"Thou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Graven Image"
~ Exodus 20:4 ~

prepared by Don R. Hender

What is a 'graven image'? One simple explanation is that it is a 'carved' image made out of stone, wood, metal or some other material object. But there ought to be a broader meaning given. For in fact anything that man worships instead of the true God is an object or thing of false worship. 'Something of false worship' might be a good broader meaning to be considered. If one were to look up 'graven', they might find that the word is given to mean the 'past participle of grave', that is such as pertains to the grave or that which is 'DEAD'. Certainly there is only one true LIVING GOD and any other things is basically 'DEAD' in comparison to the living true gospel of God. Thus, this might also be included in considering just what consitutes a 'graven image'. It is a 'dead thing' as pertaining to the one true living God. And it give no life to man, either present or of an eternal nature.

In the Old Testament times there were many false Gods which were actually represented by some man made carved or molten image. But there were also other such items of false worship as well, such as the Moon, Sun, Wind or even some such item as 'nature' or 'mother nature'. A number of readily found false Gods having an 'image' did plague the Israelites. One group were those false Gods of the Egyptians, many of which had some man made image or some image of 'nature' such as the Sun God RA. And when the Children of Israel returned from Egypt into the promised land there were a number of false Gods of pagan unholy worship were the gods of the people who God had told the Israelites to destroy and 'exterminate' from the land. But Israel 'failed' in that assignment and thus they were plagues by the pagan worshippers and they would also fall away into the false religions of the pagan .

Some of these 'gods' where such as Molech, Baal and Ashtoreth.

Molech or Moloch was in the image of a horned cattle and one of the offering that was required and made unto Molech was that of a child or human baby. In many ways some of the concepts of false worship of these false gods have elements of corruption from true worship of God. It is true that God was to 'sacrifice' or give his only begotten son, Jesus Christ/Jehovah up to suffer and die for the sins of man, and thus a corruptions falls out of child sacrifice. Also of some added association is that the false god which the Children of Israel had made unto themselves after coming out of Egypt was in the form of a 'Golden Calf'. Though I'd think that this image of a 'golden calf' among the newly delivered Israelites was more in holding with the 'sacrifice of the Son of God' who was also so associated as being that of a 'perfect red heifer' in representation of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Baal or Ba'al is sometimes associated with Molech. Baal itself is a Semitic title meaning 'Master' or 'Lord' and thus can be so associated with any such false god one has presumed to make the god of personal worship. Sometimes the form of Baal is in human form and can be such or even such as a 'priest of Baal' who is included in such worship of a false deity. More specifically, Baal is one of the Canaanite deities and named in the Bible as one of the primary gods of the Phoenicians, though many of the 'pagan' people of the promised land had various degrees of belief if Baal. The northern kingdom of 'Israel/Ephraim' had fallen into the false worship of Baal and the prophets of God in Israel had incounters with the false preists of Baal. Some of the 'character' images of Baal or Baalism were such as a man, bull, cat, toad or some combination. As such it seems to often been some corruptions of a number of false beliefs rolled into various forms of Satan worship as in Baal-zebub and included many dark mystical practices and beliefs.

Ashtoreth or Asherah was also a goddess of Canaanite worship. She also was closely associated with Baal and Molech worship. Her cults are often those of the groves and is mingled with various forms of sexual sin and fertility worships. Oddly found is that an 'English form of Ashtoreth is the word Easter'. She is sometimes called the 'Mother of Baal' or the Mother of God. And many such corruptions of the true Gospel of God can be so found corrupted in with Ashtoreth. Since all such forms of false worship did fall out of the truth of God since the time of Adam, it is not too surpising to find such truth mixed with the gross lies of corruptions of Lucifer. As with many of these false corruptions of god worship, they are found to have such counter parts and similar false deities of worship in all such period cultures such as Greek, Egyptian, Sumarian, Persian, Babylonian as well as Canaanite. The goddess Aphrodite/Venus/Artemis/Diana would be such Greek/Roman examples aligned with Ashtoreth.

The lists of all such false gods of the past could continue on and on. Many of the false gods of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans or the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas or the many Europeans, Asians, Africans, Islanders and so on and so forth; could take up scores of pages. But what is of interest to us today, is that though today's 'intellectuals' seem to deny any such 'god' of any such type including the true God, various elements and practices continue today. In fact man has made many works of their own hands and minds of inovation to which they devote their lives and do worship them today. Some noble and many not so noble. The 'fan' worship runs rampant from movies, music, sports and so forth. The Sunday and even weekday worship of sports events all have their various rituals and activites. The sex and lust trades of worship continue and still completely corrupt and violate God's directions and commandments concerning such. Technology, though often of great worth, is also a source of false worship and man worshipping the works of their own hands. And the minds of man have raised themselves to know more and better about God and his works and wonders than God Himself. And they have gone to such an extent to use their own man made philosophies, mind and personal interpretations to the elimination of God entirely. God has said to be learned is good when set in its proper place, but man had take his 'self-inovated learnings' and formed God in those images to the extinction of God in their lives. To be learned is good, but man ought to learn more and better is God is placed first and God is left to be allowed to help and guide man in finding that absolute truth of all such things.

Any and all such things that remove God from his place in the lives of His children to place them above and in the instead of God, is but a sinful utilization of that which God has given us. Much is good and useful and for the benefit of man when used in its rightful place and position. But when it removes God from His place, when it takes the place of God in man's time and worship of such things, and when it even goes as far as to even deny the very existence of God; then it has come into a position of man braking of the Commandments of God. It is the case of man forgetting his origin and position in the universe. When man forgets that God is indeed his Heavenly Father then man has lost much. He has lost his way into the eternities to come. And the things of the earth, of this world, have become the ends in themselves and not merely that which of the means to the end(s) which God has placed man here on earth to become.

Man Who Art Thou that God Is Mindful of You?

Rev. 20 May 2015