Proposed Descendants of Mathias Tobias Swanner/Schwanner

The following pedigree is a suggested pedigree for the descendants of Mathias/Mathew Tobias Swanner/Schwanner. It is believed that Mathias is the ancestor of all the Swanner families that come out of North Carolina into Tennesse, Kentucky, and down into Texas. The first records of Mathias Tobias Swanner begin in the early 1700s. They include a will, several land deeds and orphan bonds which help identify his family. From these deeds, bonds, and will, it becomes apparent that Matthew and Matthias are interchangable, and that the surname may very from Swaner to Schwanner depending on who is making up and transcriping the documents. I am aware that many have taken this back another generation to John Michael Schwanner. I've seen the three Schwanner names together, John Conrade Schwanner, John Metall Schwanner and Matthias Tobias Schwanner, but I have not seen enough evidence for myself to come to the same conclusion as of yet.


I. Mathias Tobias SWANNER d. 1743/46c = Jean LANIER d. 1743/46c(from circumstancial
   evidence Jean Lanier is Mathias Tobias Swanner's wife - Others have agreed)
   Mathias had four known sons and two known daughters as stated in his will
  A) Sarah Swanner = Darby BRYAN       
        Mentioned in father's will.
  B) John Swanner b. pre 1725 d. before October 1773 = ____________       
        Mentioned in father's will.
     1) Jesse Swanner of Pitt, NC (the eldest son of John SWANNER to whom Uncle Mathias'
       (George Mathias SWANNER) estate goes to - George Mathias leaving no issue)
       a) Jesse Swanner Sr. =
           1) Jesse Swanner Jr. b. abt 1785 NC = Louisa Brown b. abt 1794
              (This family moves to Dyer Co. Tennessee)
              a) James SWANNER b. abt 1828 = A. E.
                 1) P. A. SWANNER (f)
                 2) H. L. SWANNER (m)
                 3) G. M. W. SWANNER (m)
              b) (S/J/L) F Swanner 1822c NC(m)
                 = S. W. b. 1825c Tennessee
                 1) L(j). G. SWANNER b. 1849c Tenn.(m)
              c) Levina Swanner 
              d) A Swanner b. 1828 NC(f)
              e) L. G. SWANNER (m) = M.
                 1) W. S. SWANNER (m)
                 2) L. F. SWANNER (m)
                 3) A. L. SWANNER (f)
           2) James SWANNER = (1) Ann CHERRY
              a) Charlotte SWANNER (unm.)
              b) Giles M. SWANNER = Sarah Jane LASSITER
                 1) Carolina J. SWANNER born Beaufort, N.C.
                 3) Cornelia Jane SWANNER born Beaufort, N.C.
              C) Susan E. SWANNER = Eli H. SWANNER
           2) James SWANNER = (2)Cynthia Ann DANIELS
           3) Anna Swanner = PINKHAM
        b) Anna Swanner = Jesse PINKHAM
        c) John Swanner
        d) Mathias Swanner
     2) Other Children SWANNER (Inferred by document
        stating that Jesse is eldest son of John SWANNER)
  C) Samuel SWANNER b. post 1725 - orphaned to brother-in-law Darby BRYAN
      d. pre. 19 December 1767
     1) Richardson Swanner d. 1791 = Elidia
        Orphaned to John Hardison then Darby BRYAN and raised by with cousin Obediah BRYAN
  D) William Lanier SWANNER b. post 1725 orphaned to Robert Daniel his choice 4 Jun 1746
      = Sarah
     1) Thomas SWANNER wd. 1789 = Sally (BIGGS?)
        a) William SWANNER
        b) James SWANNER
        c) Jesse SWANNER
     2) William SWANNER = Tabitha EVERETT
        a) Everett SWANNER d. 10 Jan 1835
           = Seenny PINKHAM (md. 2nd Irvin STALLINGS)
           1) Louisa SWANNER = John CURTIS
           2) Tabitha SWANNER = Charles JACKSON 
           3) Everett J. SWANNER = Mary JACKSON
           4) Eli Howard SWANNER = Susan E. SWANNER
              a) Sarah Adlee SWANER = William Noah ROBERSON
              b) Susan Ann SWANNER = Jesse Augustus MORRE
              c) Everett SWANNER = ___
              d) Joshua Eli SWAMMER = Ella Dora WILLIAMS
                 1) Clethia Ann SWANNER = Jesse LATHAM
                 2) Lillion SWANNER = Harry E. MEARS
                 3) (son) died at birth
                 4) Eleanor SWANNER = Lesley H. FARLEY
                 5) Ava Belle SWAMMER = Charles F. RAY Jr.
                 6) Joshua Bruce SWANNER = Jesse D. Jackson
                    (Parents to Mrs. Elizabeth KELLER)
                 7) Victoria SWAMMER died at 2.5 years
                 8) Bess Taylor SWAMMER died at 3.5 years
              e) Mary Virginia SWANNER = (1) Slade WOOLARD
              e) Mary Virginia SWANNER = (2) John Filman ROGERS
              f) Jeremiah Cherry SWANNER = Victoria WILLIAMS
              g) Jordon Oscar SWAMMER = (1) Nancy Ann MOORE
              g) Jordon Oscar SWAMMER = (2) Nettie FORREST
           5) Margaret Ann SWANNER = John L. KILBY
           6) James Cherry SWANNER (dies unm)
        b) Thomas SWANNER = Debbie LEGGETT
        c) Mary SWANNER = Isaac PEAL
        d) John SWANNER
        e) Joshua SWANNWER = Emilly (moved to Alabama)
     3) Henry SWANNER = Elizabeth Worley LEARY
        a) Alpha SWANNER = (Samuel?) WHITAKER
        b) Jesse Leary SWANNER = (1) Elizabeth LEGGETT
        b) Jesse Leary SWANNER = (2) ____
        b) Jesse Leary SWANNER = (3) Martha (Mary) Ann LEGGETT
        c) Sally SWANNER = _________ LEGGETT
        d) Uriah W. SWANNER = (1) Charlotte
                              (2) Susan
        e) Elizabeth SWANNER = ________ HODGES
        f) Martha SWANNER = Harry PERRY
        g) Thomas L. SWANNER = 'Cinderilla' Atherilla JONES
           1) John W. SWANNER b. 1835 d. 1 November 1862
           2) Elizabeth SWANNER b. 1838
              m. 22 May 1881 = John Daniel BATEMAN
           3) James Uriah SWANNER b. 25 May 1841
              m. 3 June 1877 = Sarah Francis HASSELL
           4) Joseph (Joe) SWANNER b. 1843
           5) Thomas (Tom) SWANNER b. 1845 d. before 1850 census
           6) Henry LaFayette SWANNER b. 1845-1848 d. 1902 abt.
              m. abt 1874 = Nicey (Nici) Ann QUINN
              a) Aleathia Viola SWANNER b. 3 Aug. 1875 Roper, Wash., NC.
                                        d. 8 March 1977
                 = Elijah Turner SEXTON
              b) Henrietta SWANNER d. before 1885/6
              c) Lula SWANNER d, before 1885/6
              d) Cinderilla SWAMMER d. before 1885/6
              e) Owney SWANNER d. at birth
              f) Joseph Thomas SWANNER b. 15 January 1880 Mackeys Ferry, Wash. NC.
                                       d. 20 October 1953 Norfolk, Virgina
                 m. 21 April 1901 = Lenora Mabel SMITH
                 1) Stella Estella SWANNER b. 1 March 1903
                    d. 18 September 1908
                 2) Vita Esma SWANNER = b. 10 July 1905 Creswell, Wash., NC
                    d. 2 July 1982
                    m. October 1918 = Clifton THOMPSON
                    m. Stewart ROBERTSON
                 3) Lucille Gladys SWANNER b. 5 March 1907 Gumneck, Tyrrell, NC.
                    m. 11 August 1923 = Philip David HENDER (Mama and Papa)
                 4) Zelma Garland SWANNER b. 7 March 1909 Gumneck
                    d. 19 September 1953
                    m. = Johnnie SIKES
                    m. = Benjamin DAVIDSON
                 5) Bertha Goldie SWAMMER b. 18 November 1910 Gumneck
                 6) Annie Mae SWANNER b. 11 October 1913 Gumneck
                    m. = George TSATSANIS
                    m. = Paul ARNOLD
                 7) Stella Leola SWAMMER b. 18 October 1915 Gumneck
                    m. = Willie HOLLAND
                 8) Joseph Thomas SWAMMER Jr. b 27 December 1916 Gumneck
                    m. 2 May 1938 = Charlotte Greenwood PRIMROSE
                    m. May 1945 = Alberta Vena FITCH
                    m. 13 November 1959 = Shirley Jean ROSAR
                 9) George Bentley SWAMMER b. 22 February 1919 Norfolk, Virgina
                    unm. d. 27/28 December 1985
                 10) Renaldo (Reynolds) Jackson SWANNER b. 21 June 1921 Norfolk
                     m. Mae BAINES
                     m. Virgina
              g) un-named SWAMMER
           6) Henry LaFayette SWANNER = (2) Louisa PARKER
           6) Henry LaFayette SWANNER = (3) Viola Agnes SNELL
              a) Alice SWANNER b.  1892 Lees Mill, Roper, Wash., NC.
                 d. by 1900.
              b) Hattie SWANNER b. 16 February 1895 Roper
                 m. = Joseph Benjamin WYNN
              c) Tola SWANNER b. May 1897
                 m. = Will PHELPS
              d) Goldie SWANNER b. 18 Oct (Jan) 1900 Roper
                 m. = William Edgar SAWYER
                 m. = Norwood O'NEAL (18 Jan. 1935
                 m. = Charles Taber ALEXANDER
           7) Charlotte (Chority) SWANNER b. 1849
              m. 31 August 1876 = Samuel BAXTER Jr.
     4) Mathias SWANNER
     5) Sarah SWANNER
     6) (dau.) SWANNER
     7) (dau.) SWANNER
     8) (dau.) SWANNER
  E) Mathias George (George Mathias) SWANNER
      b. post 1725 orphaned to relative William Lanier - 1746
      d. pre 19 October 1773
     No Issue - estate claimed by nephew Jesse, son of eldest brother John SWANNER





      a. .


    4. .


Please, while these are connections and arrangements I have attempted to logically put together from my resources and the resources of others, they are by no means definitive and should not be looked to as such or reacted to as such. They are attempts at putting the puzzle together. If any reader has differing information or logic I would certainly appreciate that being communicated to me via the E-mail connection below. What is important here is to find what the truth of the matter really is.

* Many names can have different spellings and pronounciations depending who is writing them and speaking them based on their own personal background. Further such differences are enhanced upon arrival in a new land, like from Europe to the United States, based on who there is writing them down and how they are being pronounced in the new location.

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