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TG Rabbi  (see Master; Teacher; BD Rabbi)

TG Race  (see also Run)

TG Rachel  (see BD Rachel)

TG Rack  

TG Rag  

TG Rage  (see also Anger; Fury; Indignation; Passion; Wrath)

TG Rahab  (see BD Rahab)

TG Rail  (see also Railing)

TG Railing  

TG Raiment  (see also Clothes; Clothing; Garment; Robe; Vesture)

TG Rain  (see also BD Rain)

TG Rainbow  (see also BD Rainbow)

TG Raise  (see also Rear)

TG Ram  

TG Ransom  (see also Deliver; Redeem; Redemption; Save)

TG Rashness  (see also Haste)

TG Raven  

TG Ravening  

TG Razor, Rasor  

TG Read  (see also Book)

TG Ready  

TG Real, Really  

TG Reap  (see also Harvest; Reaper; Sow)

TG Reaper  

TG Rear  (see also Raise)

TG Reason  (see also Cause; Think)

TG Rebekah  (see BD Rebekah)

TG Rebellion, Rebel  (see also Apostasy of Individuals; Contention; Council in Heaven; Disobedience; Excommunication; Holy Ghost, Unpardonable Sin against; Murmuring; Obedience; Stiffneckedness)

TG Rebirth  (see Baptism; Holy Ghost, Baptism of; Man, New, Spiritually Reborn)

TG Rebuke  (see also Chastening; Reproach; Reproof)

TG Recede  

TG Receive  (see also Accept)

TG Reckon, Reckoning  (see also Account; Count; Record)

TG Recompence, Recompense  (see also Avenge; Pay; Render; Reward; Vengeance)

TG Reconciliation, Reconcile  (see also Forgiveness; Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Jesus Christ, Mission of; Jesus Christ, Redeemer; Propitiation; Sacrifice)

TG Record  (see also Account; Book of Life; Book of Mormon; Book of Remembrance; Genealogy and Temple Work; Reckon; Record Keeping; Scriptures, Writing of)

TG Record Keeping  (see also Write)

TG Recover  

TG Recreation  (see Body, Sanctity of; Health; Word of Wisdom)

TG Red  (see also BD Red Sea)

TG Redeem, Redeemed  (see also Deliver; Jesus Christ, Redeemer; Ransom; Redemption; Save)

TG Redeemer  (see Jesus Christ, Jehovah; Jesus Christ, Redeemer)

TG Redemption  (see also Contrite Heart; Deliverance; Israel, Restoration of; Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Jesus Christ, Mission of; Jesus Christ, Redeemer; Jesus Christ, Savior; Ransom; Redeem; Salvation)

TG Reed  

TG Reel  

TG Refine  (see also Refiner)

TG Refiner  

TG Reform  

TG Refrain  

TG Refresh  

TG Refuge  (see also Protection, Divine; Safety; Sanctuary)

TG Refuse  (see also Reject)

TG Regard  (see also Heed; Respect)

TG Regeneration  (see also Earth, Renewal of; BD Regeneration)

TG Register  

TG Regret  (see Guilt; Repentance; Sorrow)

TG Regulate  

TG Rehearse  

TG Reign  (see also Authority; Dominion; Power; Rule)

TG Reins  

TG Reject  (see also Apostasy of Individuals; Apostasy of Israel; Disobedience; Hate; Prophets, Rejection of; Refuse)

TG Rejoice  (see also Joy)

TG Relatives  (see Family; Genealogy and Temple Work)

TG Relax  (see Rest)

TG Release  

TG Reliance  (see Dependability)

TG Relief, Relieve  (see also Almsgiving; Charity; Service; Welfare)

TG Religion  (see also Religious)

TG Religions, False  (see False Doctrine; False Priesthoods; False Prophets; Superstitions; Traditions of Men)

TG Religious  

TG Rely  

TG Remain  (see also Abide; Dwell; Sojourn; Stay; Tarry)

TG Remember  (see also Remembrance)

TG Remembrance  (see also Remember; Memorial; Memory)

TG Remission of Sins  (see also Baptism; Forgiveness; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Pardon; Repentance)

TG Remnant  (see also Israel, Gathering of; Residue)

TG Remove  

TG Rend, Rent [verb]  (see also Tear)

TG Render  (see also Good Works; Recompense)

TG Renew  (see also Earth, Renewal of)

TG Renounce  (see also Deny)

TG Renown  

TG Rent [adjective and noun]  (see also Rend)

TG Repair  

TG Repay  

TG Repent, Repentance  (see also Baptism, Qualifications for; Confession; Contrite Heart; Excommunication; Forgiveness; Guilt; Problem-solving; Purification; Remission of Sins; Return; Turn; BD Repentance)

TG Repetition  

TG Replenish  

TG Report  (see also Rumor)

TG Representation  

TG Reproach  (see also Punishment; Shame)

TG Reprobate  

TG Reproof, Reprove  (see also Chastening; Exhort; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Justice; Punishment; Rebuke; Reproach; Teaching)

TG Reputation  (see Honor; Integrity; Judgment; Peer Influence; Respect)

TG Request  (see also Ask; Beg; Beseech; Intreat; Petition)

TG Require  (see also Demand)

TG Requirement  (see Duty; Priesthood, Qualifying for; Require)

TG Resentment  (see Covetousness; Envy; Jealousy; Offenses)

TG Reserve  (see also Keep)

TG Residue  (see also Remnant)

TG Resist  (see also Harden; Rebel; Revolt)

TG Respect  (see also Esteem; Family, Love within; Honor; Honoring Father and Mother; Obedience; Reverence)

TG Respecter  (see also Respect)

TG Responsibility  (see also Accountability; Dependability; Duty; Leadership; Marriage, Fatherhood; Marriage, Motherhood; Steadfastness; Stewardship)

TG Rest  (see also Comfort; Earth, Purpose of; Earth, Renewal of; God, Glory of; Paradise; Peace; Quietness; Sabbath)

TG Restitution  (see also Repentance; Restoration; Restoration of the Gospel; BD Restitution, Restoration)

TG Restoration  (see also Dispensations; Ensign; Israel, Restoration of; Millennium, Preparing a People for; Restoration of the Gospel; Resurrection; BD Restitution, Restoration)

TG Restoration of Israel  (see Israel, Gathering of; Israel, Remnant of; Israel, Restoration of)

TG Restoration of the Gospel  (see also Restore; Restoration)

TG Restore  (see also Israel, Restoration of; Restoration; Restoration of the Gospel; BD Restitution, Restoration)

TG Restrain  (see also Hinder; Withhold)

TG Resurrection  (see also Eternal Life; Fall of Man; Immortality; Jesus Christ, Resurrection; BD Resurrection)

TG Retain  (see also Keep)

TG Retaliation  (see BD Retaliation)

TG Retire  

TG Retribution  (see also Avenge; Punishment; Recompence; Revenge; Vengeance)

TG Return  (see also Israel, Gathering of; Israel, Restoration of; Lands of Inheritance; Repent; Turn)

TG Reuben  (see BD Reuben)

TG Reunite  

TG Reveal  (see also Manifest; Revelation; Tell)

TG Revelation  (see also Dreams; God, Access to; God, Privilege of Seeing; Guidance, Divine; Inspiration; Prophecy; Reveal; Scriptures to Come Forth; Testimony; Visions; BD Revelation; BD Revelation of John)

TG Revelation, Book of  (see BD Revelation of John)

TG Reveling  (see Rioting and Reveling)

TG Revenge  (see also Avenge; Recompence; Revenger; Vengeance; BD Revenge)

TG Revenger  (see also Avenger)

TG Reverence  (see also Courtesy; Fear of God; Honor; Respect)

TG Reviling, Revile  (see also Backbiting; Forbearance; Hate; Malice; Persecution; Strife)

TG Revive  

TG Revoke  (see also Harden; Rebel; Resist)

TG Revolt  

TG Reward  (see also Abundant Life; Blessings; Bribery; Glory; God, Justice of; Good Works; Heaven; Hire; Inheritance; Judgment, the Last; Justice; Retribution; Wages)

TG Rib  

TG Rich  (see also Abundance; Riches)

TG Riches  (see also Mammon; Money; Possession; Wealth)

TG Rid  

TG Riddle  

TG Ride, Rode  

TG Right  (see also Just; Right Hand; Upright)

TG Right Hand  

TG Righteous  (see also Just; Righteously; Righteousness; Upright)

TG Righteously  (see also Uprightly)

TG Righteousness  (see also Equity; God, Perfection of; God, the Standard of Righteousness; Godliness; Good Works; Holiness; Honesty; Integrity; Judgment; Priesthood, Qualifying for; Righteous; Sanctification; Truth; Uprightness; Walking with God)

TG Rightly  

TG Ring  

TG Rioting and Reveling  (see also Drunkenness)

TG Ripe, Ripen  

TG Rise, Rose, Risen  (see also Arise; Rising)

TG Rising  (see also Rise)

TG River  (see also Stream; BD River)

TG Road  

TG Roar  

TG Rob  (see also Robber; Robbery; Stealing)

TG Robber  (see also Thief)

TG Robbery  

TG Robe  (see also Clothes; Clothing; Garment; Raiment)

TG Rock  (see also Cornerstone; Jesus Christ, Rock; Stone)

TG Rod  

TG Roll  (see also BD Roll)

TG Romans  (see BD Pauline Epistles)

TG Rome  (see BD Rome)

TG Roof  

TG Room  

TG Root  

TG Rose  

TG Rot  

TG Rough  

TG Round  

TG Royal  

TG Ruby  

TG Ruin  (see also Desolation; Destruction; Waste)

TG Rule  (see also Authority; Citizenship; Dominion; Govern; Governments; Reign; Ruler; Tyranny)

TG Ruler  (see also Citizenship; Governments; Jesus Christ, Authority of; King; Leadership; Lord; Rule)

TG Rumor  (see also Communication; Gossip; Lying; Report; Tidings)

TG Run, Ran  (see also Race)

TG Rust  

TG Ruth  (see BD Ruth)

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