (see also Worthiness)

TG Priests  (see Priest)

TG Prince  (see also Chief; Noble)

TG Principality  

TG Principle  

TG Print  

TG Priority  (see Commitment; Dedication; Objectives)

TG Prison  (see also Dungeon; Hell; Prisoner; Punishment; Salvation for the Dead; Spirits in Prison)

TG Prisoner  (see also Captive)

TG Private  (see also Privately)

TG Privately  

TG Privilege  

TG Privily  

TG Prize  

TG Probation, Probationary  (see also Earth, Purpose of; Mortality; Opposition; Temptation)

TG Problem-Solving  (see also Faith; God, Access to; Holy Ghost, Gifts of; Prayer; Repentance)

TG Proceed  

TG Proclaim  (see also Declare; Preaching; Publish)

TG Procrastination, Procrastinate  (see also Apathy; Idleness; Slothfulness)

TG Procreation  (see Birth Control; Children; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Marriage, Fatherhood; Marriage, Motherhood)

TG Prodigal Son  (see Luke 15: 11-32)

TG Profane  (see also Corrupt; Defile; Pollution; Profanity)

TG Profanity  (see also Blasphemy; Profane; Swearing; Tongue)

TG Profess  

TG Profession  

TG Profit  (see also Advantage; Gain; Profitable)

TG Profitable  

TG Progenitors  (see also Family, Children, Duties of; Genealogy and Temple Work)

TG Progress  (see also Godliness; Man, Potential to Become like Heavenly Father; Perfection)

TG Progression  (see Eternal Life; Exaltation; Family, Eternal; Man, Potential to Become like Heavenly Father)

TG Prolong  

TG Promise  (see also Covenant; Holy Spirit; Oath; Pledge; Swear; Vow)

TG Promised Lands  (see also Israel, Land of; Lands of Inheritance)

TG Proof  

TG Proper  

TG Property  

TG Prophecy  (see also Declare; Holy Ghost, Gifts of; Inspiration; Jesus Christ, Prophecies about; Preaching; Proclaim; Prophets, Mission of; Revelation)

TG Prophetess  

TG Prophets, False  (see False Prophets)

TG Prophets, Mission of  (see also Apostles; Guidance, Divine; Prophecy; Prophets, Rejection of; Seer; BD Prophet)

TG Prophets, Rejection of  

TG Propitiation  (see also Atonement; Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Reconciliation; Sacrifice)

TG Proselyte  (see also Israel, Mission of; Mission of Early Saints; Mission of Latter-day Saints; Missionary Work; BD Proselytes)

TG Prosper  (see also Prosperity; Prosperous)

TG Prosperity  

TG Prosperous  (see also Rich)

TG Prostitute  (see also Harlot; Whore)

TG Protect, Protection  (see also Protection, Divine)

TG Protection, Divine  (see also Deliverance; God to Fight Our Battles)

TG Proud  (see Pride)

TG Prove  (see also Examine; Temptation; Try; Test, Try, Prove)

TG Proverb  (see also Byword; Parable; BD Proverbs, Book of)

TG Provide  (see also Furnish; Provision)

TG Provision  (see also Food)

TG Provocation  (see also Provoking)

TG Provoking, Provoke  (see also Anger; Kindle; Stir)

TG Prudence, Prudent  (see also Modesty; Understanding; Wisdom; Wise)

TG Prune  

TG Pruning Hook  

TG Psalm  (see also Singing; BD Psalms)

TG Public  

TG Publican  (see also BD Publicans)

TG Publish  (see also Declare; Preaching; Proclaim)

TG Puff  

TG Pull  

TG Pulpit  

TG Punish, Punishment  (see also Accountability; Chastening; Correction; Curse; Damnation; God, Justice of; Hell; Reproof; Retribution; Spirits in Prison; Vengeance)

TG Purchase  

TG Pure  (see Purification; Purity)

TG Purge  

TG Purification, Purify, Purifying  (see also Clean; Cleanliness; Cleanse; Hallow; Purity; Sanctification; Washing; BD Purification)

TG Purim  (see BD Purim)

TG Purity, Pure  (see also Chastity; Cleanliness; Holy; Purification; Sanctification; Virtue; Wash)

TG Purple  

TG Purpose  (see also Desire; Earth, Purpose of; End; Will)

TG Purse  

TG Pursue  

TG Push  

TG Put  (see also Place; Set)

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