Priesthood and the Power of Women

one man's perspective by Don R. Hender
[Note: I am merely a member of the LDS Church-I do not speak for the Church.]

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Joseph Smith's Teaching about Priesthood, Temple, and Women

    "There is a parallel power inately held only by women, which is not the same as the power of the male priesthood. It works in conjunction with and in harmony with the powers of the Melchizedek Priesthood. There are those who prefer and speak of and concern themselves only with the 'Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God'. That is well, and those of who choose to speak of the inate power of womanhood in such terms as it being the divine power of being a mother is one perspective of the 'power' of women. From another perspective, that mind set can tend to be a myopic view of there being but one exclusive 'power' or 'priesthood'. However there are those who consider that 'priesthood' can more generally refer to 'a power'. And therefore it may be readily seen that, while there is that unique form of priesthood power and authority which pertains only to the male, there is also that inate power and authority which pertains only to the female as well. And those two parallel and complimentary powers of a man and of a woman may also be considered from the more open and generally considered definition of just what priesthood is, and that there is a woman's 'priesthood' or 'power' that is unique only to women as well as that 'power' or 'priesthood' that pertains only to men."

    "In short, men are men, male in gender; women are women and female in gender; that is an abiding truth of which God is the Author. And though each is of equal importance and worth in the eyes of God, there is an eternal line of difference between men and women which both God and nature does not intend to be over lapped in relation to the children of God, who are made by God to be in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-28). While it is true that men have a part in, do support and aid in the birthing process, there is an absolute line beyond which the male is not to cross over into the realm and position of the female in and after and by the order of God. And that is in the actual bearing and birthing of the child. That has been as pronounced and set by the voice and mouth of God himself (Genesis 3:16). Most men of wisdom and learning understand that and do not even think to attempt to move beyond that line of difference. Those who do are but fools and stand in opposition to God. There is also just such a line of distinction between men and women in relationship to the 'Holy Order of the Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God.' And that is while women do and are suppose to help and aid in the priesthood processes, especially as called upon by our priesthood leaders, the line God has set is that, it is the calling and responsibility of the male to stand and hold the formal priesthood offices of authority in 'His', that is 'God's' church. To step beyond that line is in effect not merely a challenge to priesthood authority in the church and here upon earth, but it goes beyond that position of appearing 'surface challege' to actually being a direct challenge to and against God, who is our male Father in Heaven, and to His own absolute authority in His own Kingdom of Heaven, and against that Priesthood and Power by which He does stand in that supreme position as being God." ~ drh

     Often a topic of discussion is guided and directed in its course by the difinitions and meanings assigned to the basic, critical and pertenant key words, terms, concepts and phrases of that topic of conversation. Today, most commonly defined in the discussion concerning 'priesthood' is that difinition of 'priesthood' and meaning thereof as being 'The Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God' (D&C 107:3). And that 'Order of the 'Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God' is by its own difinition effectively limited to the 'Sons of God'. And it is the Power of God given to men to act for and in behalf of God: 'To Act in HIS Name'.

Now that is one exclusive difinition and meaning of the powers of God bestowed upon man. 'Man' here being the collective term for men and women. And when speaking of the Powers of God, that is all the Powers of Heaven, there is more than just the 'Power of God after the Order of the Son of God' to be spoken of. If one would broaden the difinition of 'Priesthood Power' to be inclusive of all the Powers of Heaven, then the very course of the discussion concerning 'priesthood powers and authority' would be changed.

Now consider this that even Satan, that is Lucifer, is said to have his own order of 'priesthood' or such powers after the 'Order of the Devil' by which various events of power and authority may be performed within the scope of that realm of darkness and Lucifer. And while Lucifer's power or 'priesthood' is one that stands in opposition to that 'power and authority after the order of the Son of God', it still sets out the perspective of there being more than one priesthood and/or power.

Now that opens the possibility that there could be other such 'power or powers' to be held in the operation of Heaven's powers or 'priesthoods' if you will, that could exist which are not opposed to that 'order of the Son of God', but which are in fact operating in concert with that 'priesthood power of the Son of God'. And I can think of, and further I can define just such a complimentry power of heaven that does work in concert with 'The Son's Priesthood Power'. And that Godly power is the 'procreative powers' which mainly and primarily rest in women, though they are aided by men.

Before the foundation of the world in the preexistent councils of heaven women, as directly associated with gender, were given a great foreordinational blessing and calling confined to but the female of the species. And that was the procreative powers to form and birth children. It is and was a 'Power after the Order of Our Mother in Heaven'- the Maternal Power or the Maternal Priesthood if you will. And all women were so ordained and empowered with that potential power and authority over the course of their earthy probation.

Now that 'earthly probation' has an extended duration which begins with the fall of Eve and Adam to the very ending of the 1,000 year millennium in which women may so exercise their 'Powers after the Order of Our Mother in Heaven.' And just as the male's priesthood powers after the order of the Son of God could be used or mis-used, abused or magnified in righteous performance; so also those 'procreative powers' given but to women before the foundation of the earth' could and can be used or mis-used, abused or magnified in righteousness.

And these Powers of God held in and by a woman, that if a woman were fully given to understand them, that understanding could and would lead to a woman's immediate condemnation and damnation according to the laws of God. That is in this respect, the commom everyday woman's ignorance of the very laws of God which govern these 'Procreative Powers of Heaven' would result in such as the denial of the Holy Ghost for which offense there is no forgiveness if women were not comparatively ignorant of the full far reaching significants of that inate power which a woman does potentially possess which by God's highest laws of Celestial Marriage, that New and Everlasting Covenant thereof, are effective between a husband and wife so sealed. And thus it is in the wisdom of God that women have not been given to fully understand or comprehend their own 'Priesthood Fore-ordiantions'. For once given that advanced understanding of their high positions held according to the Powers of Heaven and Plan of God, they, women, would be totally liable for such as the mis-use and abuses they succumb to, such as abortions, child abuse, including all such which tend to lead to the deaths and murders of the children of God both spiritually and physically, which their procreative powers do put them exclusively in direct control of and responsibility for.

That is to say that if a woman fully understood that her preisthood ordiantion and endowment was to give life to all the children of men by the testimony of the Holy Ghost, that degree of understanding when challenged and opposed by such as contreception, abortion, child abuse etc. would bear with it acts in defiance of the witness of the Holy Ghost given unto them with great and eternal penalties. For the very 'lives' of the children of God are placed in their hands, that is they are within their procreative powers and the mis-use and sins against those powers are so being in rebellion against God and Heaven. And when such a degree of understanding is so given in its fulness unto them, then they would stand eternally convicted by their crimes against the power of heaven which they inately and inherently hold.

Consider for a moment the annunciation to Mary by Noah, the angel Gabriel. Mary was given full notice that by the power of the Holy Ghost would she conceive and have a son who would be the Son of God. Just what is the potentials of each and every so born child of God? If a woman fully comprehended their 'positioned responsiblities' unto these spirit children of God, do you think they would do as many do unto them today. And if they did have that full understanding and so abused that child of God, what would be the endless punishment for so doing? I do not think I can over state this position of obligation and responsibility which a woman has to a child she bears. I cannot think of any man, excepting Jesus Christ, who may have had such a significant responsibility as this singular responsiblity is, to a child of God.

So on the one hand the Church could hold a 'Joint Priesthood' meeting and reveal to the women of the church that they already hold within themselves their own callings and ordinations to the 'Powers of Heaven', that is the priesthood powers of Our Mother in Heaven of procreation. And that is that 'Priesthood of Women after the Order of Our Mother in Heaven'. And in this the 'Priesthood after the Order of the Son of God' cannot further give unto them that which is already theirs. And the fulfillment of their 'woman's priesthood' is so sealed upon them by their becoming righteous Mothers in Zion, endowed by temple endowment and sealed by Celestial Marriage to that male counterpart and companion, who aids them in their 'woman's priesthood fulfillment'. And in that, neither is the man without the woman, nor the woman without the man, her husband; in the Lord. (1 Corinthians 11:11) And only in that bond of family is the highest degree of God's glory even possible.

To this end and widened definition of 'priesthood' being the performance of the 'Powers of Heaven' on earth: Men are given the power to act in the name of God [that is the Son of God] to Minister unto the needs and direction of the church, God's kingdom and the family. And women are given the power of procreation, to act in the name of Mother in Heaven, to bear and birth and raise the whole of the human race, that is the whole of all the sons and daughters of God, that is of God our Father. And in the participation of the powers of God or Goddess, our Mother, here in this ages of time of mortallity to the end of bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, that is the sons and daughters of God; does act in that power of ordianation and authority given her by God from before the foundation of the earth.

And thus it is, in their own realm of [priesthood] calling and responsibility mothers, that is women, can, may and do hold the priesthood of heaven on earth and do minister unto the children of God. They are their teachers, leaders, guides, and even prophetesses and priestesses unto the pronounced blessings of heaven upon these children of God. And theirs is the more direct and so tightly tied to the ministration of those children's every need, not limited to the church environment but directly associated with the 24-7 home environment in and from which the children of God arise.

The Egyptian concept was even such, as was likely contributed to by Abraham, that is the mother stood behind as the guiding support and was the directing influence which made of her child what that child did become. What child has not been so founded upon their mother's upbringing? I consider my own mother, and not to belittle my father, but it was mother who at every turn was there to preach and direct the child's mind and manner in all the ways of the earth before them, before me. Without such a good and devoted mother's attentive care where would one be? I do not feel that a mother's influence in the lives of her children can be overly exaggerated. The potential for good and proper guidance and teaching of the child by their mother just cannot be overstated. And that is the calling and responsibility of women set upon them before their coming to earth.

To this end I bear my witness that women already have and hold a 'priesthood' or 'power' calling and position equal to, if not indeed beyond that of their male counterparts in the mutual effort of the divine purpose of God. Equal? I would have to say from a very male perspective that women are 'more equal' than the male in that by their nature they already inherent a 'priesthood' position and calling as being the mothers of all living, of all the children of God, who ever will dwell upon the face of the earth.

And now here is the real question. Will women rise up to fulfill their own 'priesthood' responsibility of being Mothers in Zion after the Order of Our Mother in Heaven? Or will they turn from and deny their 'priesthood callings' as ordained upon them before the foundation of the world? The 'Femenist' movements of today cause women to rebel against their calling bestowed upon them by heaven and God. As they deny their gender and seek unto that of the male priesthood calling, they are in rebellion against heaven and the orderly order of earth's society.

The day will come, likely in that great millennial day, that seven women will come to beg, in that ratio of 7 to 1, of just one such worthy male to let them be married to them to fulfill their 'woman's priesthood obligation' which they have not yet fulfilled, that they might so fulfill that priesthood duty of theirs of being Mothers in Zion after the Order of our Mother in Heaven.

And I proclaim that one day, if not in our day, the day will come when a 'Joint Priesthood Meeting' of men and women will be held. And in that meeting it will be fully revealed unto the women that which had always been their womanly 'priesthood' assignment and calling, to sit as Priestesses, Goddesses and Queen Mothers of the children of God. That is to be their mothers to form them, birth them, raise them and teach, guide and direct them as only a Mother in Zion can; prophesying unto them and ministering unto them their every need in order for them to gain their immortallity and eternal life in heaven. There is no greater calling and responsibility than to be such a Mother in Zion. The role of the male pales beside it.

This is my witness and testimony, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Nothing can compensate for failure in the home!

Mothers and Fathers Where Are You?

Note: Read my disclaimer on the home page. I am not the Church. To that end what I may say is of myself and if it be also of God, then it be of God and I give full recognition to Him for it. Glean with that salt which distinguishes the truth of a matter. And whether the Church and/or the Lord will ever come out and state the Powers of Women are as a 'Priesthood of Women' or not, I do believe that the powers of the Priesthood of Melchizedek are of an equivalent though different than those Powers of Motherhood, the Maternal Powers. One thing is certain being 'equal' in the eyes of the Lord, or any parent for that matter, does not mean 'the same'. As any parent understands to treat each of their children exactly the same as each other IS NOT treating them fairly or equally, for each child is different and each needs unique treatment per their differences. And though the feminist movement or line of thought would never 'buy into' the notion of separate priesthoods and separate powers being bestowed upon men and women because of their inherent diferences of gender, that is exactly the way a parent has to uniquely appoach the varied treatments of their various children in order to truely be fair and just to each of them. Now there will always be jealousies between siblings. The one will see what is being done for the other and as the grass will seem greener on the other side, envy will raise the desires of the one to have that which the other is given. In the case of the male never being able to be a mother, that envy is swallowed up in the reality of the impossibility of it. But for the female viewing the powers given to the male, their envy is not as easily dismissed. And they may want their 'cake' of the uniqueness of the calling of women and further also want that 'cake' of the calling of the male as well. Yet if the woman would become fully engaged in their inate position and maternal calling as a mother, they would never have the time or want or desire to pertain unto that which has by God been assigned to the calling of the male.

Additional Note: Detailed oriented but quick and dirty historians and critics of the church, who do not have a complete understanding, will point to an 'event process' that was but in its very beginning stages, NOT fully yet revealed NOR actually yet put completely into place, as we have yet not been five a fuller nor more detailed revelation relative to the full conception of the living of Plural Marriage as that form of Everlasting Covenant and Celestial Marriage as begun to have been given in that relative revelation found there concerning it. And they, based on only a partial knowledge and understanding, will point out and judge that within the last couple of years of the life of Joseph Smith, he spoke of the women coming to a fulness of their priesthood in connection with the pending endowments and sealings of the temple nearing completion in Nauvoo. As the bringing forth of all such blessing of heaven, they are dependent upon a people's readiness to recieve them, and it soon became evident that the body of the church WAS NOT completely ready and qualified to recieve such an out pouring of that fullness of the women's priesthood at that time, as the under lying evils of part of the church membership were in the very process of turning in upon itself to the extent that their Prophet Joseph Smith would be betrayed by many of them. You see, while it was in the design that eventually Joseph would die a martyr's death to thus seal his testimony of the truth of this work, it need not have happened in 1844 the way it did with many of the membership of the church turning against the prophet and under cutting his position and authority. In fact Joseph was free and likely on his way to traveling with the saints to the west on the other west side of the river before he determined to come back because of the murmuring of certain of the saints against him, that he was 'running away'. And when those events unfolded in the manner they did, the 'worthiness of the church' took a big step backward. No longer was the church in a position to have the 'fulness of the 'priesthood' of women' to be revealed and fully bestowed upon the body of the church. In fact many of those who would undermine and betray the prophet were in fact actually such non-supporting women of the church, perhaps even within the household of the prophet it self. And thus that revealation's coming forth and installation of the 'female priesthood fullness' has never yet been enstalled or at least fully explained, understood or revealed just as that section in the Doctrine and Covenants does leave a great many questions still unanswered concerning it. One day it will be, it is a natural extention of the temple endowment and the Everlating Covenant of Celestial Marriage. And what Brother Joseph had began will be taken to completion. It WILL NOT be exactally according to how the 'wide green eyed monsters' of womens-lib and feminist fulfillment would chose to have it be, but according to that which the powers in heaven have already laid its foundation to be. And that is NOT upon the principle that women will rob men of their 'Patriarchal' priesthood and fill those positions, but it will be that women will step up and fullfill and take upon themselves their own fulness of the 'Matriarchal priesthood of womanhood' with their potentials relative to the eternal home and family. And they will be fully empowered companions in arms with the Patriarchal Priesthood of the male, NOT acting as an opposing force to relieve them of, or replace them in, their male priesthood positions after the order of the Son of God. The 'fullness of the priesthood' entails that priciple partically set out in Paul's writings (I Corinthians 11) that neither is the man without the woman or th woman without the man in the Lord. And it did entail the priesthood endowment including the sealing and law of Celestial Marriage, that is the New and Everlasting Covenant of it, which to date has not been fully explained or fully revealed for many of the church members are not even within the realms of 'temple ordinances and endowments' which bestow it upon the husband and wife jointly together.

For those women who think in such terms of 'getting out from under the thumb of the male', their whole perspective on the matter is skewed. For in the Church of Jesus Christ, no woman stands in such a position as that. And it is only in and under a condition of joint commitment and joint effort that the male and female are joined together in order to fulfill their everlating potentials in the Celestial Kingdom of God. And in that they are arm in arm, side by side, equal partners, for neither is the male [the man] without the female [the woman] nor the female [the woman] without the male [the man] in the LORD.

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