From 'Old Testament Prophets: Adam'

2014 Ensign January

Anotated by Don R. Hender


Adam was and is the Father of All Living, though Noah assumes that position and Adam has moved to an even higher position beyond mere mortality. Adam will stand in his position at that great gathering at Adam-ondi-Ahman and he will lead the host of all mankind against the forces of the enemy, Satan and his followers. In his life without death in the Garden of Eden, Adam walked and talked with God before he was cast out of the garden and the presence of the LORD into the low and dreary mortal world.

[This Section Is Given As if Adam Is Narrating His Story]

Most people know me as the first man to live on the earth, but many don’t know that I had a special responsibility before I came to the earth. In the premortal existence, I led God’s armies against Satan’s armies in the War in Heaven,2 and I helped Jesus Christ create the earth.3 I was known as Michael then, which means one “who is like God.”4

God chose me to be the first man on the earth and placed me in the Garden of Eden, a paradise with many types of plants and animals. He breathed into me “the breath of life”5 and gave me a new name: Adam.6

God told my wife, Eve, and me not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.7 If we didn’t eat the fruit, we could stay in the garden and live forever, but we wouldn’t be able to “progress by experiencing opposition in mortality”8 or have children.9 The choice was ours to make.

Because we chose to eat the fruit, we had to leave the garden and God’s presence. This is known as the Fall. We became mortal, experienced both the good and the bad of life, and brought children to earth.10

God knew that the Fall would happen—He sent Jesus Christ to atone for our sins and overcome death so that we and our children could return to Him.11 Eve and I learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ—including faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end—and we taught it to our children.12

Because of my experiences, my eyes were opened, and I had joy in this life.13 Remember that you also can feel God’s love and return to Him if you follow Jesus Christ,14 just as I learned to do.

Understanding Some Things About Adam:

When considering Adam and Eve, most, religious or not, think of Adam and Eve naked in the garden of Eden and the story and images which goes along with it. Though the story of the events is needed the misconceptions, misunderstandings and corruptions of those events often into parody of the lowest and even crude form is not. Thus it is difficult to find fine art of Adam and Eve with their cloths on though God himself clothed them immediately upon casting them out of the garden of innocence.

Adam's disobedience to God's law regarding the partaking of the forbidden fruit has falsely become 'the original sin' confused with child bearing. In theory Adam and Eve could have lived forever in the garden. But if they did there would have been no children and they could not have kept God's greater commandment to multiple and 'fill' the earth. Adam's trangression WAS NOT a 'mortal sin'. It was doing something their Father told them not to do, what child has not? And it gave cause for the fall of man from immortality to mortally for the 'punishment' was attached to the act, that in the day [1000 years to God] thereof they would 'surely die'.

All was according to God's Plan for man and the Everlasting Covenant of Promise made before the foundation of the world, that a Redeemer, a Deliever would be provided named "Jehoshua" or JESUS meaning Jehovah Deliverer as 'seed of the woman'.

  [Fact Box: Adam]

  • Names: Adam, Father Adam, Ancient of Days, Michael15
  • Age at time of death: 93016
  • Premortal roles: Led armies of God against Satan; helped Jesus Christ create the earth
  • Mortal roles: Patriarch, husband, and father; helped bring about the Fall; lived the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • [An additional essential role which Adam and Eve were a part is in God's establishment of the Marriage Covenant between a man and a woman and its eternal purpose to multiple, that is to procreate.]
  • Postmortal roles: Will visit his people at Adam-ondi-Ahman,17 assist in the Resurrection,18 lead the final battle against Satan19
Now concerning Adams's 'Fact Box' or 'Fact Summary Sheet' I have added a note I consider to be of greatest importance. In the corruption of the story of Adam and Eve the innovation and imagination of men has mark as 'original sin' the marrital act of child bearing. This is not so. Only in the misuse of these powers outside of the Marriage Covenant between a man and a woman is there to be found sin. And only in Marriage between a man and a woman is it acceptable before God. In fact God's very Plan of Happiness, that is of Eternal Progress as bound in the Everlasting Covenant absolutely requires it.
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