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God's Great Plan of Happiness for All His Children
The Plan of Exaltation & The Everlasting Covenant

A Twelve Part Series with Sub-Topics and An Appendix

by Don R. Hender

~ Foreward ~

   As the scriptures state, 'For as in Adam we all die' (1 Corinthians 15:22), even so, it was NOT expedient that man should immediately be reclaimed by that temporal death, for that would have destroyed the great plan of happiness that God had set forth for the benefit and spritual salvation of his 'spirit angel children' (Alma 42:8). If man would have immediately been reclaimed or saved and redeemed from death, then there would have been no workings in time by which man could seek and come unto Christ the Redeemer to obtain a remission of his sins by way of his own activation of agency and gain his own way back into the Kingdom of Glory of God on his own initative and self actuation based upon his personal maturation in and of the principles of selfreliance. For if man would have immediately taken again to the 'tree of life', he would have then lived forever in his sins and he would thence forth be but a misserable soul in deed, eternally carnal and sinful, left outside of God's Kingdon. 'But as in Christ, man could be redeemed, forgiven for his sins if he would turn unto Christ and by the marvalous atonement obtained a forgiveness and reconciliation with God in the Kingdom of God. Then man could be made to live again, having his sins removed and enabled to return to live forever in righteousness with God his Father in the Kingdom of God's glory.' How kind and merciful are the workings of our God and His Messiah which He has provided mankind.

That Great Plan of God is known by and referred to by many names, any number of which speaks of that plan from the various perspectives, by which it does work and is accomplish and to what end it is intended to bring. That end is, namely, the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses1:39). Some of these names are such as, 'The Plan of Eternal Progression', 'The Eternal Plan of Deliverance', 'The Plan of Salvation', 'The Plan of Mercy', 'The Gospel Plan' and yes, 'The Great Plan of Happiness; among every other such name and descriptive title. As our loving Father in Heaven of all the spirit-angels of mankind, God the Father has provided this great plan of promise, whereby he does sacrifice the life in death of his own beloved Son, Jehovah, who is the same as Jesus Christ; to come down from heaven and as such to be a sinless sacrifice for the sins of the men of this world for all those who would but come unto him, repent, and be forgiven and redeemed from the sins of the world, that by the sacrifice of the blood and the flesh of the Redeemer, all man might be forgiven and enabled to return to live with God again.

And to this end, this work, of various perspectives, is being written and compiled that we might be influenced to come to unaderstand and believe the truth of it. And that we might accept that which the Father hath promised and blessed us with. Which promise on the part of the Father and upon our part of acceptance and compliance, we may enter in to live in His Celestial Kingdom with Him by the Covenant, even an Everlasting Covenant of the blessing of all the children of God unto the bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. It is a Plan and a Covenant for the ages and for all eternity between God and man, individual by individual, family by family, generation upon generation, and from dispensation to dispensation for ever and ever, Amen.

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