Travel Trips of the Book of Mormon

'Routes & Timelines'

prepared by Don R. Hender

    When one suggests a Book of Mormon Map possibility, one ought to be prepared to locate the varies 'journeys' which the record discribes on that possible map. All such journeys may not be able to be precisely identified exactly but enough of the journeys ought to comply to the maps physical characteristics, both with feasible and logical scenarios and fitting time related relationship of distances traveled over any such time limits suggested without any real subjective adjustments. This is the attempt made here in this series of pages of the following deduced significant 'journeys' in the Book of Mormon.

1. Lehi's Landing & Journey to Land of Inheritance
2. Mulek's Landing & Journey to Zarahemla
3. Nephi's Departure to Land of Nephi
4. Mosiah I Departure to Zarahemla
5. Zeniff's Return Journeys to Lehi-Nephi
6. Alma's Departure Journey
& The Priests' Departure
7. Lemhi's Explorers' Journey to Desolation
8. Ammon's Journey of Investigation
9. 'The Lamanite Attacks'
10. Ammon's and Lemhi's Escape
11. Alma's Escape to Zarahemla
12. Missionary Journies of
Alma & Sons of Mosiah
13. Travelog of the Nations - Day and a Half's
14. Moroni and the Lamanites I

15. Nephites - Lamanite Issues
16. The Cities of Defense
17. None & Routes to the North
18. Moroni to the Rescue
19. Moroni-Teancum Strategy
20. The Retreat of Antipas
21. Migration to the North I
22. Hagoth & Migration II
23. Moriancumr's March
24. Mostly Unchartable Missionaries
25. Gadiantons & National Defense
26. Mormon to Zarahemla
27. Mormon's 3 Defenses
28. Mormon & 10 Year Retreat
29. Mormon & Moroni's Wanderings

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