[Part II]

presented by Don R. Hender

    "Arians, such as Jehovah Witnesses, will tell you that Jehovah of the Old Testament is God the Father and that Jesus Christ is His 'lesser' son.
    "Trinitarians, such as the majority of surviving Christianity (for they worked by persecutions and even murders to bring the others into extinction using all manners of unChristian behaviors) will in a round-about mystery tell you that Father, Son and even Holy Ghost are three in one entity though three persons but not as one would think as being separate and distinct persons. And then they argue over just how this is possible and place into apostasy and persecution all those who don't agree with their 'mystery' even though they state that 'no one' may know the mystery and fully comprehend God.
    "To the 'Moderate Majority' such as early Christians like Church Historian Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, they understood as Eusebius wrote, that the God the Father was one, Jesus Christ His Firstborn Son in the spirit and Only Begotten Son in the flesh is another, yet he was with the Father in the beginning according to the words of John and was with God and an empowered God of spirit as will (John 1:1-4), and under the direction of the Father he was the 'maker' or creator of all things temporal, Jehovah the God of Abraham, and our Lord Jesus Christ (see Eccleseactical History of the Church by Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea, Book I, Chapters 1-4). And Eusebius knew that the Holy Ghost was a separate personage and entity as well. After the death of Constantine, such 'Trinitarian' factions would label all who did not accept their doctrine as 'friends of Arius' and Arian. And this is generally the 'subjective historian's view' on the matter as well though clearly it was not the truth of the matter.
    "As for the LDS, they simple state that they believe in God the Father, and in his Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. But you will find in their doctrine that they believe as did Bishop Eusebius and the 'moderate majority' of the time of Bishop Eusebius and Constantine. And it you study history objectively, you will find that the 'innovators' of doctrine did corrupt the original 325 A.D. perspective of the Godhead and were the fathers of the multitude corrupt interpretations of just what was the trinity and how it was put together and supposedly works, and these arguments arose though they state that no man can know them."
    ~ drh

(see also Gospel of Early Christianity and The Great Apostasy and Jesus Christ the Great Jehovah [part I])

     There is no big mystery about it or incomprehensible explanation either. It is but the simple fact of the matter that the spirit God of the Old Testament, Jehovah, is the same being, entity and person as Jesus Christ, who was born of Mary and who came to redeem and bring salvation to that which he as an empowered God of priesthood powers, had created and brought into being. And as taught by the Apostle Paul to the Colossian saints concerning Jesus Christ:

    "For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily." ~ Colossians 2:9

Not that Jesus/Jehovah was in fact God the Father of Spirits, Jesus/Jehovah the Firstborn in the Spirit and the Only Begotten in the flesh of the Father, and the Holy Ghost all wound up into one trinitarian incomprehensible essesence, but simply that as the anointed and ordained Mediator, Advocate, Intercessor, and Redeeming Savior of mortal man and the temporal creation, Jesus/Jehovah was so endowed and empowered to act in the stead of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost when and as the occasion arose. For only in him is found the way unto the Kingdom of God and there is no other name given by which man might come unto God (2 Nephi 9:41; Mosiah 3:17; Mosiah 5:8; Alma 38:9, Act 4:12, John 14:6; John 10:7; Matthew 11:27; Luke 10:22). And this for God and God's House and Kingdom is one of order and not of confussion or chaos.

As Jesus taught us the concept of God the Father, he taught us to pray unto 'Our Father Who Art In Heaven', for indeed that is were God the Father of Spirits doth dwell, in that Celestial Heaven which stands above and beyond this mortal temporal existence in which we dwell. And as that Great God Elohim, that Celestial Being of Glorified Perfection, He would not condescend to come to a temporal earth of the telestial estate. But He would choose one from among His spirit children, who would and did pertain to this mortality, in that as all of his spirit children who would stive to eternally progress and become one with and like unto Him, would one time pass through the test of mortality to gain experience and a body of flesh and born to see if they would exercies there own God given agency to chose right over wrong and God over evil. And thus He, God the Celestial Father of Spirits did seek, choose and select one from among us to be His Ministering God to stand in His stead in all things to effect the matters pertaining to the Eternal Progression and Happiness of Man. And he rightfully chose the heir, His Firstborn son in the Spirit and placed upon him the mantel and empowerment of God, that is God's Power and Priesthood even as John recorded, and thus it was:

    "IN the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not." ~John 1:1-5

So in that beginning, that is the beginning or alpha of the ages of time as cut out of eternity assigned to the temporal creation and the mortal probation of man, it was that Jesus, which means Jehovah Deliverer, was established by the hand of the Great Celestial God Elohim to be His Ministering God unto this the temporal creation. And under the direction of the Father, Jesus/Jehovah did 'create', that is order and make all things as our ministering god of creation and redemption, that what he did create, he would redeem unto the glory of the Father, he Jehovah/Jesus returning all glory unto the Father from whence his empowerment had come.

And as simple reason would so recommend unto the minds of understanding unto man, Jesus was not his own Father in that corruption of the nature of God contrived by the innovations of the minds of men known as the 'Holy Trinity'. Jesus was the anointed Son of the Father, who would represent and serve the Father in all things, acting in the stead of the Father, betwix the Celestial Heaven and Temporal mortality of men for only those who do pertain unto this temporal estate do so directly minister unto it (D&C 130:5). And so was Jehovah/Jesus the Firstborn Spirit Son of the Father, so anointed, consecrated, ordained and empowered to possess all power of this entitlement, the power of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, that in him alone bodily was held the whole of the matter and that in no other way or means was man to be enabled to once again come into the presence of God the Father and his Celestial Kingdom on High. Not that Jesus-Jehovah was actual all three beings and entities in one but that he held the empowerment to act in the stead of any and all three at any point and time that it was needful to do so for to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. The Father still being the actual Father and the Holy Ghost still being the Holy Ghost and each of them acting in their position, but with the Son, Jehovah-Jesus our fully empowered ministering God enabled to preside and act in the place of all three in terms of this temporal mortality as the occasion required him to so do for the benefit of man and unto the glory of God.

rev 28 May 2015