Collins Family - Census Study II

Compiled and Annotated by Don R. Hender

The Story of the Census

(Census Study II (1841-1901)
Collins ~ Chipman ~ Hender
Color Key: Red: Mainline Ancestors, Blue: Aunts & Uncles, Magenta: Cousins, Green: Other Relatives, Inlaws, Etc.

1841 Census (not found as family)

1851 Census - Cornwall

Enumeration District 1a
Civil Parish of Lansallos, Eccl. District of -
Folio 208 Page 17
. . .
Folio 216 Page 32


Thomas Collings,Head,M,34,,Ag Labourer,Pelynt Cornwall
Lucy Collings,Wife,M,32,Ag Labourer Wife,Tregony Cornwall
John Collings,Son,8,Son,Talland Cornwall
Ely Collings,Dau,6,Dau,Talland Cornwall
James Collings,Son,4,Son,Talland Cornwall
Mariah Collings,Dau,2,Dau,Talland Cornwall
Richard Collings,Son,1,Son,Lansallos Cornwall

Lansallos, Polperro, Talland and Pelynt lie between the two river 'ports' of East/West Looe and Polruan/Fowey. Those are the sites of interest for the Collin's family of William Thomas Collins.

1861 Census - Cornwall

Enumeration District 5
Civil Parish of Lansallos, Eccl. Parish of -
Folio 44 Page 1
. . .
Folio 50 Page 14


Thomas Collins,Head,M,44,,Fishmonger,Pelynt Cornwall
Lucy Collins,Wife,M,40,Tregony Cornwall
John Collins,Son,U,18,Ag Lab,Polperro Cornwall
Elizabeth Collins,Dau,15,Laundress,Polperro Cornwall
Maria Collins,Dau,14,Scholar,Polperro Cornwall
Richard Collins,Son,12,Scholar,Polperro Cornwall
Peter Collins,Son,9,Scholar,Polperro Cornwall
William Thomas Collins,Son,7,Scholar,Polperro Cornwall
                                    [Step Great Grandfather Inlaw]
George Collins,Son,18m,,Lansallos Cornwall
Richard Collins,Boardr,U,30,Ag Lab,Pelynt Cornwall

The majority common name for these families is 'Collings', but in the 1861 census they got the name right as being 'Collins' which ironically was the same year in which William Thomas Collins is firt shown as a child and son of this family.

I would suggest and look for Richard Collins, 'boardr', age 30 to be the unmarried brother of John Collins as he is still living with the family in 1871.

1871 Census - Cornwall

Enumeration District 5
Civil Parish of Lansallos, Eccl. District of -
Folio 49 Page 1
. . .
Folio 51 Page 5


Thos Collins,Head,M,54,Fish Dealer,Pelynt Cornwall
Lucy Collings,Wife,M,51,Tregony Cornwall
George Collings,Son,U,11,Scholar,Lansallos Cornwall
Janey Collings,Grndau,U,4,Scholar,Lansallos Cornwall
Bessy Collings,Grndau,U,1,Lansallos Cornwall
Richd. Collins,Boardr,U,40,Labourer,Pelynt Cornwall

This 'Crumplehorn' residence is actually in a small 'hamlet' about polperro which is found on many Cornwall survey mappings. 
 William Thomas Collins at age 17, is not at home during the 1871 census but will appear married in East Looe in 1881.

1881 Census - Cornwall

Enumeration District 5
Civil Parish of Lansallos, Eccl. District of -
Folio 46 Page 1
Folio 46 Page 2

Crumplehorne Hamlet

Thomas Collings,Head,M,64,,Fishmonger,Pelynt Cornwall,,
Lucy Collings,Wife,M,,63,,Tregony Cornwall,,
Jany Collings,Grndau,,,14,None Crossed Out,Lansallos Cornwall,,

1881 Census - East Looe, Corwall

Middle Market St.

William T. Collins, Head, M, 26, Labourer General, Lansallos, Cornwall
                                         [Step Great Grandfather Inlaw]
Grace Collins, Wife, M, 23, Gerrans Cornwall [Great Grandmother]
Albert Hender, son, 3, East Looe Cornwall [Grandfather]

Back home in the Crumplehorne Hamlet only grand daughter Jany/Janey Collins is left with William Thomas Collin's parents Thomas and Lucy Collins. And William T. Collins in living on Middle Market St., East Looe with new wife Grace Chipman (Hender) and her son, now his step son Albert Hender. Philip Trout Hender died August, 1778, and would appear that William and Grace are but 'newly weds' with children of their own yet to come. During the decade to come they will have three daughter and one son. Two daughters will be born in England and the other son and daughter will be born in Canada.

1891 Census  Ontario, Canada

East Lambton

Collins, William T./M/35/M/H/England/Farm Labour[Step GreatGrandfather]
Collins, Grace, F, 34, M, W, England  [Great Grandmother]
Collins, Maude, F, 9, D, England [Step Great Aunt]
Collins, Jane, F, 8, D, England [Step Great Aunt]
Collins, William, M, 4, S, Ontario [Step Great Uncle]
Collins, Mary, F, 10m, D, Ontario [Step Great Aunt]
Hender, Albert, M, 13, Step S, England [Grandfather]

The young Collins family migrated to Canada some time during the 4 years between January, 1883 and June 1887. If they had any children during this time the child did not live long as the child does not appear on the 1991 Canadian Census. Albert Hender, here age 13 (born 1878), will leave his family by the next Census, be in Utah where he would marry Laura Antoinette Dibble in the Salt Lake Temple, 24, October 1900 and be found in Utah, USA Census in West Layton with his wife Laura A. Hender and son Philip D. Hender, see 1910 USA census after next and last Canadian census.

1901 Census  Ontario Canada

Forest, Lambton, Ontario

Collins, William T./M/Head/M/Mar 12, 1856/45[Step GreatGrandfather]
Collins, Grace/F/Wife/M/Apr 6, 1857/43[GreatGrandmother]
Collins, Maud/F/Daughter/S/May 15, 1881/19[Step GreatAunt]
Collins, Jane/F/Daughter/S/Jan 10, 1883/ 18 [Step GreatAunt]
Collins, William T./M/Son/S/Jun 3, 1887/13[Step GreatUncle]
Collins, Mary/F/Daughter/S/Jun 10, 1890/10[Step GreatAunt]
Collins, Gertrude G./F/Daughter/S/Aug 8, 1893/7[Step GreatAunt]
Collins, Allice M./F/Daughter/W/Aug 12, 1898/2[Step GreatAunt]

Baptism/Christenings Notes:
b-5 Aug 1881 Maud Triscott Collins, dau William Thomas Collins and
 Grace of East Looe.
b-11 Apr 1883 Jane Collins, dau William Thomas Collins and Grace of
 East Looe.

Albert Hender lived with was raised and schooled there in Canada with his Collins' family. After his school and before 1900, Albert, now a young man, left Canada and from what we know came to Utah to deal in live stock, particually 'sheep'? Just what his connects were or had developed with the LDS church other than having become aquaited with the Dibble family is not known for sure. He marries in Utah and is there in 1910 as seen on the next US census record. As for the Collins family, they are still settled in Canada as the 1901 census depicts.

1910 Census - Utah USA

West Layton, Davis County, Utah

Hender, Albert/Head/M/W/32/England/England/England/Farmer[Grandfather]
Hender, Laura A./Wife/F/W/34/1/1/Utah/Missouri/Illinois[Grandmother]
Hender, Philip D./Son/M/W/9/Utah/England/Utah[Father]

Albert Hender is now living in Utah with his wife Laura Antoinette Dibble Hender and his son Philip David Hender, He has served an LDS mission back to England, Laura has had stillborn twins, and their daughter May Dibble Hender will be born later this year, October, 1910, this census being in April.