Our Western Samoa Genealogy

In collecting information concerning 'our/your' Samoan ancestry, I have been putting together the following pages from various sources:

Aso & Simanono Chou Lee

Descendants of Aso Chou Lee

Paulo & Fualuga Chou Lee Family

Fualuga Ah Tang Pedigree

Western Samoa is comprised by two main islands and a number of surounding and inbetween islands. Upolu is the Island which is of the most interest per 'our' family genealogy. The other main Island is Savaii and a larger inbetween Island of Manono have some family interests also. Two quite detailed maps of these islands is provided below. And a link is also provided if one needs to enlarge them further.

Savai'i is the west island and Upolu is the east island as the map shows below.

And just where each of the South Pacific islands are in relation to each other can be seen by the following map.

America Samoa lies further east and is much smaller island, Tutuila.