The Plan of Exaltation
The Everlasting Covenant

by Don R. Hender

Preface & Introduction

~  T H E    P L A N  ~

     There are a number of names and titles and explanation that have been used in speaking and elaborating upon God's Great Plan and the Covenant Promises and Blessings, which do pertain unto it. Some refuse to consider or contemplate that, which extends beyond the obvious covers of mortality. To them you are born, you eat, sleep, work, play and then you die, and that is all that they can fathom to be, nothing before, neither anything beyond. And any 'fool' from their limited myopic blinder view of the matter who bears testimony of having knowledge and understanding beyond those limiting covers of existance is scoffed at and put to scorn for believing in something before one's birth and beyond the grave of one's death.

What a tiresome simpleton's perspective it is indeed. But rather than to get involved in all the false and corrupted speculations of the matter of their being an endless nature to the being and existence of man and other stages of life beyond a single staged frame of being born, paying taxes and dying, they refuse to even let their minds be bothered upon it. And with all the superstishes tripe which is circulated and pretended upon it, it may well seem good and well to just ignore all the mumbo jumbo of it all. After all their is an endless conglomerate of variously contrived and pretended supposed facts concerning it. And while to some self made achademians it is nothing more than an endless concoction of friberlous and mindless 'theories' of just what is their to be waded through. That is if one cannot seem to find a truth in all the various tells about it. And yet there does seem to be just enough factual events about some of it which does but seem to keeping on going and believed in by many folks. Below is a true depiction of just what is envolved in our Heavenly Father's Plan for His Children.

Whether it is labeld under tha titles of religions, cults, paganisms, and any other seemingly stream of mystical structures of belief and a societal structual civilization or lack thereof sets of rules to be governed by, of statstuetutes of communal behavior from simple tribal relationship to highly evolved mannerisms and proper standards of conduct. Even the 'none- believer' seems to have to concede that their must needs be some commonality of existence agreed upon for man's intellectual intelligence to coexist and trive or at least commonly dwell together within so set of structure. And whether there is any standard of morality to it or lack thereof, there but seems to be those who set the rules or changes them, evey by way of their own dictates of some type of communal consent, even if be like today that of incompetent immoral power mongerors and corrupt formers of societal 'norms' which have forsaken the most basic of civil rightes of the inocent in favor of those who choose to do whatever the hell they want, even to the committing of the horrors of attacks and murders of the unborn children by having their brains whipped up by an eggbeater and sucked out and disposed of just so the unrully and selfish minded persons of the world who refuse to assume any responsibility for their own indecent behaviors to even have a single humane or human felling for a new born baby. And there are those who refuse to assume the responsiblity for their own harmonal control to act in a civilized manner to control mother nature's programming instilled to be the very foundational basis of building a sound societal structure of existance upon which humanity may be established and trive rather than to fall victim to the chaoas of the lowly sickening levels of reverencing the basis of the human family of father, mother, son and daughter.

Even dictated rules of so called 'free' societies to day but dictate, even mandate that what is good for human society is evil and what is bad for human and humane behavior is good. Let men poison themselves with substances that destroy society as long as the rich and famous demand to have their tolls taken out from their victims of mutilation and taking advantage of the inocent majority for the benefit of the ruling few whose search for self power, wealth and self agrandizment but seeks to make a new realm of societal surfs upon which to suck the life blood out of for their own wishes to but to control the masses as to what seems to fit their of fancy and vulgar intended purposes. Such politic acts have long since ceased to be what is best for humanity but rather what is best for the special interests groups who are taking us all to hell in a basket. And they speak against any 'moral standard' as not being what is best for their brand of society, which they are but making up on the fly of the bases of vulgar human desires and demands. And they are basically canabalizing the life out of the young to achive what it is that they in their uncontrolled inhuman natures to get just what it is that they want for themselves above any solid concerns of what is best for the people.

Yet in all this current paths of chaos, there is the one shining light of the best of humanity that still stands, but is currently under attack and total threat of extinction by the immoral stink of the world today. That is the light of the world which has encountered countless attackes and near extinction before through the centuries and millennial years of earth's history. And that gets us back to just what is the real cause and purpose of the world from the frame of reference of He it is that has created it for the purpose for the benefit and use of mankind in a most civilized and humane form of living which does connect the motality of the temporal realm to and with the eternal realm of our God in whose image of goodness we have been created in, at least to the goal and intend to learning to come to control and govern the 'creature instincts' for personal gain and base desires at the expense of others, and turning them into a productive and moralistic standard of righteous behavior which seeks the benefit and eternal life and good for all their brotherly earthly inhabitants.

The High Road to Human Behavior and Benefit for Mankind

God's stated purpose has at its end goal that which is best for mankind, His spirit children. And that is, 'To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of mankind.' God's intent and purpose is to work to bring about what is best for all men, not just to meet their base self- destructive creature desires at the expense of others, but to do what is best for the benefit of all mankind, that is every living soul who ever has, does or will live upon the face of the earth. And that is just a goal which the myopic selfish self-serving creature just cannot come to comprehend who sees life as a matter of serving self at the expense of others. Jesus taught the principle of giving service to one's human kind and in doing 'good' unto all men and living a conservative controlled, decent, and righteous life style which serves to benefit a moral standard of foundational life living which seeks to obey the directions and commandments of God that are set up for that very benefit and enrichment for the betterment of mankind.

God's standard is that which provides man an avenue to 'Eternal Progression' and 'Eternal Life' by living the foundational societal success on the threshold of the eternal standards of life eternal. It is life on the higher standard of living according to what is best for mankind. And it is not living a careless creature life style of recreational drugs which but destroy the human mind, health, moral standard and human decientcy upon which immortality must be based upon. It lives by and protects the sanctity of life and does not seek the 'murder' of life to to achieve one's own corrupt momentary convience by causing the death of innocent unborn children. It teaches the right to life, not the right to take someone elses life just to suit one's self.

The Names of God's Plan: There are various names by which 'God's Plan' for the benefit of mankind comes under, principly in accord with the perspective of the 'Plan' that is being addressed. Some of these names are: 'The Plan of Eternal Progression' which usually speaks from the perspective of providing for mankind an avenue to be able to 'progress eternally' in the eternities to come. In order for mankind to be enabled to gain the greatest degree and benefit of 'eternal progression' the end goal is for man to progress and become even as God is. Jesus spoke of becoming one even as he and God the Father were also one. At this level of attainment, man has been enabled to become even as God is. That is he has obtained the highest degree of the Celestial Order. That entails living worthy to be even as God is with an eternal spouse of the opposite sex which enables a man and a woman to have eternal prosterity throughout all eternity. With this one single ultimate goal in mind, it becomes quite obvious as to why the sanctity of marriage must be obtained an adhered to as being between a man and a woman. Those who have defiled themselves by becoming 'lustfully seduced' into accepting the lowly status of sexual relationships to be between those of the same sex or even those of the level that do not respect the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman for the intent and purpose of procreation, have violated God's intended design for the proper use of the sexual drive to the ends of properly procreating and caring for the species of mankind to the end of eternally procreating and purpetuating the human race, which is the race of God.

It is to this end that having sexual activities out side of the confines of the God Ordained institution of marriage is in the eyes of God such a great abomination and evil sin in the eyes of God. And the full extent of the commandment, 'Thou Shalt NOT Commit Adultry!' must be fully understoood. Some have attempted to define 'Adultry' as just a married man or woman having an affair. That is NOT its only vantage point. The purpose of sex and the sexual drive is to be maintained in and only with the intent and purpose of a man and a woman seeking to procreate. Any sexual activity outside the marriage relationship is a violation of concept of the 'Law of Chasity'. As Christ proclaimed, 'Even to lust after a 'man' or a 'woman' is of the order to have committed adulty of the heart.' (Matthew 5) It is not just to have an extramarital affair of a husband or wife with another person. Thus in the Church of Jesus Christ, sexual sin becomes any type of sex outside a legal and lawful marriage between a man and a woman. With in the confines of marriage, sex is a beautiful and fulfilling thing and an act in which a man and a woman can co-participate with God i the procreation process of 'bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man' by participating in the procreative process. Of course there are many reasons why some married couple cannot have children. God does not fault this circumstance and this mortality is but one facit of man's temporal probationary experience of becoming like God is. After death, there is still a 1,000 year period which also related to this earthly probation that ought to also be understood to be a part of this earth's intended experience and preparation. Those who have not had certain fulfillments during their mortality will further have an opportunity to achieve all of God's intended blessing for his children. President Spencer W. Kimball so taught such to sisters at Ricks College telling them that as long as they are faithful memeber of Christ Kingdom of this earth life, even though they may not have had a celestial marriage opportunity in mortality, they still could achieve a fulness of all of God's blessing for themselves. This would given an added purpose of fulfillment of that thousand year periof of the Millennium beyond just doing temple work for the dead. Married couples who lost an enfant or baby in life will have the opportunity to raise that child in the Millennium and I must also concluded that there will be marriage and given in marriage in the Millennium and many will achieve God's earthly blessings of having children of thier own during that time as well. So if one does not have a celestial marriage with children in mortality, there is still the promise of such blessings which may be associated with that time and period of the 1,000 year Millennial Reign prior to and before God's final judgment. So don't give up. Those eternal blessings of God's highest degree may still be in store even if not achieved in mortality. In God's Plan, there is always a way that one might obtain God's greatest blessings.

And I must suppose that this even includes the path of repentance for those who sinned ignorantly not knowing or understanding God's laws. It is murder of spilling innocent blood knowingly, that is knowing it is against God's Law, by direct disobedience to the witness of the Holy Ghost that is that of a sin that cannot be repented of. As to exactly what rewards from God are still truly available from God to man, I am not the one to say. That is to him in whose hands that repentance and forgiveness is in, even that great Judge of the Children of God, even Jesus Christ who has been placed in that position upon the judgment or mercy seat. But sexual sin is next to that sin of murder and that of denigning the Holy Ghost and desvowing Jesus Christ as the Christ after having received the testimony of the Holy Ghost that that is exactly who it is that he is.

Other names of God's Plan, it the 'Plan of Salvation', 'God's Plan of Happiness' and the 'Plan of the Gospel'. While each of these are the same plan, by the terminology it becomes obviously that each may give certain emphasis to various asspects of God's Plan. As the Gospel Plan for example would likely emphasis that various distinct gospel ordinance thus required to obtain in compliance to the Gospel Plan. As Jesus taught, except a man is born of the water and the spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. That means everyone must be baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost. And everyone will be. That is a part of why we do temple work for the dead. So until the very end of the Millennial Day, there seems to alway be hope. And I'm sure there will be a number of marriages and sealing to also be settled and straightened out during that time as well. The LORD's Plan is one Great Merciful Plan for all. And a thousand years is a lot of time to get all things properly in line and properly affected

~  T H E    C O V E N A N T  ~


    "A COVENANT is a pact or contract between at least two entities, that is persons if you will. The one promises something in turn for a returned promise of something on the part of the other. God offers such a contractual agreement of performance to man based upon a returned reciprocal performance on the part of each person. In this respect and manner a renewal of any agreement made in the previous eternal realm must be renewed or revalidated on the part of man and God in this our temporal estate of our temporal mortality. And in that course each renewed commitment agreement, though once in Heaven made, becomes a 'NEW COVENANT' here on earth." ~ drh

       The Unity of Purpose, and Commitment of Promise on the part of God, is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39). It is the central bottom line of the Work and the Glory of God. It is to that end that God has made and has ever made his promised covenant with his children. This covenant promise resounds throughout the eternities, here using a sort of double plural concerning eternity for emphasis to the grandure and specticale of it all.

Man, who sees but the walls of the limited cave in which he dwells can only observe the spectical from afar with a mind set of understanding which damns the whole of his comprehension of it all. So confined and entrapped in the proving ground of the soul, man without a faith in something greater than himself is eternally lost. Set upon the natural being's conceit of the inward directed self, men of the self pride of the creature's ego, contrive of little more than a realm of chaotic happenstance that denies anything greater than himself, whom he in his ignorances confines even himself to but a composite of attributes developed of themselves over ions of time. Using his own God given intelligence man denies himself his rightful position of dominion of the lesser creatures of nature.

Stuck in the cellar of mental forgetfulness brought upon him from his temporal birth, he belittles and abuses that inner being which resides in his shell of dusty clay. With self governing being the he wallers in his self blockaided state of self imposed self consideration and self agrandizement that 'he' is all that there is and that there cannot be anything grander tham himself because his self pride demand of himself to place himself on such a lowly and lonesome pinicle of the ever pround bound 'me'.

As another relishes in that 'self' imposed ignorance which keeps man withing the grasp of the lesser being whose forces would but enslave and keep him confined to being so much less than he really is and so subjected to the darkness of the ages of lost comprehension. So confined to the eternal swirls of endless eternal eddies, man is carefully led by his most inward directed 'me' to thwart his own failure of understanding of his significant relationships to one other than himself. Seldom do such reach out beyond their self directed thoughts of dragging others in upon their committed deminishing world of self only existence.

To such confine, I do report that their is that which is greater that what they are, in their self importances striving to be or not to be as the case is in reality. Hamlet once comtemplated the worth of living on in this lifetime as he stated the timeless soliloqui. But to be or not to be reaches far beyond the mere question of mortality or death. It threatens to bury the mind of man's grandest matters of considerations and enlightened convictions of eternal existence and not to the shacles of blacked out prior and post doorways to eternal intelligence and glory.

    "A Covenant is a binding spiritual contract, a solemn promise to God our Father that we will live and think and act in a certain way—the way of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. In return, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost promise us the full splendor of eternal life." ~ Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

As itemized in our Covenant Renewing Sacramental prayers it is stated as such:

  • We do witness that we are willing to take upon us the name of the Son [Jesus Christ],
  • that we do always remember him,
  • and that we do keep his commandments which he hath given us. And this that:
  • We may have his Spirit [of Christ and the Holy Ghost] to be with us.

    It is my, in and with that Spirit that we are lead, protected, and perfected unto the end of having Eternal Life.


  • rev. 11 October 2016