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TG Wafer  (see also Manna)

TG Wages  (see also Blessings; Hire; Money; Recompense; Reward; Support)

TG Wagon  

TG Wail, Wailing  (see also Cry; Lament; Mourn; Weep)

TG Wait  (see also Tarry)

TG Wake  (see also Awake)

TG Walk  (see also Behave; Live; Path; Walking in Darkness; Walking with God; Way)

TG Walking in Darkness  (see also Darkness, Spiritual; Walk; Walking with God)

TG Walking with God  (see also God, Presence of; Guidance, Divine; Path; Walk)

TG Wall  

TG Wallow  

TG Wander, Wanderer  (see also Astray)

TG Want  (see also Lack; Need)

TG Wanton  

TG War  (see also Army; Battle; Blood, Shedding of; Council in Heaven; Defend; Destroy; Destruction; Fight; God to Fight Our Battles; Strife; Sword; Violence; BD War in Heaven)

TG Ward  

TG Warn, Warnings  (see also Admonish; Prophets, Mission of; Rebuke; Reprove)

TG Wash, Washing  (see also Baptism; Cleanliness; Cleanse; Purification; Purity)

TG Waste  (see also Desolate; Desolation; Idleness; Ruin)

TG Watch, Watchfulness  (see also Look; Observe; See; Vigilant; BD Watches)

TG Watchman, Watchmen  (see also Warnings)

TG Water  (see also Baptism; Flood)

TG Wave  

TG Wavering  

TG Wax [noun]  

TG Wax [verb]  

TG Way  (see also Door; Example; Gate; Highway; Means; Path; Road; Street; Walk; Wayside)

TG Wayside  

TG Weak, Weaker  (see also Feeble; Weakness)

TG Weakness  (see also Humility; Infirmity; Strength)

TG Wealth  (see also Goods; Inheritance; Mammon; Possession; Riches; Treasure)

TG Weapon  

TG Wear  

TG Weariness  (see also Unwearyingness; Weary)

TG Weary  (see also Unwearyingness; Weariness)

TG Weather  

TG Weaving  (see BD Weaving)

TG Wedding  (see also Marriage)

TG Week  (see also BD Weeks, Feast of)

TG Weep, Wept  (see also Cry; Lament; Mourn; Wail)

TG Weeping  (see also Weep; Lamentation; Mourning; Wailing)

TG Weigh  (see also Weight)

TG Weight  (see also Measure; Weigh; Weighty; BD Weights and Measures)

TG Weighty, Weightier  

TG Welfare  (see also Almsgiving; Benevolence; Charity; Compassion; Consecration; Debt; Family, Children, Duties of; Family, Children, Responsibilities toward; Family, Managing Finances in; Fasting; Fellowshipping; Generosity; Harvest; Idleness; Industry; Poor; Sacrifice; Service; Widows; Work, Value of)

TG Well [adjective, adverb]  (see also Best; Better)

TG Well [noun]  (see also Fountain; Spring; Water)

TG Well-doing  (see Good Works)

TG West  

TG Whale  (see also BD Whale)

TG Wheat  (see also Corn; Grain)

TG Wheel  

TG Where  

TG Whirlwind  (see also Wind)

TG Whisper  

TG White, Whiter  (see also Whited)

TG Whited  

TG Whole  (see also Just; Perfect; Well; Wholly)

TG Wholesome  

TG Wholly  (see also Full)

TG Whore, Whoredom  (see also Adultery; Carnal Mind; Filthiness; Fornication; Harlot; Idolatry; Lust; Sexual Immorality)

TG Wickedness, Wicked  (see also Babylon; Backsliding; Crooked; Deceit; Devil; Disobedience; Evil; Filthiness; Fornication; Fraud; Hell; Homosexuality; Iniquity; Injustice; Satan; Sexual Immorality; Sin; Transgression; Ungodly)

TG Wide  

TG Widows  (see also Poor; Welfare)

TG Wife  (see Marriage, Wives)

TG Wild  

TG Wilderness  (see also Desert; BD Wilderness of the Exodus)

TG Wile  

TG Will  (see also Agency; Desire; Purpose; Willfully; Willing; Willingly)

TG Willfully  (see also Will)

TG Willing  (see also Diligence; Initiative; Will; Willingly)

TG Willingly  (see also Will; Willing)

TG Win, Won  

TG Wind  (see also Storm; Tempest; Whirlwind)

TG Window  

TG Wine  (see also Drunkenness; Winebibber; Winepress; Word of Wisdom)

TG Winebibber  

TG Winepress, Winefat  

TG Wing  

TG Winter  

TG Wipe  

TG Wisdom  (see also Discernment, Spiritual; Education; God, Intelligence of; God, Omniscience of; God, Wisdom of; Holy Ghost, Gifts of; Intelligence; Knowledge; Learning; Prudence; Understanding; Wise)

TG Wise, Wiser  (see also Prudent; Wisdom)

TG Witch, Witchcraft  (see also Enchantment; Sorcery; Superstitions)

TG Withdraw, Withdrew, Withdrawn  (see also Darkness, Spiritual; Holy Ghost, Loss of)

TG Wither  

TG Withhold, Withheld, Withholden  (see also Hinder; Restrain)

TG Withstand, Withstood  

TG Witness of the Father  (see also Witness)

TG Witness, Witnesses  (see also Apostles; Book of Mormon; Confession; Evidence; False; Holy Ghost, Mission of; Holy Ghost, Source of Testimony; Revelation; Testify; Testimony; Witness of the Father)

TG Wives  (see Family; Family, Love within; Family, Patriarchal; Marriage; Marriage, Continuing Courtship in; Marriage, Motherhood; Marriage, Wives)

TG Wizardry  (see Sorcery)

TG Wolf, Wolves  

TG Woman, Women  (see also Creation; Female; Man, Physical Creation of; Marriage, Motherhood; Marriage, Wives; Prophetess)

TG Womb  

TG Wonder  (see also Astonished; Marvel; Miracle; Signs)

TG Wonderful  (see also Marvelous)

TG Wood, Woods  (see also Timber)

TG Wool  

TG Word  (see also Word of God; Word of the Lord)

TG Word of God  (see also Guidance, Divine; Revelation; Word; Word of the Lord)

TG Word of the Lord  (see also Word; Word of God)

TG Word of Wisdom  (see also Abstinence; Drunkenness; Food; Health; Meat; Temperance; Wine; Wisdom)

TG Work  (see also Duty; Example; Good Works; Idleness; Industry; Initiative; Labor; Laziness; Priesthood, Magnifying Callings within; Service; Skills; Welfare; Work, Value of; Workmanship; Works)

TG Work, Value of  (see also Labor; Service; Work)

TG Workmanship  

TG Works  (see also God, Works of; Good Works; Work; Work, Value of)

TG World  (see also Astronomy; Creation; Earth, Destiny of; Earth, Purpose of; God, Creator; God, Works of; Spirit Creation; Spirits in Prison; Vineyard of the Lord; World, End of; Worldliness)

TG World, End of  (see also Day of the Lord; Earth, Cleansing of; Jesus Christ, Second Coming; Last Days; World)

TG Worldliness  (see also World)

TG Worry  (see Fearful)

TG Worse  (see also Bad)

TG Worship  (see also Assembly for Worship; Church; Idolatry; Meetings; Praise; Serve; Service)

TG Worth  (see also Value; Worth of Souls; Worthiness)

TG Worth of Souls  

TG Worthiness, Worthy  (see also Cleanliness; Dependability; Faithfulness; Fit; Honorable; Meet; Noble; Priesthood, Qualifying for; Purification; Repentance; Righteousness)

TG Wot, Wist  (see also Know)

TG Wound  (see also Bruise; Hurt)

TG Wrap  

TG Wrath  (see also Anger; Fury; God, Indignation of; Indignation; Rage)

TG Wrest  (see also Pervert)

TG Wrestle  

TG Wretched  

TG Write, Wrote, Written  (see also Writing)

TG Writing  (see also Write; BD Writing)

TG Wrong  (see also False; Injustice; Lying)

TG Wroth  (see also Anger)

TG Wrought  (see also Labor; Toil; Work)

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