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Vision of All

presented by Don R. Hender

G O D   &   M A N


     It may be well to state the Lorenzo Snow couplet a bit differently, for there are designing and wicked men who would misrepresent, falsify and intentionally misinterpret in order to sensationalize and tear down the true meaning of a thing for personal gain and to condemn and malign another unfairly. There is no place in heaven for the none repentant wicked. No unclean thing can enter therein. Yet by the process of repentance, coming unto Christ and his true Gospel and by living the commandments of God, a man may become righteous and by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel, he may even be able to enter God's presence and even become as God is. Not that he will replace God, but that he may become one with and in God and Christ as the New Testament teach in the book of John.

Jesus Christ is the living truth of the Lorenzo Snow Couplet when taken in its proper context. Jesus lived and died as man on earth but now rules and reigns from his throne at the right hand of God the Father in Heaven. Who can deny it for the scriptures of the New Testament teach it. And men may become joint heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17). As the complet says, Jesus was man on earth, our Ministering God once was. Today he rules as God in yonder heaven, he being one with the Father in the joined faith of God. What more does the complet say but that we may all so qualify to become one even as such through Christ is one with God (John 17:21-22)? But all will not rise to that same level as many will fall short. Though the opportunity is there, many will not find access to it because of the things of the world being more attractive to them than the very word of God.

Fools laugh, mock and scorn, but denying themselves any such oppotunity at that which might have been their highest potentials of becoming. God is who has given man his agency, the choice of self actuation to become what it is that he will in and of himself become. God will not force the human mind, though he does invite he or she who is will to conform to the light of truth and listen. But many are deaf and blind as to the things of God, and they would rather persue that which is of no worth in heaven. They deny themselfs of God's Great Plan for man, caught up in their worldly pride. And they turn themselves from God's reach by failure to comprehend God's own one liner of His own work and glory of love that make God who he is.

    "This is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."
    Pearl of Great Price | Moses 1:39

Jesus Christ, who is also Jehovah, the God of Spirit of the Old Testament, is he who is Alpha and Omega, our beginning and our end. We are of his generation, may it be so declared. Beyond him, who is the portal of eternity stands the Gods of Eternity, one of whom is our God and Father our all our spirits. His name is Elohim. And our panoramic view has now to be spread as broad as eternity to which there is not beginning or end thereof, for eternity stretches beyond the ages of time, beyond our Alpha and Omega as it were. We may begin to append to our beginning and beyond our ending of the days of our probation, that is to infinity an beyond. But a mere flashlight's view is all that is there possible to see as we are but schooled in that which does immediately apply to ourselves in the 'here and now' of earth's creation and coming temporal end.

The Light of Truth, that which makes up our eternal essence and which extends our cummulative selves on into eternity, is that which has been most misunderstood and tied upon in the lies of men's own prideful innovation of pretence of understanding the mystery of God that they themselves deny any man from knowing, but persecute and even kill any who state it to be but what they pretend it to be by their philosophies of men, though in truth they do not know a thing about what it is themselves but to distort it grossly. That is the 'essence of intelligence' is not the sumarrily finality of the progression of God, His highest degree of glory and attainment. Quit to the contrary. It is with the spirit child's embodiment of the essence of intelligence, that eternal light of truth to whence men and God look to for their primeval beginnings and first spirit childhood of their Alpha of their beginning as a spirit child of God. It is not the end unto which God does finally exits as those of the Trinity Doctrine often attribute what God in essence is, that and that alone. It is but the beginning from whence the primeval potentiality of God is born.

When going beyond the beginning and the ending of the panoramic vision of all according to the ages of time and reaching beyond those portals bound by the ministery of Jesus Christ and on into eternity, it is best to stay close to the voice of the Prophet and the scriptures of God. Consider that which Joseph Smith taught during The King Follett Discourse on 7 April 1844:

    "God himself was once as we are now, and is an exalted man, and sits enthroned in yonder heavens! ... These ideas are incomprehensible to some, but they are simple. It is the first principle of the gospel to know for a certainty the character of God, and to know that we may converse with Him as one man converses with another, and that He was once a man like us; yea, that God himself, the Father of us all, dwelt on an earth, the same as Jesus Christ Himself did; and I will show it from the Bible." ~ Joseph Smith, King Follett Sermon

The full sermon or discouse will not be placed upon this page, but such as was recorded and published by the LDS Church may be found by the link above given. May plain and precious things have been lost from man's understanding, which have began to be restored by the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The true nature of God and Jesus Christ is one such plain and precious thing.

These restored trues are given to man to be had and understood, but just as the Priests, Scribes, Pharisees and Saducees of the days of Christ played their roles well as the wicked husbandmen who killed the son and heir, so also today Churched men of various position will fight against the true word of God in order to be save their own positions as the cost of blinding many and keeping them from finding the truth of God today. They have long taught their followers "do not read this" and "do not pray about that" and "do not listen to them." Blind your eyes least ye may see. Stop up your ears least ye may hear. And they teach the precepts of men, seeking for the favor of men to their own benefit.

While the darkest years are past where they would fight against men to be educated and to read the scriptures for themselves, and teaching that which they would teach in a language not understood so that they might lead men to follow them blindly where ever they would lead them; much of the same continues today. Today many will continue to change the very words and meanings of God in order to gain and maintain their congregations and to make their livings at others expanse, leading them into the broad roads of liberal sinful living and allowing their followers make of God whatever the desires of men would make God to be. They'll even abandon the truths of the scriptures if it makes themselves popular in the eyes of the world to do so.

The Scriptures Are Laid Before You

They tell of God's dealings with men and what is right and wrong. God does not change. Truth does not change. God presented to Moses concerning the things of this world but in doing so many of the things of heaven and one beyond the portals of eternity are to be found there also. If you do not read and search these things out for yourself why should the Lord consider your case before him when you do not give thought for all that which he has given and set before your eyes in his righteousness?

God is not dead nor does he sleep. His words to man have not ended but do continue forward. The scriptures of god did not end with the books of Moses and those writings of the Old Testament prophets as the Jews for all their purposes have ended their own eyes and hear from hearing and seeing. Neither do the scriptures end with the writings of Jesus' apostles and deciples. There again another group has ended their followings of the things of God limiting God to but being a God of the past and not of the present. Nor to they preceive in God that he is the God of others still. He is not just the God of Jerusalem and Rome. He is also the God of the Americas. And there are many more scriptures of God that are today also given if one but seeks, asks and knocks that they might be found, heard and openned unto them.

So also are the visions and understandings of God reaching beyond yesterday but unto today and tomorrow and even beyond the boundries of the ages of time and into eternity for those that would find them out. Life did not begin with Adam and Eve, neither does it end in death. There was life before and after this mortality. And if properly sought and found, it will pave the way before you in and unto the future and eternity to come. Extend yourself beyond sleeping and eating, drinking and catering to the animal desires the come to naught but the momentary now. Seek beyond yourself. Seek beyond the present. Turn unto God and his light that he has provided that you might see and hear of that which is to come upon you from God IF YOU WILL.

There is the vision of God past, present and future; a grand panoramic vestage awaiting to feed your mind and your heart and your soul. There is more than just partaking of the temporay limiting things of this mortality. Seek them and find them in God and God's word.

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