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TG Tabernacle  (see also Body, Sanctity of; Church; Sanctuary; Temple; Temple, House of the Lord; Tent; BD Tabernacle)

TG Table  

TG Tail  

TG Take, Took, Taken  (see also Accept; Receive)

TG Talebearer  (see also Gossip)

TG Talents  (see also BD Weights and Measures)

TG Talk  (see also Speak; Utter)

TG Talmud  (see BD Talmud)

TG Tamar  (see BD Tamar)

TG Tame  

TG Tangible  

TG Tare [noun]  (see also BD Tares)

TG Tarry  (see also Remain; Wait)

TG Tarsus  (see BD Tarsus)

TG Taskmaster  

TG Taste  

TG Tattooing  (see Body, Sanctity of)

TG Tax  (see also Tribute)

TG Teach  (see Teaching)

TG Teachable  (see also Believe; Contrite Heart; Humility; Learning; Meekness)

TG Teacher  (see also Master; Rabbi; Teacher, Aaronic Priesthood; Teaching)

TG Teacher, Aaronic Priesthood  (see also Priesthood, Aaronic; Teacher)

TG Teaching with the Spirit  (see also Jesus Christ, Teaching Mode of; Teaching)

TG Teaching, Teach, Taught  (see also Children; Edification; Education; False Doctrine; False Prophets; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Family, Love within; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Instruct; Jesus Christ, Teaching Mode of; Marriage, Fatherhood; Marriage, Motherhood; Mission of Early Saints; Mission of Latter-day Saints; Missionary Work; Preaching; Prophets, Mission of; Teacher; Teaching with the Spirit)

TG Tear [noun]  

TG Tear, Tare, Tore, Torn  (see also Rend)

TG Teeth, Tooth  

TG Telestial Glory  (see also Resurrection)

TG Tell, Told  (see also Declare; Proclaim; Reveal)

TG Temperance, Temperate  (see also Self-mastery; Wine; Word of Wisdom)

TG Tempest  (see also Storm; Whirlwind; Wind)

TG Temple  (see also Body, Sanctity of; Temple, House of the Lord; Word of Wisdom)

TG Temple Marriage  (see Marriage, Celestial)

TG Temple Work  (see Genealogy and Temple Work; Salvation for the Dead)

TG Temple, House of the Lord  (see also Sanctuary; Tabernacle; Temple; BD Temple of Herod; BD Temple of Solomon; BD Temple of Zerubbabel; BD Temple on Mount Gerizim)

TG Temporal  (see also Marriage, Temporal)

TG Tempt  (see also Entice; Prove; Temptation; Tempter; Test, Try, Prove; Try)

TG Temptation  (see also Devil; Fall of Man; Jesus Christ, Temptation of; Probation; Tempt; Tempter; Test, Try, Prove; Trial)

TG Tempter  (see also Tempt; Temptation)

TG Ten  (see also Tenth)

TG Ten Commandments  (see Adultery; Commandments of God; Covetousness; Honoring Father and Mother; Idolatry; Lying; Murder; Sabbath; Stealing; Swearing; Ten)

TG Ten Tribes  (see Israel, Ten Lost Tribes of)

TG Tender  (see also Gentle)

TG Tenet  

TG Tent  (see also Tabernacle; Tentmaker)

TG Tenth  (see also Tithing)

TG Tentmaker  (see also Tent)

TG Terah  (see BD Terah)

TG Teraphim  (see BD Teraphim)

TG Terrestrial Glory  (see also Resurrection)

TG Terrible  (see also Fearful; Terrify; Terror)

TG Terrify  (see also Afraid; Terror)

TG Terror  (see also Dread; Fear; Horror)

TG Test, Try, Prove  (see also Prove; Temptation; Trial; Try)

TG Testament  (see also Covenant; Testimony)

TG Testify  (see also Witness)

TG Testimony  (see also Book of Mormon; Covenants; Faith; Holy Ghost, Comforter; Holy Ghost, Gifts of; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Holy Ghost, Source of Testimony; Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ, Appearances, Antemortal; Jesus Christ, Appearances, Postmortal; Martyrdom; Preaching; Prophets, Mission of; Revelation; Scriptures, Value of; Testify; Testimony, Tables of; Witnesses)

TG Testimony, Tables of  (see also Covenant; Law; Testament; Testimony; Witnesses)

TG Thaddaeus  (see BD Thaddaeus)

TG Thank  (see also Bless; Praise; Thankful; Thanks; Thanksgiving)

TG Thankful  (see also Thank; Thanksgiving)

TG Thanks  (see also Praise; Thanksgiving)

TG Thanksgiving  (see also Ingratitude; Praise; Prayer; Rejoice; Thank; Thankful; Thanks)

TG Theft  (see Stealing)

TG Theocracy  (see Jesus Christ, Millennial Reign; Kingdom of God, on Earth; Millennium)

TG Thessalonians  (see BD Pauline Epistles)

TG Thessalonica  (see BD Thessalonica)

TG Thick, Thicker  

TG Thicket  

TG Thief, Thieves  (see also Robber)

TG Thigh  

TG Thine  

TG Thing  

TG Think, Thought  (see also Imagine; Meditate; Reason; Thought [noun])

TG Third  (see also Three; Thrice)

TG Thirst  (see also Athirst; Thirsty)

TG Thirsty  

TG Thirty  

TG Thistle  

TG Thomas  (see BD Thomas)

TG Thorn  

TG Thought [noun]  (see also Device; God, Omniscience of; Imagination; Meditation; Motivations; Think)

TG Thousand  (see also Millennium)

TG Thrash  

TG Thread  

TG Threaten, Threatening  

TG Three  (see also Third; Thrice)

TG Thresh  

TG Threshingfloor  

TG Thrice  (see also Third; Three)

TG Thrift  (see Family, Managing Finances in)

TG Throat  

TG Throne  (see also Exaltation; Kingdom of God, in Heaven; Kingdom of God, on Earth; Kings, Earthly)

TG Throw, Thrown  (see also Cast)

TG Thrust  

TG Thummim  (see Urim and Thummim)

TG Thunder, Thundering  (see also Lightning)

TG Tidings  (see Gospel)

TG Tight  

TG Till, Tiller  

TG Timber  (see also Wood)

TG Time  (see also Astronomy; Day; Eternity; Generation; Hour; Season)

TG Timothy  (see BD Timothy; BD Pauline Epistles)

TG Tinkling  

TG Tithing  (see also Family, Managing Finances in; Offering; Tenth; BD Tithe)

TG Title  

TG Tittle  (see also Jot)

TG Titus  (see BD Titus; BD Pauline Epistles)

TG Tobacco  (see also Word of Wisdom)

TG Today  

TG Toil  (see also Labor; Work)

TG Token  (see also Signs)

TG Tolerable  

TG Tolerance  (see Forbearance; Patience; Understanding)

TG Tomb  (see also Grave; Sepulchre)

TG Tomorrow  (see also Morrow)

TG Tongue  (see also Language; Mouth; Speech)

TG Tool  

TG Tooth  (see Teeth)

TG Top  

TG Torah  (see BD Torah)

TG Torch  

TG Torment  (see also Damnation; Despair; Hell; Sorrow)

TG Tossed  

TG Touch  

TG Tower  

TG Trade  

TG Traditions of Men  (see also Custom)

TG Traffic  

TG Train  (see also Children; Education; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Marriage, Fatherhood; Marriage, Motherhood; Teaching)

TG Traitor  

TG Trample  (see also Tread)

TG Trance  (see also Dream; Vision)

TG Transfiguration, Transfigured  (see also Glory; Translated Beings; BD Transfiguration, Mount of)

TG Transform  

TG Transgress, Transgression  (see also Excommunication; Iniquity; Offense; Sin; Trespass; Wickedness)

TG Transgressor  (see also Evildoer; Sinner)

TG Translate  (see also Translated Beings)

TG Translated Beings  (see also Transfiguration)

TG Transparent  

TG Trap  (see also Snare)

TG Travail  

TG Travel  

TG Tread, Trod, Trodden  (see also Trample)

TG Treasure  (see also Family, Managing Finances in; Riches; Wealth; Worldliness)

TG Tree  

TG Tremble  (see also Fear; Quake; Trembling)

TG Trembling  (see also Fear; Tremble)

TG Trespass  (see also Offend; Sin; Transgress)

TG Trial  (see also Adversity; Affliction; Earth, Purpose of; Faith; Jesus Christ, Trials of; Opposition; Probation; Test, Try, Prove; Tribulation)

TG Tribe  (see also Israel, Ten Lost Tribes of; Israel, Twelve Tribes of)

TG Tribulation  (see also Affliction; Anguish; Calamities; Distress; Grief; Misery; Oppression; Persecution; Sorrow; Suffering; Trouble)

TG Tribute  (see also Tax)

TG Trifle  

TG Trimmed  

TG Trinity  (see Godhead)

TG Triumph  (see also Victory)

TG Trouble  (see also Affliction; Anguish; Calamities; Distress; Grief; Misery; Sorrow; Suffering; Tribulation; Vexation)

TG Trucebreaker  

TG True  (see also Honesty; Truth; Upright)

TG Trump  (see also Trumpet)

TG Trumpet  (see also Trump)

TG Trust  (see also Trust in God; Trust Not in the Arm of Flesh; Trustworthiness)

TG Trust in God  (see also Assurance; Believe; Confidence; Faith; Hope)

TG Trust Not in the Arm of Flesh  

TG Trustworthiness  (see also Dependability; Faithfulness; Honesty; Obedience; Trust in God)

TG Truth  (see also Education; Gospel; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Light; Scriptures, Value of; True)

TG Try, Tried  (see also Examine; Prove; Tempt; Test, Try, Prove)

TG Tumble  

TG Tumult, Tumultuous  

TG Turn  (see also Change; Repent; Return)

TG Turtledove  (see also Dove)

TG Twain  (see also Two)

TG Twelve  

TG Twice  

TG Twinkling  

TG Twins  

TG Two  (see also Twain; Two-edged)

TG Two-edged  

TG Type, Typify  (see also Jesus Christ, Types of, in Anticipation; Jesus Christ, Types of, in Memory; Symbolism)

TG Tyranny  (see also Governments; Unrighteous Dominion)

TG Tyre  (see BD Tyre)

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