T U R N    &    R E T U R N
Come Unto God

an appeal by Don R. Hender

     The lawless wickedness of an amoral world is the base upon which the world stands in its current state of chaos and disorder. TRUE FREEDOM IS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE RIGHT OR WRONG ~ GOOD OR EVIL ~ RIGHTEOUSNESS OR WICKEDNESS AND TO STAND ACCOUNTABLE BEFORE GOD ACCORDING TO JUST LAWS FOR ONE'S CHOICE. And then FACE THE CONSEQUENCES and/or PENALTIES FOR ONE'S CHOICE. Chaos and disorder is the result of a system that LACKS a SOLID BASE of laws and standards of conduct that uphold a STANDARD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, WORTHINESS AND APPROCIATE BEHAVIOR ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF TRUTH AND LIGHT.

We live in a world where men have not always had that right of choice. They have found themselves bound in a world country and government that does not allow them to choose right over wrong. It does not allow them to choose good over evil. It does not allow a choice of righteousness over wickedness. Dictatorships have long been the course of the world and it still does fluxuate between such conditions. When any government does not allow the voice of their people to chose righteousness over wickedness, then that government is no longer a just and righteous government. It is no longer a government that is supportable by God. Prop-8 in California has been an example in the United States where the majority of the people were not allowed to choose righteousness over wickedness. And it has gone all the way to the Supreme Court of America which has denied Americans, the citizens of the United States to vote for and establish their own laws of righteousness over wickedness according to the Constitution of the United States. Yes, that is the state in which the United States finds it self in today. Its President can make laws and rules that are binding upon United States citizens of wickedness by Presidential Order or simply by a Presidential memo that requires Americans' female daughters to share dressing rooms and showers with biological males. That is a Dictatorship and Americans are no longer able to righteously choose according to their God given agency. The evil power of one man can dictate that Americans must abide in a wicked society. And Christ will not support such a government that dis-allows its people to exercise the rights of agency to choose right over wrong.

There is but one truth which will prevail. There is but one standard of righteousness. Those who preach, teach and uphold a standard which allows everyone to set their own statutes of acceptable behavior are the cause of the chaos and civil unrest in the world today. And their design is NOT to give the true 'freedom' of choice but to acually deprive mankind from their right to choose righteousness over evil, or choose between right and wrong and to be judged by the just laws of God.

The deception of such chaos occurs the moment that one person's personal standard of acceptable behavior infringes or crosses the line against another person, fron the innocence of an unborn infant to the gray hairs on the elderly's head. Violence against and the destriction of life is evil. If black lives matter then why does not the life of the unborn child who has done nothing to any one?

A supposed religious extremist Muslim sets a standard of self behavior that grants to him the right to murder defenseless innocent men, women and children; where is where is the good, where is God in that? The originators of violence, of murder, of sin; are not the manner of well behaved moral and decent human being. It is the lawless evil or that society that has began to call evil good and to call good evil. Where is the reason of right in the use of drugs of recreation that hurt, injure and destroy the lives of other, particularly children? Making a drug legal and available for public use, use in front of and that entangles and involve innocent children who have not the reason or the sense to know better that to do what they see a poorly behaving adult do. Where is the civilization in that?

Lawlessness and unjust laws that caters to evil, that caters to one man's privilege to do and get whatever that person wants at another man's injury, hurt, loss of life, lose and use of their own property; just so the one can satisfy their own desire to do wickedly according to their uncontrolled carnal desires, and do wickedness, and to so deprive another of their desire to live the laws of righteousness is not consistent with the laws of a just and truely civil society.

When law begins to cater to uncivil behavior of murdering unborn infants, when performing carnally and wickedly before the eyes of the innocent, when depriving another of their just righteous way of life so that they can perform their wicked way of life at no penalty and to the visual and knowing observance of uncorrupted youth, whose very carnal actions before them does corrupt them, then that society has accepted and began to enforce by law their own road to self destruction.

There are more abuses of children and babies and unborn infants that just those of violence. There are the carnal lifestyles demanded by the uncaring and wicked which they then do perform before the observing eyes of the innocent that ought to be ruled against rather than tolerated. Just when did it ever became a Constitutional Right to inpose one's self in such a manner of uncivil behavior in the presence of another when their very actions are an abuse to the righteous nature of the victim's person?

Just when did it become a Constitutional right to so deprive and abuse a child of their innocence before God by placing them in a home life that caters to sodomy? And when and if that child is ever allowed to grow and develop soundly enough to fully realize that they have so been exposed, abused and entrenched is such a sick and evil disposing enviroment that is so damaging to the natural development of the child who is free from such; Who does that child hold liable and sue for everything of value to be replaced to them which they have lost, and at what price for that which is priceless unto them to have been free of?

Do they sue the deprived adults who has taken them and placed them in such an environment? Do they sue the whole of the immoral society that has taken away from them the innocence of their youth and even that which should have been maintained long and forever into their adulthood? Do they sue the state, its justice system that took it upon themselves to rule from the bench and make unjust laws without the voice of the people? Do they sue the executive branch who failed to defend them in their righteous cause? Do they sue the law makers who failed to make righteous laws to protect them, or worse still, actually formed and made he very laws of unrighteousness that has acted against them. Just who do they hold responsible, when the whole of society has failed to take proper care of them in their young developing youth. Perhaps they can sue the skewed carnally minded Godless professor that misled the society into believing it was the right way or the okay way to rear children in such a depraived manner?

Theirs is not a standard of goodness or of God. Theirs is a standard of their own making. It is in effect not a standard at all but a lack of any type of moral standard at all. What does a society do when its established national laws begin to create an uncivilized world? Where is the civilization in murdering the unborn? If it is not murder that the clinics are performing then what are they hidding by not full disclosure to the public just what it is that they are doing behind those closed doors of secret wickedness? The hearing of the baby cry out in pain as they are murdered, killed even after they have taken their first breaths of air though their murderers have done all they could to prevent them form ever breathing he air of the independence of life.

What gives the right to a woman to become the judge to murder the unborn child? If they are not murdering the child and causing the child pain in the processes, they why are they seeking out to give pain killers to the infant they are killer and murdering? Perhaps the one who judges the other to put them to death ought to be so judged in turn to be murdered themselves in such a vicious and calis manner themselves. Now would not that be justice?

The minds and laws of men today have began to turn everything upside down and backwards. the seek to attack them all. AND IT IS RIGHT BECAUSE THEY DO IT IN THE NAME OF THEIR GOD? NO! That is not true. They do it because they do not have a nation of civilized laws where people can live together in a state of Law and Order that has an established STANDARD by which that nation's people are to live by. They have no nation of their own and they never will have such a nation because they are not capable of living within an organized society that has a Standard of Behavior that respects what is good, righteous and proper acceptable behavior.

When a mind becomes so currupt that it sets it self upon the killing and murdering of defenseless innocent people who have never violently attack them, then they are out of bounds, they are out of their minds, they have turned the world UP SIDE DOWN to meet one set, their set, of skewed standards the ARE NOT GOD'S standards, but their own mentally deranged standard they have come to seek, which allows them to be above any laws of human behavior that are of a righteous, good, moral behavior. And who is their self created God who they have also TURNED-UP-SIDE-DOWN? Be it Allah, Jehovah, Budah, Jesus Christ, or who ever God of human civilization; they have corrupted them into being a being that is none other than the Devil.

And this is done by not having a moral standard upon which they are committed to live as a people of the world, living together and believing in that which is GOOD, MORAL, and RIGHTEOUS.

This standards are such as: Thou Shalt Not Kill, injure, cause bodily harm or endanger another's rights to earn a living, care for their family in a righteous socially acceptable manner. or in any other way that harms or takes from them that which is rightfully theirs.
Thou Shalt Not Steal or Cheat, or Swindle ect. another.
Thou Shalt Not Commit Insidious Acts of Immorality That Either Affect the Right of Another to Live Righteously within the communities standards, OR to so abuse Even One's Self in such a manner. For example: It is not right to seek to tacke or take another's child, spouse or other family member unless that person is children is being treated or is themself acting, in an uncivilized and hateful or violent manner and teaching or propagating that which is harmful, intended to destroy and/or disrupt the righteous civil laws of the land. Another example: The making of one's self a public display of lude, obnoxious damaging behavior that infringe on the innocences of others, including minor children and civilized person of a Moral standard by which that society is in support of. : General public removing of clothes to states nakedness or behaving in an unacceptable manner or display of rudeness in public places that are injurous to other's innocences and generally accept religious beliefs, particularly to children and in all places and under all circumstances that infringe on the generally acceptable moral standards of civilization. Thou Shalt Be Bound by the Words of you oral and or written agreements that lawful. The speaking of lies of libal falsehood are to not be tolarated. Truth is the code of behavior, not a lying tongue. Thou Shalt Not Covet what is not your own, which you have aquired legally according to the law. Things that are not yours, your own, may be properly and legally aquired in acceptable manner, if they are for sell and thereby legally obtained. Thou Shalt Not Have Use of that Which Is Not Yours Except by an Acceptable Agreement between the and owner or owners according to those rules of use the own establishes. If the owner's established rules of use of his property that he legally owns are not in the liking or agreement of another, then that other does not have the right to tell that own of the property how he is to use the owners' property.