~ Hallowed* Be Thy Name ~
(Part II)

"Our Father Who Art in Heaven,
Hallowed Be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom Come.
Thy Will Be Done in Earth,
As It Is in Heaven.
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.
And Forgive Us Our Debts,
As We Forgive Our Debtors.
And Lead Us Not into Temptation,
But Deliver Us from Evil:
For Thine Is the Kingdom,
And the Power,
And the Glory,
For Ever.

    Thus Jesus did teach us to pray. And so also did he so pray unto the Father, our Father, his Father, Who was in Heaven. I will explain as concisely and as simplely as I am able to do.

Our Heavenly Father resides in that Celestial Heaven that is His Kingdom 'above'. Just where that is, I do not know. Some have speculated this and others have theorized that. I am satisfied that where our 'Heavenly Father - the Father of all of our spirits, whose more formal name is Elohim - dwells in a Celestial Realm of Glory that is so much higher than that of our present temporal earthly realm. And it is a realm where Celestial Glorified Beings do dwell and live in the presence of God as Celestial Immortal Beings even as God, Our Heavenly Father, Himself is.

Some theorized that this Celestial Heaven of the Father is at the center of this galaxy, and all we who are of the Generation of Jesus Christ/Jehovah, the spirit children of Our Heavenly Father, do so populate the worlds of this Milky Way Galaxy. The reasoning is that just as Our Heavenly God and Father of our spirits is our Father in Heaven, HE also doth have a Father God that is/was his Father as well. Thus this eternal order and arragement of a 'Father God' unto His spirit children runs on throughout the entire never ending Universe, and that other such Galaxies as there are, are of such further expansions. That is one such theory.

Another speculation is that the 'Name' of this 'Heaven' is Kolob, or at least near a greater star than our sun named Kolob. Others teach and defend the concept that Our Father in Heaven is the God of the entire Universe. Still others teach that Jesus Christ is the God and Creator under the direction of the Father of the entire universe that we are able to behold. Those who are of such differing minds do discuss such alternatives, one stating that the distances of ever expanding and traveling apart galaxies are just too distant to travel between and the others counter that all things are possible unto a Celestial God. But for the most part, as there is really no solid scriptural basis upon which this 'mystery' may be settled upon. It seems best to understand and comprehend of it what we may.

Whatever the case may be, Our Father in Heaven, Our Heavenly Father, is Our Great God, who even Jesus Christ His Only Begotton Son in the Flesh is also so subject unto. And it is by the selection and the consecration, ordination, empowerment, and anointing that Jehovah, who is the same as Jesus Christ, has been set to act in the Father's stead in all things pertaining to this temporal creation of which we are a part. And thus we are to worship God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, for He has set no other way or means by which we may come unto Him but by and through and of Jesus Christ, Our Saviour and Redeemer.

And as for myself, such much further understanding and knowledge, is for the most part 'above my current pay grade', and I have enough to keep myself busy with where I am at rather than to attempt much further consideration than that which has been given unto such as my understanding. I know that Our Father in Heaven is the Most High God over me and that He has appointed and anointed Jehovah His First Born Son in the Spirit to act in His stead as our Ministering God here in and during this temporal creation and mortality. I presume that I will come to know and understand more as it is needful for be to so understand beyond this in due time. There is another page concerning Elohim, the Father which contains some additional information and perspectives from other sources. But this is just about as simple and concise as I can be in this respect here.

* Man of Holiness
Rev 28 May 2015